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Optional rules

This section includes a variety of rules that add an extra dimension to your battles in Mordheim. As they are additions to the basic rules they are not an essential part of the game, and you should agree with your opponent beforehand whether you are going to use any of them.

We recommend that new players ignore this section to begin with, at least until you are familiar with the way the game works. If you consider yourself to be an experienced gamer then you’ll have no problem incorporating these elements. Some of these additional rules alter the game quite dramatically, and you are under no obligation to use any of them. They have simply been included for players who want to explore different aspects of the game.

Below is a table of Option rules, their source, and what grade they are considered to be.

Advanced critical hits chartsAlternative Critical hit tablesMordheim Rulebook1a
At The Mouth Of MadnessWarrior InsanityTown Cryer #81b
Aristocracy Of The NightVampire bloodlines + skillsWEB1c
Blackpowder misfiresCritial fail tableMordheim Rulebook1a
Blazing saddlesExtended mounted rulesMordheim Annual 20021b
BoatsRules for BoatsTown Cryer #24/Empire in Flames1a
Chaos on the streetsMultiplayer gamesTown Cryer #5/Mordheim Annual 20021a
Cutthroat's Den & EncampmentsTown Cryer #28/291b
Dark Rituals of the Chaos GodsGod-specific daemon summoning and spellsTown Cryer #141b
Escaping from combatMordheim Rulebook1a
Fighting individual battlesOne-off battlesMordheim Rulebook1a
For Whom The Bell Tolls...Encountering the Town CryerTown Cryer #221a
If You Go Down To The Woods Today...Random eventsFanatic Online #91/Nemesis Crown1b
Let the damned burn!Burning buildingsTown Cryer #81b
Lords of the NightVampire skill listTown Cryer #111b
Mounted warriorsBasic rules for mountsMordheim Rulebook1a
Pit FightsTown Cryer #141b
Power in the StonesTown Cryer #151b
Random happeningsRandom eventsMordheim Annual 20021a
Rewards of the ShadowlordMagister/Mutant advancement/'reward' tableMordheim Rulebook1a
SawbonesHealing Serious InjuriesTown Cryer #81b
Sewer RatsTown Cryer #71b
SubplotsRandom eventsTown Cryer #131a
WagonsRules for WagonsTown Cryer #241a
Wilderness rulesTerrain rulesEmpire in Flames/Nemesis Crown1a