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Source: Town Cryer #13
Grade: 1a

These subplot ideas were worked up by Warhammer supremo Gav Thorpe in the dim and distant past and have only recently been recovered by our tireless scribes. These subplots can be used as an alternative to Mark Havener and Tim Huckelbery's Random Happenings table from the Best of Town Cryer supplement or in addition to it (players could decide to use one table for even games and the other for odd games - whatever you choose really).

These rules work in a similar manner to the Random Happenings - each player rolls a D6 at the start of the game and on the roll of a '1' must roll on the table below (3D6). The effects last for the entire game.

3 Infestation

This area of Mordheim is infested with rats, bats and other verminous creatures which will swarm out to attack anything that disturbs their lairs.

Every time a model enters a building, roll a D6. On a roll of a 1 the model is attacked and suffers D6 Strength 1 hits. Roll for models deployed in buildings at the start of the game, before the first player's turn.

4 Flooding

This region of Mordheim has been flooded, either through heavy rainfalls or by some other means. The water is not deep, but it has made the ground very slippery underfoot.

If a model wants to move, roll a D6. On a score of a 1 it falls over, just as if knocked down in hand-to-hand combat. If the model wishes to run or charge it falls over on a 1 or 2.

5 Extremely Derelict

The buildings in this part of Mordheim seem to be even more badly damaged than the rest of the city and could fall down at any moment!

At the start of each player's turn they must test to see if buildings with their model's in collapse. For each building the player has a model in, roll one dice for each model (friend or foe) in the building. If two or more rolls come up with the same score (two or more ones, two or more twos, etc.), the building collapses. Of course, this means that a single model in a building cannot collapse it, but if two or more models are in the same building, the chances of a collapse increase.

Models in a building that collapse count as falling, using the normal rules. Note that a building doesn't collapse totally, there's no need to replace it, and models may enter it again as normal.

6 Carrion Creatures

This region of Mordheim swarms with flocks of evil crows and swarms of other vermin. Although they will not attack a warrior outright, they may descend upon a helpless target.

Roll a dice for every Hero that goes out of action. On a 1 they have been further mauled by the carrion eaters and must roll twice on the serious injuries table. Deduct -1 from the dice roll when rolling to see if out of action henchmen are permanently lost.

7 Sore Heads

One of the warbands spent the previous night celebrating their victories (or drowning their sorrows...). They are all suffering from the 'morning after' and will take a while to clear their heads...

Each player rolls a dice. The warband with the lowest score is suffering from hangovers and exhaustion. Each Hero in the warband halves their Initiative. Roll a dice at the start of every turn for each Hero in the warband. If the score is equal to or lower than the Hero's Toughness then they have shaken off the effects and no longer suffer the penalty.

8-9 Bitter Rivals

The two warbands have clashed before, or have heard grave rumours of each other's exploits, and are determined to defeat their enemies at any cost.

The following rule applies to both warbands. When taking a rout test, the players may roll 3D6 and choose the lowest two scores before comparing the total to their Leader's Leadership value.

10 'Flu

Mordheim has been swept by an epidemic of influenza and some of the warriors may be suffering its debilitating effects.

Roll a dice for every model in the game. On a roll of a 1 they have caught the 'flu and suffer -1 WS, -1 BS and -1I for this battle.

11-12 Celebrations!

Today is a special day for one of the warbands - perhaps it is their Leader's birthday, an important holy day or maybe the anniversary of a great victory. The warband is determined to go out and celebrate after the battle!

This sub-plot has no effect on the battle. However, each player should roll a D6, the highest scoring player is the one whose warband has cause for celebration. After the battle, all the Heroes in the warband must go to the alehouse; they cannot go to another location...

13 Wyrdstone Hoard

The surrounding area is littered with more than the usual amount of wyrdstone. While this may prove to be very profitable for the warbands, the presence of so much wyrdstone has whipped the winds of magic into a near-uncontrollable tumult.

Any model attempting to use magic during the game must take its Leadership test on 3D6 rather than 2D6. However, both warbands gain an additional +D3 wyrdstone after the battle (roll separately for each warband).

14 Howling Gale

The winds are blowing strongly today, making a virtual mockery of any attempt to shoot missile weapons.

All missile fire during the game suffers a -2 to hit, in addition to any other modifiers.

15 Collapsing Ground

Many parts of Mordheim are built over ancient sewers and catacombs. In this area, the ground is particularly bad and hidden crevices and potholes await the unwary.

Roll 2D6 each time a model moves. On a roll of 2 or 12, the model has fallen down a hole into the tunnels beneath the city (mark the model in some way). The model cannot do anything or be attacked whilst in the tunnels. To climb out of the tunnels, the model must take an Initiative test, just as if it were attempting to climb a wall or building.

16 Watched

One warband has been unexpectedly joined by an emissary of their superiors, who will report back on their performance. If they perform well, they will be rewarded; if they fail, then their masters will be most displeased...

Each player rolls a D6. The player with the lowest score is being monitored. If they win the scenario, they gain an additional D6x10 gold as a reward. If they lose the battle, then they must pay their masters a tribute equal to D6x10 gold to assuage their anger. Possessed warbands that win gain a daemon for D6 turns as if they had made a sacrifice, rather than gaining gold. If they lose, they must sacrifice one of the models in the warband (remove the model from the warband, this sacrifice does not get them a daemon!).

17 Bad Feelings

One of the warbands is having serious problems - dissension, constant bickering and resentment keeps flaring up into angry exchanges.

Each player rolls a D6. The warband of the player with lowest score is subject to the following rule. At the start of every turn, roll a D6 for each model with another model from the same warband within 6". If there is an enemy model closer than the friendly model, no roll is needed (therefore models in combat need never roll). On a roll of a 1 they can do nothing that turn as they hurl insults and act in a generally acrimonious manner.

18 Warp Lightning!

The wyrdstone in this area has set up a weak magical field that discharges bolts of green lightning at erratic intervals.

At the start of each player's turn, the player rolls a D6. On a roll of a 1, a bolt of warp lightning leaps across the buildings. Place a dice or other marker in the centre of the battlefield. Roll the Scatter Dice and move the marker 2D6" in the direction indicated. The marker then scatters 2D6" again. A single model within 3" of this final point is hit by warp lightning and suffers a bit with a Strength equal to the roll of a D6 (no armour saves allowed). If two or more models are within 3", the one with the best armour save is hit (randomise if there is still more than one eligible target).