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Blackpowder weapons

During the period in which Mordheim is set, the technology needed to make blackpowder weapons was still rare, and pistols, handguns, blunderbusses, etc were prone to malfunctions, jams and misfires.

The following rules were not included in the Shooting section, as they would have slowed down the game, but if you want to create more realistic games, feel free to use the Misfire rules below.

If you do use these rules, you might want to reduce the cost of the weapons (we suggest by 20%) to keep the balance of the game fair.


Each time you roll a 1 when rolling to hit with a blackpowder weapon (handgun, pistol, blunderbuss, warplock pistol, etc), roll a D6 and consult the chart below.

Blackpowder Weapon Misfires

1BOOM! The weapon explodes with a deafening roar! The shooter suffers an S4 hit (this does not cause critical hits) and the weapon is destroyed.
2Jammed. The weapon is jammed and useless for the remainder of the battle. You may use it as normal in the next battle.
3Phut. The weapon fails to fire and you must remove the shot. This means that the shooter must wait one extra turn before he can fire this weapon again.
4-5Click. The weapon fails to fire, but there is no additional effect.
6KA-BOOM! The weapon roars and spits a cloud of black smoke and flame! The shot hits the intended target and counts as having +1 Strength.