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Dramatis Personae

This section details some of the strangest and most famous (or infamous) characters to be found in Mordheim and the outlying settlements. Occasionally, these warriors join forces with a warband (usually demanding wyrdstone or a bag of gold in payment).

The following characters (known as ‘special characters’) are hard to find and expensive to hire – you must be lucky and wealthy to attract their attention.

This list does not, by any means, include all the famous warriors and cold-hearted killers you could encounter in Mordheim. There are famous Dwarf gold hunters, Burgomeisters of the Merchants’ Guild, Theodor, the marksman of Hochland, and many others. In fact we hope that the characters detailed here will inspire players to invent special characters of their own.

You can only ever have one of a particular special character in your warband. A warband may employ as many special characters as it likes – if it can afford them!

looking for special characters

After a battle, you can send any number of your Heroes to look for a special character. Only Heroes can look (Henchmen are rarely trustworthy enough). Heroes who went out of action in the last battle are unable to join the search because they are recovering from their wounds.

Heroes who are looking for a special character cannot look for rare items. Decide which special character you are seeking, and how many Heroes have been sent to look for him. Roll a D6 for each searcher. If any of the searchers rolls under his Initiative he has located the special character. You can, of course, only find one of a particular special character, no matter how many searchers roll under their Initiative.

hire fee

The warband must pay the hire fee for the special character when he is recruited, and after each battle he fights, including the first, you must pay an upkeep fee. These fees are indicated in the entries. This money comes from the warband’s treasury in the same way as buying new weapons or recruiting new warriors. If you don’t have enough gold to pay for the special character he leaves the warband.

experience, injuries and equipment

Special characters have their own equipment. Only they may use this equipment; it can’t be given to other warriors. Furthermore, you cannot buy extra weapons or equipment for a special character.

Special characters do not earn Experience points, although they suffer serious injuries, just like Heroes, if they are taken out of action.

Each special character’s description tells you how much to add to your warband’s rating for including them (taking into account their experience and abilities).

List of dramatis personae

List of hired swords

Grade 1a

Official GW/Fanatic Rules

Dramatis PersonaeCostUpkeepSource
Aenur, Sword of Twilight150 gcn/aMordheim Rulebook
Bertha Bestraufrungn/an/aMordheim Rulebook
Countess Marianna Chevaux150 gc75 gc*Town Cryer 22
Johann The Knife70 gc30 gcMordheim Rulebook
Nicodemus, The Cursed Pilgrim1 wyrdstone1 wyrdstoneMordheim Annual 2002
Ulli & Marquand30 gcn/aTown Cryer 13
Veskit, High Executioner of Clan Eshin80 gc35 gcMordheim Rulebook

Grade 1b

Unofficial, but released through GW/Fanatic. Professional quality.

Dramatis PersonaeCostUpkeepSource
Abdul Alhazred, the Mad Sorcerer (Khemri)70 gc30 gcTown Cryer 21
The Crow Master65 gc15 gcTown Cryer 25
Dark Emissary (Albion)n/an/aTown Cryer 15
Dijin Katal, The Renegade Assassin (Lustria)85 gc40 gcTown Cryer 15
Drenok Johansen, Wielder Of The Great Axe70 gc30 gcTown Cryer 15
Heinrich ’Altdorf’ Schmidt (Khemri)75 gc1 treasureTown Cryer 21
Khar-mel The Djinn (Khemri)80 gc30 gcTown Cryer 21
Maximilian The Mad80 gc30 gcNemesis Crown Supplement
Penthesilea, Mark Of The Serpentn/an/aTown Cryer 15
Truthsayer (Albion)n/an/aTown Cryer 15

Grade 1c

Experimental, not released through GW/Fanatic. Approved by people who previously submitted grade 1a/1b material and vouch for it's quality.

Dramatis PersonaeCostUpkeepSource
Belandysh, Condemned Champion Of Chen90 gc, 5cp30 gc, 1cpBorder Town Burning Supplement
Grand Master Ippan Shu75 gc, 3cp2cpBorder Town Burning Supplement
Innominatus, the Tilean Gladiator120 gc40 gc / 20 gc*Mordheim Facebook Group
Luthor Wolfenbaum60 gc25 gcMordheim Facebook Group
Maglah Khan's Horde80 gc25 gcBorder Town Burning Supplement

Grades 2 & 3

Further grades can be found at