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As warriors take part in battles, those who survive become more experienced, and improve their battle skills. This is represented in campaigns by Experience points.

Warriors earn Experience points when they take part in a battle. Once a warrior has enough points he gains an advance. This takes the form of an increased characteristic or a new skill. Warriors who survive long enough may progress to become great Heroes, with many skills that they have picked up during their long and glorious fighting career.

When warriors are recruited, some of them already have some experience. The warband lists detail how many Experience points different warriors begin with. Record these on your warband roster sheet by ticking the right number of boxes. No extra advances are gained for this experience. It simply represents the experience the warriors have accumulated before the warband is formed.

earning experience

The Experience points warriors earn depend on the scenario. Different scenarios have different objectives and consequently warriors can earn experience in slightly different ways.

Extra Experience points are always added to the fighter’s total after the game is over, though it is a good idea to keep a record of the opponents your warrior puts out of action during the battle, as this often affects the experience they gain.

If you look through the scenarios you will notice that warriors always earn +1 Experience point for surviving a battle. They earn this even if they are injured – so long as they live to fight again!

The Scenarios section includes details of how many Experience points are earned for each scenario.

experience advances

As warriors earn more Experience points they are entitled to make Advance rolls. The warband roster sheet shows how much experience a Hero or a Henchman group must accumulate before making a further roll. When the accumulated experience reaches a box that has thick borders, the warrior may make an Advance roll. The roll(s) must be taken immediately after the game in which the advance was earned, while both players are present to witness the result. Note that Henchmen gain experience as a group, and consequently all the warriors in one group gain the same advance.


When a warband fights against an enemy warband with a higher rating, its warriors earn extra Experience points as shown on the table below. The higher the opposing warband’s rating the more points the underdog earns.

Difference in
Warband Rating
Experience Bonus
0 - 50None
51 - 75+1
76 - 100+2
101 - 150+3
151 - 300+4

advance rolls

Make Advance rolls straight after the battle so both players can witness the result. Roll 2D6 and consult the appropriate tables below.


  2D6  Result
2 - 5New Skill. Select one of the Skill tables available to the Hero and pick a skill. If he is a wizard he may choose to randomly generate a new spell instead of a skill. See the Magic section.
6Characteristic Increase. Roll again: 1-3 = +1 Strength; 4-6 = +1 Attack.
7Characteristic Increase. Choose either +1 WS or +1 BS.
8Characteristic Increase. Roll again: 1-3 = +1 Initiative; 4-6 = +1 Leadership.
9Characteristic Increase. Roll again: 1-3 = +1 Wound; 4-6 = +1 Toughness.
10 - 12New Skill. Select one of the Skill tables available to the Hero and pick a skill. If he is a wizard he may choose to randomly generate a new spell instead of a skill.


Henchmen never add more than +1 point to any of their initial characteristics. If the dice roll indicates an increase in a characteristic which has already been increased (or is at its racial maximum), roll again until an unincreased characteristic is rolled. All warriors in the group gain the same advance.

  2D6  Result
2 - 4Advance. +1 Initiative.
5Advance. +1 Strength.
6 - 7Advance. Choose either +1 BS or +1WS.
8Advance. +1 Attack.
9Advance. +1 Leadership.
10 - 12The lad’s got talent. One model in the group becomes a Hero. If you already have the maximum number of Heroes, roll again. The new Hero remains the same Henchman type (e.g., a Ghoul stays as a Ghoul) and starts with the same experience the Henchman had, with all his characteristic increases intact. You may choose two skill lists available to Heroes in your warband. These are the skill types your new Hero can choose from when he gains new skills. He can immediately make one roll on the Heroes Advance table. The remaining members of the Henchmen group, if any, roll again for the advance that they have earned, re-rolling any results of 10-12.

new skills

There are several types of skill and each has a separate list. You may not choose the same skill twice for the same warrior. The skills a Hero may have are restricted by the warband he belongs to and what type of Hero he is. To select a new skill for a Hero, pick the type of skill you want from those available, then choose which skill has been learned.

characteristic increase

Characteristics for certain warriors may not be increased beyond the maximum limits shown on the following profiles. If a characteristic is at its maximum, take the other option or roll again if you can only increase one characteristic. If both are already at their racial maximum, you may increase any other (that is not already at its racial maximum) by +1 instead. Note that this is the only way to gain the maximum Movement for some races. Remember that Henchmen can only add +1 to any characteristic.

Skaven (Clan Pestilens)566453747
Black Orc4765535410
Werecreature (eg Wulfen/Ulfwerenar)860654749
Tomb Lord466555549
Liche Priest & Acolyte466443649
  • Profiles other than Human, Elf, Dwarf, Ogre, Halfling, Possessed and Vampire are from their respective Warband lists.
  • Skinks and Saurus are from the 2002 Annual
  • The Ogre profile was updated in the 2005 Errata.



* This includes all the non-Centigor Heroes and the Gor Henchmen.