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A big shout out to ntdars for keeping Mordheim alive with

This digitisation initiative was a project by servo_scribe. Contact me at


A Mighty Tome of Horror and Adventure by Tuomas Pirinen

enscribed with help from Rick Priestley & Alessio Cavatore

Cover Painting

“Vision of Mordheim” Geoff Taylor

Illustrious Illustrators & Embellishers

John Blanche, Alex Boyd, David Gallagher, Nuala Kennedy, Karl Kopinski, Paul Smith & John Wigley

Rendering of Essential Card Items

Neil Hodgson

Compositions and Layouts

John Blanche, Alan Merrett & Talima Fox

Design of the Miniatures

Dave Andrews, Mark Bedford, Colin Dixon, Gary Morley, Aly Morrison, Trish Morrison, Brian Nelson, Alan Perry & Michael Perry

Architectural Models

Owen Branham & Mark Jones

Other Diverse Modelling Endeavours

Mark Jones & Chris Smart

Paynters of the Gaming Pieces

Richard Baker, Neil Green, Martin Footitt, Matt Parkes, Keith Robertson, Chris Smart, Dave Thomas & Stuart Thomas


Gavin Thorpe

& many thanks to the following

Joshua Thaler, Sarah Groves, Antti Vierikko, Tuomas Lähdeoja, Alfred Nunez, Tim Huckelbery, Jeremy Vetock, Brian Lang, Lindsey le Doux Priestley, Mark Havener, Nigel Stillman, Atte Roine and all the other people without whose help this game would not have been possible!

The Mordheim Nemesis Crown Development Team

  • Ian Davies
  • John Severn
  • Christian “Cianty” Templin
  • Mark Havener
  • Mike "Thrasher" Kitch
  • Stu "Werekin" Cresswell
  • Terry Maltman
  • Tommy "Punk" Muller


  • Rev Larney


  • Christian “Cianty” Templin

With big thanks to:

  • Andy Tabor, The veterans at GW Poole, Mark "Rinku" Dewis, Nik Harwood, The Portbury Knights Games Club, Rev Larny, Steve Johnson