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Let the Damned Burn!

Source: Town Cryer #8

The fires of hell...

One of the biggest dangers facing warbands in the City of the Damned isn't necessarily the weapons of their rivals but is more likely to be the possibility of being trapped in a burning ruin and facing the horror of being burnt to death - a very unpleasant way to go! Mordheim even though now in ruins is still plagued with fires. Many put this down to evil magicks; the insane activities of the Cult of the Possessed, who are known arsonists and of course, the cleansing fires set by the many bands of rabid Witch Hunters. On many occasions warbands have been known to get caught in the midst of a raging fire while searching for Wyrdstone and fighting their rivals.

When and where

These rules are not for any specific scenario. The use of these rules is to add a little more chaos and random excitement to the battles that rage across the city. They can be added to any game as long as both players agree.


Before the game starts but after the terrain has been set up randomly choose one building to be on fire. Mark this building with a counter or plumes of smoke or any other way that you can think of that is appropriate.

NOTE: If you are playing a scenario that focuses on a specific building (like Defend the Find) then the objective building cannot start the game on fire.

It spreads!

As the buildings burn, the flames can jump to other building very quickly setting them ablaze.

At the end of each players turn roll 1D6 for each building that is on fire and consult the chart below:

Fire Table

1Fire goes out: The fire has exhausted all of the flammable materials in the building and dies leaving a plume of thick smoke.
2-4Keeps burning: The flames continue to ravage the building but do not spread this turn.
5-6Spreads: The fire spreads to the nearest (non-burning) building within 10". Roads cannot be set on fire due to the lack of substantial burning items. If, however, you have a road that is covered in flammable objects (crates, refuse, barricades etc.) you can count this as the nearest building.

Entering a building that is on fire

Entering a building that is wreathed in flame is a very risky option and usually only open to those of a disturbed disposition but some will dare to venture into the flames if there is enough to be gained.

You must declare that a model is entering a building that is aflame before moving the model. The warrior must now take a Leadership test to overcome the Fear of entering a building that is a potential deathtrap. If this test is failed they may not enter the building and cannot move for the rest of the turn.

Moving inside

Models inside a burning building will have to constantly dodge flames and falling timber (just like in those cool action films), and one mistake can stop even a hero in his tracks.

Models wishing to move whilst inside a burning building must pass an Initiative test every turn in order to do so, otherwise they cannot move (blocked by falling timber, flames etc.).


Models may never climb the wall of a building that is burning.


Uncannily enough running around inside a building that is ablaze is not really good for one's health!

At the end of each turn all warriors currently inside buildings that are ablaze must roll under their Toughness on a D6 (a 6 is always a failure).

If a warrior rolls equal to his Toughness then the smoke from the flames fills his lungs and prevents him from breathing for a turn. The model instantly becomes Stunned. If the roll is over the warriors Toughness then the warrior instantly suffers D3 Strength 3 hits that ignore all armour saves except magical ones.


The more unhinged inhabitants of Mordheim are less likely to care for the fact that the building they are entering is on fire (or they just don't notice). Warriors that are subject to Frenzy are unaffected by the rules for entering and moving around inside buildings that are burning (they just don't care), but they still have to make a test on their Toughness at the end of their turn.

Catching light table

Item/SpellTo HitD6 score to catch light
Fire arrows2+6+
Fire bombs2+5+
FirebrandAuto if in base contact6+
Brazier staffAuto if in base contact6+
Fires of U'Zhul2+4+
Gourd of OilAuto if in base contactWill not catch light on its own but may be lit automatically if hit by any of the above methods.


The roaring flames will block most of the line of sight into any buildings that are on fire and the heat distorts the air around it making it impossible to aim properly.

Warriors cannot shoot out of or into a building that is on fire. Neither may they shoot through a building that is on fire.


Sometimes the fire will spread to buildings where warriors are fighting in hand-to-hand combat. Things start to really get out of control when you're having to dodge the blade of an enemy and the flames of the fire.

As soon as a building is set on fire when there are Hand-to-hand combatants within both sides must make an immediate Rout test and will flee if they fail. It is entirely possible for both sides to flee from the combat should the building they are in suddenly catch fire. To charge another warrior whilst inside a burning building a warrior must pass an Initiative test. If this test is failed the warrior may do nothing in that movement phase. To charge a warrior inside a burning building from outside the warrior must make a Fear test.

Failing this test will also result in being able to do nothing in that movement phase.

Starting a fire

Warriors may only start fires provided they have the appropriate equipment to do so. The following items may be used in starting fires:

  • Fire Arrows
  • Fire Bombs
  • Brazier Staff
  • Firebrand (one hand to use).
  • Gourd of Oil (one hand to use).

The following spells may be used in starting fires:

  • Fires of U'Zhul (Lesser Magic).
  • Warpfire (Magic of the Horned Rat).

All of the above items and spells will affect the building that they are directed against on the following table:

Area effects items and spells will also affect any warriors that are present.

Extinguishing fires

In the chaos-infested ruins of Mordheim there are few who are willing to risk life and limb to save the festering ruins if they are burning to the ground. In very rare circumstances there may be a reason to attempt to save the building - if it contains something of value, such as Wyrdstone.

A minimum of three warriors may attempt to extinguish a fire before it gets out of control using whatever comes to hand; blankets, cloaks, old dogs etc. If this is the case when rolling for the fire to see if it spreads you may use a -1 modifier on the dice score. For every additional warrior assisting the original three (up to a maximum of six warriors) you may use an additional -1 modifier.