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Grade 1C Dramatis personae

Belandysh, Condemned Champion Of Chen

Source: Border Town Burning Supplement

90 gold crowns and 5 campaign points to hire, +30 gold crowns and +1 campaign point upkeep cost.

Belandysh was once a powerful Chaos Champion and Chieftain to the Tribe of the Rising Eagle, notable for their devotion to Chen, as Tchar is known amongst the Hung. When he turned from Chen’s paths, the Lord of Change blessed Belandysh in punishment, mutating the champion into a living symbol of constant change, gifting Belandysh a powerful blade that would deform his enemies into Chaos Spawn. Now he perfectly represents his former patron and can never be free, save in death. Perhaps that is the way the Master of Transfiguration meant for Belandysh to be after all.

May be Hired: Marauders of Chaos, Beastmen, Norse and Posessed may hire Belandysh.

Rating: Belandysh increases the warband’s rating by +130 points.


Weapons/Armour: Belandysh is armed with the Broadsword of Damnation (see Chaos Artefacts). He wears a Helmet and a Chaos Armour that hardly hold his body together.


Belandysh has the following skills: Fearsome, Strongman, Chaos Armour and Ride Tol’Agath.


Immune to psychology: Belandysh is immune to psychology and automatically passes all Leadership tests.

Inconsistency: Belandysh's body is mutating permanently. His variable attributes are determined whenever needed, once every turn.

Regeneration: Whenever an enemy successfully inflicts a wound on Belandysh, roll a D6, on a result of 4 or more the wound is ignored and Belandysh unhurt. However, note that he may not regenerate wounds caused by fire or fire-based magic.

Tol'Agath: Belandysh used to ride a normal Battle Horse when he was still a Marauder Chieftain. When turned into a Chaos spawn, Tol'Agath, his steed, was hardly spared and mutated as well. Tol'Agath acts as a Warhorse (including the Battle Schooled rule). In addition, it is subject to the Inconsistency special rule.

Wrath of Tchar: If a battle ends with Belandysh being out of action and someone having picked up the Broadsword of Damnation, Belandysh is pulled into the Realm of Chaos and never seen again. He then cannot be hired again for the remainder of the campaign.

Grand Master Ippan Shu

Source: Border Town Burning Supplement

75 gold crowns and 3 campaign points to hire, +2 campaign points upkeep cost

Although the populace of Sen’Quoi knows the name Ippan Shu, very few of them have ever seen him. Rumoured to be both a hundred years of age and a grand Master of the martial arts, he is also given supernatural aspects, such as the abilities of flight and the spitting of fire on those he calls foe.

His legend says that a former disciple, Xiao Lin, once tried to assassinate him as Ippan Shu lay sleeping. Still asleep, he fought his student, only awakening when a knife sliced of half his left moustache (a grave outrage, for a Cathayan elder’s beard represents his wisdom and experience). Angered, Shu immediately killed Xiao Lin, yet still he keeps his moustache trimmed short; The better to remind him that even the best can be found wanting and caught off-guard, that no matter how good you become, you can always be better.

A loner, Ippan Shu can be found wandering the Borderlands, meditating or fighting the different opponents that dwell therein, be they terrible creatures of Chaos or the ferocious hobgoblin wolf riders; he sees them all as a way of bettering his arts. Some whisper that Shu seeks to face an opponent who will prove a better fighter than he and, until that day, will continue his wanderings, whether he lives another hundred years or achieves the highest reaches of enlightenment.

May be Hired: Any warband which includes Humans or Elves, including Battle Monks, may hire Ippan Shu, not including Dark Elves, Outlaws and Bandits.

Rating: Ippan Shu increases the warband’s rating by +110 points.

Grand Master4774426410

Weapons/Armour: Ippan Shu wields an iron fan in one of his hands. His other hand is fighting unarmed.


Ippan Shu has the following skills: Art of Silent Death, Strike to Injure, Step Aside, Mighty Blow, all Speed and Battle Monk special skills except Warmonger.


Bare-handed Fighting: Ippan Shu can fight without weapons and suffers no penalties when doing so. In fact, he then counts as having a second close combat weapon and gets +1 attack.

Iron Fan: Ippan Shu’s iron fan can flick deadly force with the grace of a dance. The weapon grants him +1 Initiative and allows him to parry not only enemy blows but also missile shots (see below). Note that the Art of Silent Death skill applies to Lin’s fan attacks as well.

Parry Missiles: Ippan Shu may use his iron fan to parry missiles. For each hit by a missile weapon he parries the shot if he beats the 'to hit' roll. Note that Ippan Shu also has the Dodge skill.

Immune to Psychology: Ippan Shu is in total control of his emotions and therefore immune to psychology and automatically passes all Leadership-based tests.

With the Elegance of a Feather: Ippan Shu’s moves appear supernatural to his enemies, as if he was flying. When running or charging he may move up to half his total movement rate (ie, 6” – see Lightning Speed skill) in any direction, not only on the ground. This can be combined with the leap skill, thus allowing Ippan Shu to move up to 6+D6” in any direction. Note that he still must always finish his Movement on solid ground.

Way of the Dragon: Being one of the most perfectly trained mystic Dragon Monks, Ippan Shu spits fire upon his enemies in the shooting phase. Use the flame template to determine which models suffer an automatic Strength 4 hit. In addition, hit models are set on fire on a roll of 4+ (see “Fire Rules” section). Note that Ippan Shu can use his breath attack even when he is engaged in close combat.

Innominatus, the Tilean Gladiator

Source: Mordheim Facebook Group

120 gold crowns to hire, +40 gc or +20gc if Innominatus manages to fight a challenge upkeep

"You ask for my name? Many has asked and none who have done so have lived. Come and ask with your blade, and let us find out!"

Innominatus, the Cursed Gladiator. The Unnamed. The Scourge of the Red Sands. This hulking Tilean pit fighter is known by many names, and his origin is shrouded in mystery and whispered legends. His face is hidden by an ancient helmet which he never removes, though those who claim that they have fought him and survived tell tales of hideous scars and unblinking eyes beneath the steel faceplate. He is festooned with countless weapons and pieces of armour -trophies of his countless victories, further adding to his fearsome reputation.

Minstrels tell many conflicting stories of his origin: some say he once drank from the Well of Eternal Youth, but was cursed by gods for his hubris, doomed to an eternal life of bloodshed. Others say he once killed an evil necromancer in a duel who cursed him to walk the earth until he meets a warrior who can match his prowess in arms. None dare to ask Innominatus whether these tales have any truth to them.

The war-cries of innominatus still echo the creed of the ancient arenas of Tilea, using an accent not heard in a millennia. In the oldest of ruins of the ancient Tilean coliseums engravings show pictures of a gladiator Innominatus who once rose to fame when emperors still ruled Luccini. If he is indeed the same gladiator who once ruled the bloodied sands of Remas, he is must surely be a product of some ancient curse.

In these days of strife, the violence and the thrill of the kill has attracted Innominatus to Mordheim, where can be found in the squalid Fighting Pits, eternally looking for someone who could match him in single combat. To this end, he relentlessly seeks a duel with Aenur, the Sword of Twilight, but the Elf bladesman shows no interest in bloodsports. Thus Innominatus is willing to hire his services to warbands striking into the depths of Mordheim itself, hoping to find the Elf warrior and finally founding out once and for all who of them is the true Lord of War.

Many a famed warrior has met their end by suddenly running into Innominatus amongst the ruins of the Cursed City, compelled into a duel only to become yet another bloody epitaph in the legend of Innominatus.

May be hired: Any warband except Skaven and Dark Elves may hire Innominatus.

Rating: Innominatus increase the warband rating +90 points.


Equipment: Dark Elf Blade (Parry, Critical Damage: +1 on Crit Hit Chart, Wicked Edge: Stunned 2-4), Javelins, Dwarf Axe (Cutting Edge, Parry); Helmet, Light Armour, Shield (Armour Save 5+).


Innominatus has the following skills: Pit Fighter (+1WS, +1A when fighting in ruins, buildings and the Pit), Grizzled Veteran (Immune to psychology), Death without a face (Causes fear).


Pit Master: To survive in the pit you need to think fast and act even faster! Innominatus to survive so many fights as gained an incredible ability and speed to avoid enemy strikes and shots: He can avoid any hit from close combat and missile weapons on a D6 roll of 4+. Note that this roll is taken as soon as a hit is scored (shooting and close combat) to see whether the Innominatus dodges it or not, before rolling to wound, and before any effects from other skills or equipment (such as lucky charms).

Who is the hero?: Once per battle Innominatus can challenge any opponent hero, hired sword or Dramatis Personae on the battlefield to engage in a mortal duel (yes, including the leader and even if not in sight or hidden! Innominatus starts roaming across the streets shouting out the hero’s name with all sorts of swares!). If the opponent player refuses the duel the challenged hero, hired sword or Dramatis Personae is removed immediately from the battlefield. The challenged character is so scared to fight against Innominatus he prefers to run away and to hide so far away he will also miss the next game. If he accepts the challenge resolve the fight immediately. Roll to see which side charges and fight the battle as normal. Innominatus will benefit from the Pit Fighter skill. If Innominatus wins, see Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down rule. If the opponent wins remove Innominatus immediately from the battlefield, roll for injuries as usual and place the winning hero in his previous position. The hero or hired sword gains also 3XP for winning against a such great opponent.

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down: If Innominatus wins the fight, the looser is not immediately removed as out of action, the loosing player has the chance to decide if his hero will live or die!

  • Thumbs Up: The life of the looser is saved but Innominatus will take as a trophy all the hero’s equipment, leaving him naked and shaking in the middle of the arena. Place the looser in his previous position but he is so shocked he will be subject to stupidity for the rest of the game (unless it is immune to psychology).
  • Thumbs Down: Mercy is rare in the arena, Innominatus takes his blood tribute and the looser is slain. Remove the looser immediately from the battlefield and from the warband roster. All the heroes of the looser’s warband gain 1XP (having seen Innominatus in action has been a great lesson!) and the loosing player retains all the equipment of the dead model.

Luthor Wolfenbaum

Source: Mordheim Facebook Group

60 Gold Crowns to Hire and 25 Gold Crowns Upkeep cost*

Luthor Wolfenbaum is known by many illustrious names, all invented by himself to enhance his reputation. He offers his services to anyone and everyone, and dons one of his many and varied garbs to best match the needs of a warband looking for help, and often uses an eyepatch on either of his eyes to enhance his disguises. He alternately claims to be the greatest swordsman in all of the Empire, an invincible bowman, or a great dark wizard when a less savoury warband is looking to bolster their ranks. In reality Luthor is none of these things, but he usually finds a way to hoodwink the Warband long enough with a combination of backstabbing, cunning, ruthlessness and sleight of hand to claim his pouch of gold before disappearing into the shadows, looking for a new Warband to gullible enough to pay for his services.

Hire Fee: Luthor as a Dramatis Persona costs 60 Gold Crowns to Hire and 25 Gold Crowns Upkeep cost. In addition, after each battle roll a D6. On a roll of 1, Luthor has “misplaced” one of your Wyrdstone pieces if your Warband has any.

Rating: Luthor increases a Warband’s rating by 35 points.


Skills: Step Aside, Dodge, Expert Swordsman, Sprint, Quick Shot (used with the Longbow and the Clay Orbs).


Evil Eye: Luthor is immune to any and all Eye Injuries. Ignore the result 31 on the Permanent Injury roll table when rolling for Luthor.

I am Everywhere: Two Warbands fighting against each other may each use Luthor. How this is possible is one of the enduring mysteries of Mordheim. In addition to the above, depending on which role he assumes, Luthor will be affected by the following Special Rules. Choose ones set:

Luthor, the Crimson Blade of Reikland

_Most commonly, Luthor approaches new Warbands and claims to be the Crimson Blade of Reikland, the most fearsome swordsman between the sea and the World’s Edge Mountains, extorting a hefty price of gold for his services. _

Equipment: Armed with a custom sword (can be wielded two-handed with +1S bonus, or in one hand with normal Strength), a dagger, a suit of heavy armour and a helmet.

May be Hired: All human Warbands except Middenheimers (who’d never seek help from a Reiklander!) May hire Luthor as a Crimson Blade of Reikland.


The Crimson Blade: Luthor is an expert at backstabbing enemies already engaged in combat. When attacking enemies engaged in melee against another opponent, Luthor gains +1 to hit, +1 to wound and +1 to Injury rolls.

Disengage: Luthor knows that discretion is the better part of valour, and thus he is an expert at disengaging from combat. During his own movement phase, he can move away from any melee without his enemy having a chance of making any attacks. He can even charge another enemy this way.

Luthor, the Dark Wizard Extraordinaire

When Luthor hears that a Warband is looking for a master of the mystic arts, he grabs his “magical” staff decorated with a nailed fish, and starts ranting in a mixture of Tilean, Estalian, Norse and Bretonnian with Reikspiel swear words thrown in, claiming that these are “magic spells”. In this alter ego Luthor can offer his services even to the more unsavoury warbands such as the Undead who are looking for magical help in the dark corners of the settlements like Cutthroat’s Haven or the Dragon’s Demise. In battle the Dark Wizard Luthor fights with clay orbs filled with Tilean Fire. Luthor throws these missiles with great accuracy and claims that they are fireballs conjured with his mystic powers.

Equipment: Luthor is armed with a staff (counts as a club), wears heavy armour concealed under his garments, and has a Lucky Charm, Garlic, and a flask that he claims is a magic potion but is in reality Bugman’s Beer which makes him immune to Fear. Luthor uses clay orbs containing the alchemical mixture known as Tilean Fire.

May be Hired: Luthor, the Dark Wizard Extraordinaire may be hired by any warband except Witch Hunters, Reiklanders or Sisters of Sigmar.


Fireballs: Luthor can throw his clay orbs of Tilean Fire in the missile phase, even when engaged in melee combat (in melee choose any enemy in base contact). They have a range of 8”, and suffer no hit penalties for long range. If the orb hits, the target suffers 1 S2 hit from the bursting flames, and in addition the model needs to roll under the Initiative at the start of its next turn in order to see through the smoke. If the model fails, it cannot charge or shoot until the beginning of its next turn, though can otherwise move or act normally, and fight in hand-to-hand combat. Only one check is needed even if the target is hit by multiple Orbs due the Quick Shot skill.

Fish-slapping Dance: The fish nailed to Luthor’s staff was actually cursed by the Witch living in the ruins of Sylvania. When used in close combat, on a roll to hit of 6, resolve the hit by the staff at double Strength (i.e. 8 instead of 4). Many a warrior has been felled by the fearsome slap of the fish!

Luthor, the Master Archer of Drakwald

Luthor is a decent marksman, and he is especially good at boasting of his achievements as an archer, and equally good at claiming that any of his misses are due to freak gusts of wind, a curse of a witch, or the Halfling pie he ate last week. Luthor is also an expert at threatening his opponents, telling them that he once emasculated a Snotling at a thousand paces. Surprisingly many hardened warriors take Luthor’s threats seriously.

Equipment: Armed with a longbow, a dagger, hunting arrows and a suit of heavy armour. Luthor uses Dark Venom in his arrows.

May be Hired: Luthor, the Master Archer of Drakwald may be hired by any human, Elf or Dwarf Warband except Reiklanders - Luthor is too wellknown there as the Crimson Blade.


Boast: Before taking one of his shots in the Shooting Phase, Luthor may boast how he knows he is going to hit the target. If he hits the target with his missile attack, roll a D6: the result is a bonus that can be used as a bonus for any single to hit roll with a melee or missile attack or Leadership test (including Rout rolls). You can use the bonus AFTER making the roll. The bonus must be used before the beginning of Luthor’s next Shooting phase or the bonus is lost. If he misses, the entire Warband on Luthor’s side suffers -1 Ld cumulative penalty until Luthor hits another target. So if Luthor Boasts twice and misses twice, the whole Warband operates at -2 Ld.

Do you feel lucky, lad? Luthor flamboyantly aims at one of his opponents and swears he will shoot him dead with a single arrow. The warrior is understandably unnerved and suffer -1 penalty to his WS and BS as he constantly has to check whether Luthor is going to shoot him. Pick a target for Luthor’s threats in the beginning of each of Luthor’s Missile phases - this can be any model in the opposing Warband, not just the nearest one. Luthor can only do this if he is not engaged in melee combat and not Stunned/Knocked down. Undead models, Daemons, animals and warriors immune to psychology such as Flagellants are immune to this ability.

Maglah Khan's Horde

Source: Border Town Burning Supplement

80 gold crowns to hire, +25 gold crowns upkeep cost.

Hobgobla Khan rules the Great Steppes, keeping his hordes in alliance with the Chaos Dwarfs through cunning and strength, but also with the loyalty of tribal leaders amongst the hobgoblins. Such loyalty can be trusted only so far, as any individual khan may attempt to usurp the current Hobgobla, usually by gaining respect from the other chieftains and thus rising to take the position for themselves, before assassinating the previous incumbent.

Such was the way for Maglah Khan, who had planned for months and accumulated enough followers to make his play, yet perhaps it was the duplicitous nature of the hobgoblins or simply bad timing, but Maglah and the surviving members of his tribe were forced to flee after the Hobgola ordered their deaths.

Taking to the Steppes and staying at least two steps ahead of any pursuers, Maglah Khan is now mercenary and guide to any who would need both and seek his aid. Astride Denglesh, his wolf steed, Maglah performs these roles easily, the few survivors from his tribe riding point and rear, but woe betide any who forget the basic nature of a hobgoblin, for Maglah and his men are as likely to run at the first sign of trouble as they are at the merest hint of incoming hobgoblins. More so if you pay them beforehand.

May be Hired: Orcs & Goblins, Ogres, Chaos Dwarfs, Marauders of Chaos, Norse, Beastmen, Possessed and Mercenaries may hire Maglah Khan’s Horde.

Rating: Maglah Khan increases the warband’s rating by +60 points.

Maglah Khan455332427
Giant Wolf930331414

Weapons/Armour: Spear, sword, bow, shield, heavy armour and helmet. Maglah rides a Giant Wolf.


Maglah Khan has the following skills: Quick Shot, Eagle Eyes, Trick Shooter, Ride Giant Wolf and Horse Archer (treat as Giant Wolf Archer).


Maglah's Boyz: Maglah is always accompanied by some of his loyal Hobgoblin Wolfboyz. Therefore a warband cannot hire Maglah alone but must hire some of his retinue as well. A warband with Maglah Khan must hire multiple Hobgoblin Scout Hired Swords as long as he stays in the warband. The minimum is always two and up to a maximum of five Hobgoblin Scouts may be taken. When Maglah leaves the warband all Hobgoblin Scouts except for one will also leave.

Hobgoblin leader: Maglah Khan is the leader of all Hobgoblin Scouts in the warband. Any Hobgoblin Scout within 6“ of him may use his Leadership when taking Ld tests. They may not use the warband’s leader Leadership.