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Miscellaneous equipment

This section covers all the strange and unusual equipment your warriors can find in the ruins or buy from the merchants and pedlars in the settlements and villages around Mordheim.

Only Heroes may buy and carry the equipment described in this section. You may not give it to Henchmen unless the rules specifically say so.

Amulet of the Moon

Amazons only, Town Cryer #15 & #23

This ancient amulet creates a shimmering aura around the Amazon that makes it harder for enemies to see them.

Any missile fire directed at a model equipped with the amulet suffers a penalty of -1 to hit. The amulet also confers a special save of 5+ against missile fire.


Animals are not often offered for sale in Mordheim. The polluted grass and filthy water cause most animals to die quickly, and since hunger is commonplace, many have been butchered for food. However, some horses occasionally go on sale for wealthy leaders who enjoy commanding their subordinates from horseback.

Giant Spider

Goblins only, Town Cryer 14

The Giant Spider is the stuff of nightmares. Typically 10 to 12 feet long they are highly prized by Forest Goblins as mounts.


Special Rules

Poisoned Attack: Giant Spider attacks are poisoned – attacks are considered as Strength 4, but this will not modify any armour saves.

Wall Walk: Giant Spiders (and their riders) may walk up and down walls without making Initiative tests. They may only jump up to 2" across or down, but this does count as a diving charge. When a spider jumps, its rider must make an Initiative test; if this test is failed, something has gone wrong - roll on the Whoa Boy! Table. Note even if the rider has the Running Dismount skill, the maximum diving charge is only 2".

Note: Giant Spiders cannot be used in a warband that already contains Giant Wolves.

Horses & Warhorses

You may mount one of your Heroes on a horse or warhorse in the coming battles.

Horses and warhorses can only be used if you are using the optional rules for mounted models at the back of the book.

Only Humans can buy or use horses and warhorses.


Opulent Goods, Mordheim Annual 2002

Many more established warbands carry a banner or flag, not only to announce their presence but to also act as a rallying point for the warband during a battle.

A banner requires one hand to use and can be carried by any Hero in the warband. Friendly warriors within 12" of the banner bearer may re-roll any failed ‘All-Alone’ test; but remember you can’t re-roll a failed re-roll.

Blessed Stag Hide

Horned Hunters only, Nemesis Crown Supplement

The animal skin is worn as a drape and is a symbol of honour once blessed by the hierarchs of Taal.

A blessed hide bestows unchallenged grace to the wearer allowing the re-roll of a failed Initiative test once per turn.

Blessed water

The priests of Ulric, Sigmar, Mórr and Manann hold great power over evil. Pure water from a clear fountain, blessed by one of these priests, is said to burn things of darkness and evil.

A vial of blessed water contains enough liquid for just one use, and has a thrown range of twice the thrower’s Strength in inches. Roll to hit using the model’s BS. No modifiers for range or moving apply. Blessed water causes 1 wound on Undead, Daemon or Possessed models automatically. There is no armour save. Undead or Possessed models may not use blessed water.

Book of the Dead

Town Cryer #11, Undead only

This is a book that contain transcripts from the famous books of Nagash, the Great Necromancer.

A Vampire can learn Necromantic magic with the Arcane Lore skill and this book and a Necromancer will gain a new spell permanently.

Bugman’s ale

Of all the Dwarf brewmasters, Josef Bugman is the most famous. His ale is known throughout the Old World, and widely regarded as the best.

A warband that drinks a barrel of Bugman’s before a battle will be immune to fear for the whole of the battle. Elves may not drink Bugman’s ale as they are far too delicate to cope with its effects. There is only enough ale to supply the warband for one battle.


Ye Old Curiosity Shoppe, Mordheim Annual 2002

Originally used on the battlefield to impede cavalry charges, a caltrop is a small spiked iron ball. In the City of the Damned a pouch of these small items can be enough to deter any attacker who risks serious injury should they try to charge over them.

There are enough caltrops to last for one use only. They may be used when an opponent decides to charge. The defender simply throws the caltrops into the path of his attacker and they reduce his charge range by D6 inches. If this means that the attacker cannot reach his target then it is a failed charge.

Cathayan silk cloak

Some rich warband leaders like to flaunt their wealth and purchase clothes made out of silk from distant Cathay. This silk is the most expensive fabric in the known world, and wearing such clothes is a sure way to attract attention – especially thieves and assassins!

Any Mercenary warband whose leader is wearing silk clothes may re-roll the first failed Rout test. However, after each battle in which the leader is taken out of action, roll a D6. On a roll of 1-3 the clothes are ruined and must be discarded.

Clan Pestilens Banner

Skaven of Clan Pestilens only, Town Cryer #29

A model within 12" of the standard bearer of the band, usually a Plague Monk or a Monk Initiate, may reroll once every failed all alone test. The staff of the Clan Pestilens banner counts as a two-handed weapon. A warband may have a single Clan Pestilens banner at any one time. (Clan Pestilens members use this item instead of the normal Banner).


Pirates only, Town Cryer #9

A compass can be a big help on the land as well as at sea, by helping the pirates navigate faster and more accurately around the seemingly random ruins of the blasted city.

In any scenarios where players roll to see which side deploys first, then his warband may re-roll their result. This can only be done if the pirate with the compass is not missing the game though! Note that only one re-roll is allowed, even If multiple pirates have a Compass, and if both sides have one then no re-rolls are allowed.

Conch Shell Horn

Amazons (Lustria) Piranha Warrior only, Town Cryer #15

The Conch shell Horn is used by experienced Piranha warriors to warn the warband of approaching enemies.

At the beginning of the game a Piranha warrior may use the horn to re-roll when deciding who deploys first and who goes first. Multiple models that have the horn cannot force a second re-roll.

Elven Cloak

Made from the hair of Elven maidens and interwoven with living tree leaves, an Elven cloak is a wonder to behold. A warrior wearing such a cloak will blend into the shadows, making it very difficult to shoot at them with missile weapons. Elven cloaks rarely come up for sale, but are sometimes recovered from dead warriors or offered by Elves as rewards to men who have served them in some way.

A warrior aiming a missile weapon at a warrior wearing an Elven cloak suffers -1 on his to hit roll.

Elven Runestones

Shadow Warrior Weavers Only, Town Cryer #10

High Elven mages are well known as the masters of defensive magic. To aid them, they have developed several mystic runes of power. They often inscribe these runes on semiprecious stones, which can help strengthen an Elven Mage’s magical defenses.

A mage with Elven Runestones may use them to attempt to dispel a spell that has been successfully cast against himself or another member of his warband. To dispel such a spell, the mage must roll against the spell’s Difficulty (Sorcery does not help here). If he succeeds, the spell fails to work. If the roll fails, the spell works normally

Elven Wine

Shadow Warriors Only, Town Cryer #10

Single use.

High Elven wines are well known to be the best in the world, and some are even rumoured to have magical qualities. A fine Elven Wine can cast out doubt and fear and leave a general feeling of well-being in a warrior.

A Shadow Warrior Warband that drinks Elven Wine before a battle will be immune to fear for the whole of the battle.

Enchanted Skins

Amazons (Lustria) only, Town Cryer #15

The protective skins and charms that the Amazons wear have been warded with defensive magic.

To represent this, any model wearing Skins and Charms receives a 6+ special save versus any wounds inflicted. In addition, the wearer of Skins and Charms is unaffected by enemy magic on a roll of 5+.

Engine of Chaos

Chaos Dwarfs only, Border Town Burning supplement

Gaolers lock up their victims in a twisted daemonic machine crafted by the industrial insanity of Chaos Engineers. The vehicle is a living prison on wheels. Armoured engines transport captives to the Dark Lands, to feed fuel to furnaces or to become sacrifices.


Special Rules

Wagon: The Engine of Chaos follows all rules for Wagons (see Empire in Flames Supplement, p. 30–33) unless specified otherwise here.

Daemon: The Engine of Chaos is powered by the binding of a daemon. All references to draft animals pulling the Wagon should be treated as referring to its daemon. Daemon movement is unaffected by cargo.

Passengers: A Chaos Dwarf must function as the driver. No other models but captives may passage the Engine of Chaos. No more than six captives may be imprisoned in the Engine at a time – large creatures (Ogres, Minotaurs, etc.) count as two models.

Pedal to the Metal: The driver may apply the effects of the lash. If an Engine of Chaos goes out of control for then refer to the Out of Control table. In the event of rolling the result ‘Loss of Control’, replace a result of 5 (The wagon yoke pole snaps…) with;

The Daemon has released itself from the sorcery which bound it to the Engine of Chaos. The Engine moves 6" straight ahead and then comes to a halt. The vehicle may no longer move for the remainder of this battle.

Prisoners: Models always become captives when fighting a battle against a Chaos Dwarf warband that has an Engine of Chaos by rolling the Captured result on the Serious Injuries table or by being taken out of action by a Man-catcher. Note that in both cases their equipment is lost to the Chaos Dwarf warband. Some results on the Mordheim Exploration chart let Chaos Dwarfs acquire captives: Straggler (one) and Prisoners (D3). From the Empire in Flames Exploration chart: Raving Lunatic (one), Lost Children (two), Mordheim Refugees (D3), The Hanging Tree (one), Small Farm and Large Farm (two).

Models held as captives can be set free by destroying the Engine of Chaos or by using the prison keys. If a model puts one of the Chaos Dwarf warband's Gaolers out of action they take the keys. A model that takes the keys may free the captives by moving into base contact with the engine. If the Chaos Dwarfs rout before this happens or if the model with the keys is taken out of action (losing the keys to a new keeper), the captives remain captured. Freed captives must always move towards the closest table edge. Captives not from participating warbands use the basic profile for human warriors (see Mercenary warband). Rescued captives return to their former warbands.

Hashut's Reward: The Chaos Dwarfs may choose to send captives back to the Dark Lands after a battle. If they do this, any number of captives must be sacrificed to Hashut. The Engine of Chaos plus one Hero must miss the next battle. Unless there is another engine, no models may be captured until they return. Captives must be removed from their warbands rosters permanently. After the Hero rejoins the warband consult the following table.

CaptivesHashut’s Reward
1-3+1 Experience points for the leader.
4-5+D3 Experience points which can be distributed among the Heroes.
6+2D3 Experience points which can be distributed among the Heroes plus D6x5 gold crowns.


All*, Town Cryer #10

Wizards are often solitary, usually shunned by those who can barely conceive of, much less understand, the power these individuals wield. As such, they often share their lives with animal companions, rather than more ‘sentient’ beings. Sometimes a magical link will develop between one of these animals and the wizard, to the extent that the wizard begins to see through the animal’s eyes, and hear its thoughts. Wizards in different lands favour different types of familiars, depending on their environment: Shadow Weavers tend to favour darkly-coloured animals that can blend into the shadows with them easily-- ravens or darkly-coloured cats are most common. Regardless of their form, familiars are actually not normal members of their kind at all, but rather creatures that have somehow become attuned to the Winds of Magic.

Familiars cannot actually be purchased as normal equipment. The cost to ‘purchase’ a familiar actually represents the cost of materials to cast the ritual to summon a familiar and form a magical bond with it; the Rarity level represents the chances of the ritual actually working. As such, the cost of the familiar must always be paid if the rarity roll is attempted, regardless of the success of the roll. Also, only spell-casters can attempt to ‘find’ a familiar. If a familiar is found, it should be modelled on the spellcaster as with any other piece of equipment. A familiar may be placed on a separate base (in fact many of the familiars that GW sells come this way), but if this is done the familiar must always remain in base-to-base contact with the wizard, and it is ignored for game purposes (so it may not attack enemy models or be attacked itself, may not intercept attackers, does not increase the wizard’s base size, etc.), other than the effect below.

A wizard with a familiar is allowed to re-roll one failed roll to cast a spell each turn. The result of this re-roll must be accepted, even if it fails, and remember that you may never reroll a re-roll. Spell-users only (does not include users of Prayers). Note that unlike many of the items above, this item is equipment that any warband with a spell-user may use, if he can summon it successfully.

*This was introduced with the Shadow Warriors in TC#10, so is considered Grade 1b content.

Fire Arrows

Ye Old Curiosity Shoppe, Mordheim Annual 2002

Fire arrows are tied with rags soaked in oil bunched tip to a tight pouch that explodes when hitting the target, setting clothes and equipment alight.

If you hit with a fire arrow roll a D6. If you score a 4+ your opponent has been set on fire. They must roll a D6 in the recovery phase and score a 4+ to put themselves out or they will suffer a strength 4 hit and will be unable to do anything other than move for each turn they are on fire. Allies may also attempt to put the warrior out. They must be in base contact and need a 4+ to be successful. The fire arrows last for one battle only.

Fire Bomb

Ye Old Curiosity Shoppe, Mordheim Annual 2002

Designed by the dwarf engineers of the World's Edge Mountains, fire bombs are a rare and deadly weapon. A small batch of gunpowder is sealed within an iron casing with a short fuse fed into it. When lit the thrower has only seconds before the gunpowder ignites and explodes. This can often prove to be dangerous as if the fire bomb is fused incorrectly it could be the thrower who finds himself amidst the explosion...

The fire bomb may be thrown in the shooting phase in the same way as blessed water (see p53 Mordheim rule book). If the bomb lands on target the warrior hit takes D3 Strength 4 hits with no saves for armour and all warriors, friend or foe, within 1 inch of him take 1 Strength 3 hit with saves as normal. If the throwing warrior rolls a 1 when rolling to hit the bomb misfires and explodes just as if the throwing warrior had been hit by his own fire bomb!

Flash Powder

Ye Old Curiosity Shoppe, Mordheim Annual 2002

An ancient Dwarf creation, flash powder is used in mines to illuminate darkened fissures in the search for gold and other precious minerals. In Mordheim, small bags of this substance can be used to blind enemies, throwing them into disarray as you launch your attack.

Flash powder can be thrown as an enemy charges the wielder (as an interrupt). The charger must take an immediate Initiative test in order to cover their eyes. If he fails, he is temporarily blinded and it counts as a failed charge. There is only enough flash powder for one use during the battle.

Fog-enhancing warpstone shards

Skaven of Clan Pestilens only, Town Cryer #29

When put inside a censer these warpstone shards have the peculiar characteristic of making the resulting clouds of pestilential fumes thicker than usual.

The wielder of a censer who also have some fog-enhancing warpstone shards is a difficult target to shoot at, and other models suffer a -1 penalty to hit when targeting him with missile weapons (Clan Pestilens members use this item instead of the Elven Cloak).

Forest Cloak

Outlaws only, Town Cryer #29

Some Outlaws use Forest Cloaks to camouflage themselves against being seen by their enemies. Any wearer of such a cloak would appear to blend into the surrounding forest making it almost impossible to be seen.

So long as the wearer is beside a tree, bush or hedge, any enemy using any kind of missile weapon at a warrior wearing a Forest Cloak is at an additional –1BS to hit (in addition to all other modifiers). Similarly, if any spellcaster wishes to target a magical attack against an Outlaw camouflaged in this way, he can only do so by successfully rolling a 4+ on a D6. The only exception to this is if the shooting warrior or the spellcaster is already within their Initiative range in inches.


Garlic is a common herb grown in most gardens of the Empire. It is said to ward off Vampires and other denizens of the dark.

A Vampire must pass a Leadership test or it will be unable to charge a model carrying a clove of garlic. Garlic lasts for the duration of one battle only, whether it is used or not.

Hammer of Witches

Witch Hunters only, Opulent Goods, Mordheim Annual 2002

The pages in this tome describe the servants of Chaos, witches, heretics, deviants, mutants, warlocks, blasphemers, necromancers, sinners and other enemies of Sigmar in all their foulness.

A Hero with the Hammer of Witches will hate all Possessed, Skaven, Beastmen, Chaos, Daemons, Dark Elf, Orc & Goblins and Sigmarite Sisters.

Hardtack Biscuits

Pirates only, Town Cryer #9

(one per model, one use only)

Any Pirate may bring some of these dense breads to eat during a battle, filling him with… well, something pretty dense and bread-like (the ship’s cook refuses to divulge the exact ingredients).

At the start of any one of his turns the pirate may pop some in his mouth as long as he is not already in hand-to-hand combat. His Toughness is temporarily increased by +1 for the duration of that turn and the following enemy turn, with the effects generally wearing off afterwards. Roll a D6 after that turn; on a 1 his biscuits were tainted and filled with maggots (yuck!). Make a note of his name – the pirate must miss the next game as he recovers (and thumps the cook a few times to boot!). If the Pirate winds up missing a game because of other effects, the losses will add together and he will miss the next two games.

Halfling cookbook

All Halfling chefs have their own secret recipes, and these are recorded in tomes handwritten in Mootland, the home country of the Halflings. Food prepared according to these recipes will attract warriors during these lean times.

The maximum number of warriors allowed in your warband is increased by +1 (note that neither an Undead warband nor a Carnival of Chaos warband can use this item).

Healing herbs

Certain plants that grow on the banks of the River Stir have curative properties. Herbalists collect their roots and leaves and use them to treat the sick and wounded.

A Hero with healing herbs can use them at the beginning of any of his recovery phases as long as he is not engaged in hand-to-hand combat. This restores all wounds he has previously lost during the game.

Holy tome

Books of prayers and descriptions of the holy deeds of religious heroes like Sigmar Heldenhammer are copied by hand in the scriptoriums of Sigmar and Ulric, and given or sold to the faithful. Of these tomes, the Deus Sigmar is the most common and well known, but other texts such as the Scriptures of Sigmar are also sold to those who follow the faith. A holy man can recite his prayers from such a book, strengthening his faith and belief.

A Warrior Priest or Sister of Sigmar with a holy tome can add +1 to the score when determining whether he (or she) can recite a spell successfully or not.

Holy (unholy) relic

In this age of superstition and religious fanaticism, holy objects are an important part of life. Relics abound in the Old World: hairs of Sigmar, pieces from Ulric’s hammer, teeth of Daemon Princes, all are sold to men needing encouragement before battle and as charms against sorcery.

A model with a holy relic will automatically pass the first Leadership test he is required to make in the game. If worn by the leader, it will allow him to automatically pass the first Rout test if he has not taken any Leadership tests before.

You can only ignore the first Leadership test in any single game – owning two or more holy relics will not allow you to ignore second and subsequent tests.

Hook Hand

Pirates only, Town Cryer #9

Pirates who have lost a hand or arm due to a Hand Injury or Arm Wound can be fitted with a sharpened metal hook.

The wearer of the stylish new device cannot use any two-handed weapons, but will always count as having a close combat weapon in that hand. The hook strikes in close combat in the same manner as a dagger. A new pirate joining the warband, either during initial warband creation or as a new hire, may also start out with a Hook Hand. If the wearer gets a Hand Injury or Arm Wound in further battles, these can be ignored on a roll of 4+ as the hit was taken by the Hook Hand instead.

Hunting arrows

The best hunting arrows are made by the hunters of Drakwald forest. They have sharp, barbed arrowheads which cause excruciating pain when they hit their target. A skilled archer can severely injure his target with a single arrow.

A model using a short bow, bow, long bow or Elf bow may use these arrows. They add +1 to all Injury rolls.

Jolly Roger

Pirates only, Town Cryer #9

(one per warband)

Ah, the sight of the Jolly Roger waving in the wind is enough to bring a tear to the eye of even the toughest old salty dog.

Any Hero may carry the Jolly Roger; the cost represents the effort to have the ship’s sail makers create a smaller version that one man may carry on a long pole.

Any Pirates within 12" of the Jolly Roger never count as being all alone in combat. Carrying the banner takes up one hand though, so that model may not carry or use any two-handed weapons during the game. Note that Swabbies, lacking the true Pirate spirit, do not gain any benefit from the Jolly Roger.


A model that is in possession of a lantern may add +4" to the distance from which he is able to spot hidden enemies.

Liber Bubonicus

Skaven of Clan Pestilens only, Town Cryer #29

If a Clan Pestilens warband includes a Pestilens Sorcerer, he may use the Liber Bubonicus to permanently learn an additional spell randomly chosen from the Horned Rat spell list. A Plague Priest may use the Liber Bubonicus to learn the Horned Rat magic if he has the Magical Aptitude skill: that means he would gain the special rule "Spellcaster: is a speUcaster and may cast spells from the Horned Rat spell list." and permanently learn a randomly chosen spell from the Horned Rat spell List. The Liber Bubonicus may be used a single time, and a warband cannot have and use more than one Liber Bubonicus in a given campaign (Clan Pestilens members use this item instead of the Tome of Magic).

Liturgicus Infecticus

Skaven of Clan Pestilens only, Town Cryer #29

A Clan Pestilens member, usually a Plague Monk, may carry with him a scroll with the holy Liturgicus Infecticus inscribed on it. This is the Clan Pestilens chant in favour of diseases and contagion. At the beginning of a turn, or just before taking a Route Test, the warband may chant the Liturgicus Infecticus, and benefit of a +1 Leadership bonus until the end of the turn. (Clan Pestilens members use this item instead of the War horn).

Lock Picks

Empire in Flames supplement

A standard piece of kit for less scrupulous characters. A set of lock picks may be used by those who rely more on skill-at-arms and speed of thought than brute strength to open doors that others have secured.

A model equipped with a set of lock picks may make his test to open doors on his Initiative rather than his Strength characteristic if he wishes. This is done at the end of his Movement phase as if the model were ripping the door off its hinges, though he uses his Initiative rather than Strength, there is no -1 modifier, and there is no chance that the door is too damaged to be locked again later.

Lucky charm

These take many shapes, but the most common are symbolic hammers that a pious Sigmarite Priest has touched, or carved heads of ancient Dwarf gods.

The first time a model with a lucky charm is hit in a battle they roll a D6. On a 4+ the hit is discarded and no damage is suffered. Owning two or more charms does not confer any extra benefits, the model may still only try to discard the first hit.

Magic Gubbinz

Forest Goblins only, Nemesis Crown Supplement

These are odds and ends carried around by the Shaman to focus his powers. Most are bat feet, lizard lips, and the like, but still seem to provide benefits to their owner.

The Shaman may re-roll a failed magic test on a D6 roll of 4+.

Mordheim map

Some survivors of the cataclysm still remain in the many settlements around Mordheim, and make a living by preparing maps of the city from memory. Many of these maps are faked, and even real ones are often crude and inaccurate.

A map can help a warband find their way through the confusing maze of streets and into areas with rich buildings to loot.

When you buy a map, roll a D6:

1Fake. The map is a fake, and is completely worthless. It leads you on a fool’s errand. Your opponent may automatically choose the next scenario you play.
2-3Vague. Though crude, the map is generally accurate (well… parts of it are… perhaps!). You may re-roll any one dice during the next exploration phase if you wish but you must accept the result of the second roll.
4Catacomb map. The map shows a way through the catacombs into the city. You may automatically choose the scenario next time you fight a battle.
5Accurate. The map is recently made and very detailed. You may re-roll up to three dice during the next exploration phase if you wish. You must accept the result of the second roll.
6Master map. This is one of the twelve master maps of Mordheim made for Count von Steinhardt of Ostermark. From now on you may always re-roll one dice when rolling on the Exploration chart as long as the Hero who possesses this map was not taken out of action in the battle.


Steel nets, such as those used by Pit Fighters, can be used in battles.

Once per game, the net may be thrown in the shooting phase instead of the model shooting a missile weapon. Treat the net as a missile weapon in all respects with a range of 8". Use the model’s BS to determine whether the net hits or not – there are no movement or range penalties. If it hits, the target must immediately roll a D6. If the result is equal to, or lower than his Strength, he rips the net apart. If the result is higher, he may not move, shoot or cast spells in his next turn, although he is not otherwise affected. In either case the net is lost.

Opulent Coach

Opulent Goods, Mordheim Annual 2002

Truly successful warband leaders are quite willing to waste their money on extravagant excesses such as rare wines, jewel-encrusted weapons and armor and Cathayan spices. The height of such indulgence is an opulent coach, which the warband leader can use for driving around the settlements surrounding Mordheim. There are few things that will impress commoners, or incur the wrath and envy of other, less successful leaders, as much as an opulent coach.

The opulent coach impresses even the most suspicious merchant and they will flock to offer their most exotic wares to the obviously rich warband leader. The warband leader gains +3 to any rolls to locate rare items.


Pirates only, Town Cryer #9

(Captain and Mates only)

Squawk! Pieces of Wyrdstone, Pieces of Wyrdstone! A well trained parrot is excellent at distracting opponents, either by shouting out loud at them or flying around getting in their way.

All enemy in base contact with the owner will be at –1 to hit in their first round of combat with the pirate unless they can pass a Leadership Test.

Peg Leg

Pirates only, Town Cryer #9

(one per model)

Any Pirate suffering a Leg Wound or Smashed Leg can opt to have his ruined leg replaced with a stout wooden peg leg.

This will reduce his Movement (and maximum possible Movement characteristic) by -1, but offers a chance that stray hits will strike the leg instead. This gives him a special saving throw of 6+, which can be taken whenever he fails any other saving throws allowed against any wounding shooting or hand-to-hand hits. This save is not modified, and can be used even if no saving throw is normally allowed. A new pirate joining the warband, either during initial warband creation or as a new hire, may also start out with a Peg Leg. If the wearer gets a Leg Wound or Smashed Leg in further battles, these can be ignored on a roll of 4+ as the hit was taken by the Peg Leg instead.

Poisons and drugs

The use of poison is almost universally abhorred, but in the ruthless and brutal battles fought in Mordheim, desperate warbands often resort to the use of envenomed blades.

Poison may not be used with blackpowder weapons. When you buy a vial of poison, there is always only enough to last the duration of one battle. You can only poison a single weapon with one vial of poison.

Black Lotus

In the deepest forests of the Southlands grows a plant that is extremely poisonous. It is known as Black Lotus and is much sought after by alchemists, assassins, wizards of the Western Coast and bored wives.

A weapon coated with the sap of the Black Lotus will wound its target automatically if you roll a 6 to hit. Note that you can still roll a dice for every wound inflicted in this way. If you roll a 6, you will inflict a critical hit with that roll. If you do not roll a 6, you will cause a normal wound. Take armour saves as normal.

Crimson Shade

Crimson Shade is the name given by Old Worlders to the leaves of the blood oak of Estalia. It is an extremely addictive drug, but grants its users inhuman quickness and strength.

Effect: A model using Crimson Shade has his Initiative increased by +D3 points, and Movement and Strength by +1 (this effect lasts for one game). Crimson Shade has no effect on Undead such as Vampires and Zombies, or the Possessed.

Side effects: After the battle, roll 2D6. On a roll of 2-3, the model becomes addicted and you must try to buy him a new batch of Crimson Shade before every battle from now on. If you fail to buy any, he will leave your warband. On a roll of 12 the model’s Initiative is increased permanently by +1.

Dark Venom

This is a poison extracted from Heldrakes, gigantic sea serpents that plague the Western Ocean and the coast of Naggaroth. The slightest wound infected by Dark Venom causes excruciating pain, incapacitating the bravest of men.

Any hit caused by a weapon coated with Dark Venom counts as having +1 Strength, so, for example, if a warrior with Strength 3 wielding a poisoned sword hits an opponent, he will cause a Strength 4 hit instead. Armour saving throws are modified to take into account the increased Strength of the attack.

Mad Cap Mushrooms

The feared cult of Goblin Fanatics of the Worlds Edge Mountains use these hallucinogenic mushrooms to drive themselves into a frenzied state.

Effect: Any warrior who takes Mad Cap Mushrooms before a battle will be subject to frenzy . The Mad Cap Mushroom has no effect on Undead such as Vampires and Zombies, or the Possessed.

Side effect: After the battle, roll a D6. On a roll of a 1 the model becomes permanently stupid.

Mandrake Root

The man-shaped Mandrake Root grows in the rotting swamps of Sylvania. It is a noxious, deadly plant which is highly addictive and slowly kills its users, but also allows them to shrug off almost any pain.

Effect: Mandrake Root makes a man almost oblivious to pain. His Toughness is increased by +1 for the duration of a battle and he treats all stunned results as knocked down instead. Mandrake Root has no effect on Undead, such as Vampires and Zombies, or on the Possessed.

Side effects: Mandrake Root is highly poisonous. At the end of the battle, roll 2D6. On a roll of 2-3 the model loses 1 point of Toughness permanently.

Rabbit's foot

Ye Old Curiosity Shoppe, Mordheim Annual 2002

The rabbit's foot is it symbol of good luck and often worn about the neck on a thin cord of leather by superstitious warriors.

A rabbit's foot allows the warrior wearing it to reroll one dice during the battle. If not used in the battle it can be used to reroll one dice during the exploration phase providing the hero is able to search through the ruins.

Red Toof Tribal Jewellery

Forest Goblins only, Nemesis Crown Supplement

Only proving one’s prowess in battle can attract the attention of this cadre of warriors. Once inducted to the tribe, the warrior undertakes excessive body piercing!

This cannot be removed. The model will now be subject to the rules for Frenzy as described in the Mordheim rulebook.

Rope & hook

A warrior using a rope & hook will find it much easier to move amongst the ruins of Mordheim.

A warrior equipped with a rope & hook may re-roll failed Initiative tests when climbing up and down.

Scroll of the Rat Familiar

Skaven of Clan Pestilens only, Town Cryer #29

The Scroll of Familiar Rat has a spell inscribed on it, usable by a Pestilens Sorcerer as many times as he wants. If the warband includes at least one Giant Rat, the spell may be cast on it before the combat begins, transforming it in a Rat Familiar. If his Rat Familiar is within 6" , the sorcerer may reroll once in a game the dice to overcome the difficulty of a spell. A sorcerer may only have one Rat Familiar at any one time, it is an henchman and it counts normally toward the maximum number of models permitted co the warband. If the sorcerer dies, his Rat Familiar turns back to Giant Rat form. (Clan Pestilens members use this item instead of the normal Familiar).

Rat Familiar

The Rat Familiar is a Giant Rat enchanted with the Scroll of the Rat Familiar.


Special Rules

Enchanted Animal: The Rat Familiar earns experience as an henchman. A result of 10 - 12 on the henchmen advancement table, instead of the promotion to hero status gives as a result "Improved spellcasting: if the sorcerer is within 6" of the Rat Familiar, he gain a +1 bonus when rolling dice to overcome the difficulty of a spell. This ability is cumulative."

Sea Dragon Cloak

Dark Elves only, Town Cryer #12

Dark Elf Corsairs use special cloaks fashioned from Sea Monsters that dwell deep in the oceans depths. These cloaks are tough and resilient and offer Dark Elves with a very good amount of protection.

Special Rules

Scales: the model wearing a Sea Dragon Cloak will gain +2 to his armour saves in close combat and a 4+ armour save against all missiles attacks.

Spy Glass

Pirates only, Town Cryer #9

A pirate can use his trusty spy glass to examine the combat ground, spotting any yellow dogs who try to sneak about!

At the start of his turn, the owner can try to detect one Hidden enemy model to which he has normal Line of Sight. On a roll of 4+, the model looses his Hidden status. The spying Pirate can move as normal in that turn, but cannot run or charge.

Squig Prodder

Orc Mob only, Town Cryer #6

This item is a long pole with a trio of spikes at the end. It is used by Goblin Squig herders to keep their livestock in line. Cave Squigs will recognize a Squig prodder and automatically give the bearer more respect, as they’ve all been on its pointy end more than once!

To represent this, a Goblin with a Squig prodder can keep all Cave Squigs within 12" from going wild, instead of the normal 6" (see the Minderz special rule under the Cave Squig entry). In addition, a Squig prodder is treated exactly like a spear in hand-to-hand combat.

Standard of Nagarythe

Shadow Warriors Only, Town Cryer #10

While many Shadow Warrior Warbands are simply wandering, some represent groups that have been sent from Ulthuan on some special mission for the Phoenix King. Such bands are really closer to military units than loose bands of warriors. As such, they tend to retain their unit insignia and other trappings. Chief among these is the unit standard. A unit’s colours can hold a lot of meaning, particularly when the warriors in that unit lack a true home. A Shadow Warrior band normally makes their standard by hand; cost and rarity represent the difficulty of finding the proper materials (fine silks and thread of gold, for example).

A Standard of Nagarythe can serve as a second rallying point (the Shadow Master is the first, represented by his Leader skill) for the unit. Any members of the Shadow Warrior Warband within 6" of their standard take all Leadership tests against a Leadership value of 10. In addition, should the standard be captured by the enemy (model holding the standard is Taken Out of Action), all members of the Warband will be subject to frenzy for the remainder of the game, and may not voluntarily Rout. Note that these effects (Leadership 10 and Frenzy) do not affect any Hired Swords in the Warband, only actual Shadow Warriors (including Shadow Warrior heroes) are affected. A model carrying a standard requires one hand free to do so, so no weapons, shields, etc. may be carried in this hand, and no double-handed weapons may be used while the standard is carried. A standard may be used in close combat as a makeshift spear (use the rules for a spear but with -1 on the to hit rolls.

May only be purchased when the warband is created.

Superior blackpowder

The model has acquired a better quality of blackpowder than is normally available.

This new batch adds +1 Strength to all blackpowder weapons that the model has. There is enough superior blackpowder to last for one game.

Tarot Cards

Opulent Goods, Mordheim Annual 2002

Though declared blasphemous and illegal by the Grand Theogonist, the Tarot of Stars is said to foretell the future for those who dare to consult it. Not available to Witch Hunters or Sisters of Sigmar.

A Hero with a deck of tarot cards may consult them before each game. Make a Leadership test. If successful, the Hero gains a favorable insight into the future and you may modify the result of any one dice in the Exploration phase by -1/+1 (even if the Hero with the cards is taken Out Of Action). If the Leadership test is failed by three or more (i.e., a Hero with Ld of 8 rolls 11 or 12) the cards show a portent of doom and despair and the Hero refuses to fight in the following battle and must miss the next game.

Tears of shallaya

Tears of Shallaya are vials of water from the holy spring in Couronne. Shallaya is the goddess of healing and mercy and it is said that this water has curative properties and is proof against any poison.

A model who drinks a vial of the Tears of Shallaya at the beginning of a battle will be completely immune to all poisons for the duration of combat. Undead and Possessed warriors may not use the Tears of Shallaya.

There is enough liquid in a vial of the Tears of Shallaya to last for the duration of one battle.


Ye Old Curiosity Shoppe, Mordheim Annual 2002

Common to the great astronomers in the observatories at Nuln, telescopes are a useful, if highly rare, item to have in the City of the Damned. The keen view offered by these instruments makes shooting easier and gives an unparalleled awareness of a warrior's surroundings.

Any hero using a telescope may increase the range of any missile weapon he is using by D6 inches each turn. Furthermore, he triples the distance at which he can spot hidden enemies.

Tome of magic

Sometimes books of forbidden lore are offered for sale in the markets and dark alleys of the settlements around Mordheim.

If a warband includes a wizard, he will gain an extra spell from the tome, permanently. He may randomly generate this new spell from his own list or the Lesser Magic list. See the Magic section for details. The benefits from each Tome of Magic apply to only one model.


Empire in Flames supplement

Warriors lacking the funds for a lantern may have to make do with torches.

Torches act exactly as lanterns, adding +4" to the range the model may spot hidden enemies, but has a few other special rules as well. A torch will only last one game. A model armed with a torch counts as causing fear in animals (Hunting Dogs, all riding steeds, Bears, Wolves, etc), and may use a torch as a makeshift club. When used in combat, a torch is treated as a normal club, though with a -1 to hit modifier. Any models that have a Regeneration special rule (like Trolls) will not be able to regenerate wounds caused by a torch during the battle. (Torches may also cause buildings to catch fire – see ‘Let the Damned Burn’, from Town Cryer 8).

Treasure Map

Pirates only, Town Cryer #9

Pirates may use a Treasure Map instead of regular exploration of the city ruins. It represents the location (possibly) of a treasure stash another pirate band was forced to bury, before they could bring the booty to a safe hide away.

Roll a D6 after the game to determine where the map leads you (note that any gold crowns found represent the profit after all shares have been given to the crew).

1The map turns out to be a fake! However, you do manage to return and trounce the bilge-drinking swine who sold it to you, and he gives your Warband D6x5 gold crowns to make amends (and prevent himself getting keel-hauled!).
2The map leads your crew to a minor stash. After some hours digging, the find a chest containing 1 shard of wyrdstone and some jewels worth 2D6x10 gold crowns.
3The map reveals one of the fabled alestashes of Long Drong Slayer himself! You uncover several barrels of the finest rums, ales, and other assorted spirits. One is a barrel of Bugman’s XXXX, which can be used as per the rules for Bugman’s Ale. After ‘sampling’ many of the other barrels, the remainders are sold off for 2D6x10 gold crowns (after the crew wakes up, of course).
4Buried deep in the ruins of an unassuming hovel you find several chests filled with fine clothes, plus several notebooks outlining blackmail information for many of the local trading merchants. You realise this must be one of the stashes left by Facio, the great Tilean trickster and rogue. Armed with your new clothing and information, on your next visit to the trading posts you may buy any one item listed on the regular Price Chart as if it was Common (except any other Pirate Warband unique items, such as Swivel Guns or Treasure Maps), assuming you have the money. Once the transaction is complete, you turn around and sell the notebooks to his competitors for 2D6x10 gold crowns, and make any other trading post purchases as normal.

Also, if in your next game your warband captures anyone, or finds any Stragglers or Prisoners, the fine clothing impresses them quite a bit! The Captain’s Leadership is increased by +1 when testing to see if any join your warband.
5The treasure chest that is found has been carefully booby-trapped! One of your Heroes must try to penetrate the maze of poisoned dart-shooters and collapsing pathways that surround the chest by passing an Initiative test. If he passes, his expert approach reveals a Lucky Charm near the chest (which he claims for himself!), and 3D6x10 gold crowns in the chest itself. If he fails the test, he must sit out the next game as he recovers, but the crew do manage to open the chest now that the traps have been set off and gain the gold as above. They do not find the Lucky Charm though as it is drawn back into it’s hiding place, there to await a more careful adventurer.
6Your crew bow their heads in reverent silence, as the map has lead them to one of the legendary secret burial spots used by Black-Wyrd the Pirate King, first and finest pirate to ever ravage Mordheim. Known for tying shards of Wyrdstone into the thick strands of his hair and beard and then setting them alight so they set off sparks of unholy fire, he was rightly feared by all Warbands throughout the land and sea. Though only a small chest is found at the site, when opened it reveals 2+D3 shards of Wyrdstone, plus a Mordheim Map!

Trip Wire

Horned Hunters only, Nemesis Crown Supplement

Horned Hunters are expert trappers.

A Hero may set a trap if he spends a turn doing nothing else (he may not set traps if he’s just recovered from being knocked down). Place a marker in base contact with the Hero.

When a model, friend or foe, moves within 2" of the marker he risks setting off the trap – roll a D6. On a score of 3+ he has triggered the trap and suffers a S4 hit (note that the Hero won’t trigger his own traps). If the trap did not wound the model or it didn’t trigger, the victim may finish his move otherwise he is placed knocked down or stunned 2" from the marker. The marker is removed whether the trap was triggered or not.

War Horn

Ye Old Curiosity Shoppe, Mordheim Annual 2002

The blaring sound of a war horn can be enough to stir the hearts of any warband which it is attempting to bolster. It grants men courage and gives them the will to fight on defiantly.

A war horn may be used once per battle at the beginning of any turn. It allows the warband to increase its Leadership by +1. The effect will last from the start of one turn to the start of the next. The war horn can be used just before a warband is about to take a rout test.

War Horn of Nagarythe

Shadow Warriors Only, Town Cryer #10

Similar to the Standard of Nagarythe, units of Shadow Warriors sent into Mordheim often bring with them a war horn to rally around.

The rules for the War Horn of Nagarythe are the same as for a normal War Horn above (except for Rarity and price).

Warpstone Amulet

Skaven of Clan Pestilens only, Town Cryer #29

The owner of a warpstone amulet may reroll a single die during the battle or, if not out of combat at the end of the game, a single die when looking for wyrdstone shards.

Wyrdstone Pendulum

Opulent Goods, Mordheim Annual 2002

Pendulums made of wyrdstone can reputedly be used to find even more of the magical stone.

If he was not taken out, the Hero using the Wyrdstone Pendulum may make a Leadership test after the battle. If he is successful, you may re-roll any one dice in the Exploration phase.