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Grade 1B Dramatis personae

Abdul Alhazred, the Mad Sorcerer

Source: Town Cryer 21, Khemri

70 gold crowns to hire + 30 gold crowns upkeep.

Abdul Alhazred is renowned as the mad sorcerer from the Arabian town of Sanaa. Born to wealthy merchants he was educated with the sons of the local Caliph and it was in the Caliph's private library that be first learnt about the land of the Dead from tomes he had been expressly forbidden to read. It was then that he developed an obsessional desire for knowledge of the long dead civilisation of Nehekbara and some say it was the dread reputation of this ancient land that drew him on to rash acts. Others say it was the calling of the legendary Nagash none know...

It is said that he left immediately, stealing enough money to fund his wanderings along with an artefact of such antiquity it was believed to have come from Nehekbara. He has visited the ruins of Khemri, Zandri, Numas and Quatar and over long years plundered them of their secrets. His discoveries rival those of Abdul Ben Raschid, whose works he has voraciously studied and it is these that have sent him spiralling into insanity. Referred to as 'The Mad Sorcerer' he is shunned by all except those foolish enough to want to learn the secrets of the Land of the Dead.

May be Hired: All warbands, except Witch Hunters and Sisters of Sigmar, may hire the Mad Sorcerer.

Rating: Abdul Afhazred increases the warband's rating by +30 points.


Weapons/Armour: Black Nomad robes, Dagger, The Eye Pendant.

Skills: Sorcery.


The Eye Pendant: The Eye Pendant is an ancient artefact stolen by Abdul from the Caliph of Sanai. Only after much painstaking research did Abdul discover its secrets and he has used its arcane powers to protect himself from the wrath of the Tomb Kings and their servants. Any Undead warrior wishing to attack Abdul must first pass a Ld test. In addition, the pendant gives Abdul a 4+ Ward save against all damage.

Psychology: Abdul Alhazred has witnessed some of the foulest monstrosities of the Land of the Dead and is quite mad! He is immune to all Psychology-tests.

Djinn Master: Abdul Afhazred has spoken to many of the mystical Djinn in his time and despite his unsteady state of mind knows how to see through their lies and bend them to his will. If the warband he is with acquires a Lamp of the Djinn he may assist a Hero using it with a +1/-1 modifier on the Light and Dark tables respectively.

Master Wizard: The Mad Arab is one of the most learned and powerful wizards in Araby. He knows all the spells in the Elemental and Necromancy lists. Because he is mad, however, he must roll at the beginning of each Shooting phase to see which spell he remembers.

Roll a D6: 1-3 Elemental, 4-6 Necromancy

Then roll a D6 to see which spell be remembers.

Crow Master, The

Source: Town Cryer 25

65 gold crowns, 15 gold crowns upkeep.

The Saga of Simius Gantt

Prominent surgeon and devoted scientist of the Empire, Simius Gantt thrust mind, body and soul into the furthering of his knowledge of the universe and the physical betterment of others. When hearing of the blight that had struck the city of Mordheim his was the first voice that spoke of a 'duty to tend to the ailing'. He undertook a great journey from the lofty towers of Altdorf and set up a modest but well-equipped surgery on the outskirts of the City of the Damned.

All and sundry came to him, desperate for aid and he would turn none from his door save the daemonic creations that had made their home in the bowels of that cursed place. But Mordheim is dangerous, worse many times over than the most violent battlefield, for it harbours enemies unseen, those that corrupt from within yet without the host's knowledge. As more and more died upon his table, Simius questioned his ability and his calling, developing a morbid fascination with the dead. Unbeknownst to Simius a darker power was at work within him, the shards of the meteorite that blasted Mordheim, the wyrdstone he had been inextricably exposed to was at work within him, changing him...

A day of reckoning came at last, a wandering warlock, grievously wounded, happened upon the surgery. Despite his best efforts Simius could not save him such were his injuries. As the warlock grew cold upon the slab a subconscious urge drove Simius's hand to rummage through the man's belongings for a fee. He was bereft of possessions save for a leather bound book, etched in dried blood.

The tome contained many scriptures and instruction pertaining to the dead, even detailing arcane rites of resurrection. The warlock was infact a necromancer and Simius continued his work, devoting each night to the studying of the creature's tome. As time wore on, Simius changed, as did his practice. The lone and badly wounded were fair game to him now and he used his scalpel to snip their life's thread. He would then practice his new found 'art' on the corpses, reciting the ancient resurrection passages in earnest. Simius's skills developed and his transformation from genius to madman was soon complete. Shedding the clothes from the decaying Necromancer and donning them himself he wandered from the surgery and his old life and descended into Mordheim and utter damnation.

All that remains of the surgery now is a scorched patch of earth, Simius having razed it to ash. Voices whisper his name now, in the shadows and darkness. They call him Crow Master, such is the palpable aura of death that exudes from his very skin, a vicious murder of fell birds accompanying him wherever he goes, harbingers of pain and torture. His services can still be garnered at a price, yet the price is only known at Simius's whim, and is oft not gold nor wyrdstone...

May be hired: Any warband except Dwarfs, Elves, Sisters of Sigmar and Witch Hunters may hire Simius.

Rating: Simius increases the warband's rating by +85 points.


Weapons/Armour: Simius wears the Mantle of Crows, carries a staff and has a Needle and Thread.

Skills: Simius has the following skills: Sorcery and Dodge.

Spells: Simius knows all of the Necromancy spells and also knows an additional spell, specific to him, Decay of Ages.


Mantle of Crows: The mantle in appearance is a simple shabby cloak but has a hidden malign power. It attracts a murder of crows that circle around Simius distracting his adversaries. Any enemy model in base-to-base contact with Simius at the start of the Hand-to-hand Combat phase suffers a single automatic Strength 2 bit before any blows are struck.

Needle and Thread: A throwback to his surgeon's days, Simius carries a needle and thread. If Simius stuns an opponent in Hand-to-Hand combat and he has no other enemies standing in base-to-base contact, he sews up the mouth of his enemy. Leaders cannot then use their 'leader' ability and spell casters are unable to cast spells for the remainder of the battle.

Payment in blood: Simius is a zealous scientist and his propensity to experiment is seldom slaked. If the warband who hires him loses the battle he may decide to 'abduct' a hapless warrior co experiment on. Roll a D6. lf you roll a 1, Simius abducts the Hero or Henchman with the lowest experience (not hired swords) and that warrior must be struck off the warband roster and for all intents and purposes is slain. Simius disappears without trace after he has collected his fee of course...

Decay of Ages

Difficulty: 9

Gesturing to his hapless victim with a bony outstretched finger Simius invokes the Decay of ages. Skin withers and cracks, muscles atrophy, bones become brittle as the victim ages horrifically in seconds.

This spell affects a single warrior within 6" of Simius Gantt. The warrior must pass an immediate toughness test on a D6 or they will lose -1 from all of their characteristics with the exception of Attacks and Wounds. In each subsequent Recovery phase they must pass a Toughnes test or will lose a further -1. As soon as they pass the test all characteristics are returned to normal. If any characteristic reaches O the model is taken out of action. Simius cannot cast this spell on more than one model at a time. If he decides to cast it again the effects on the previous victim are undone.

Dark Emissary

Source: Town Cryer 15, Albion

Of all the mysteries of Albion perhaps the greatest is the purpose of the enigmatic figures known as Dark Emissaries and Truthsayers. These ancient wizards are erstwhile enemies and their secret battle hints at a greater struggle yet to pass. Dark Emissaries, servants of the Dark Master, a powerful and enigmatic figure are potentates of evil. They ally themselves with evil forces and seek to harness the power of the Ogham Stones for all manner of unknown and nefarious practices. Truthsayers, the druidic warrior-wizards, the benevolent protectors of the Ogham magic grant their aid and wisdom to the followers of Sigmar and his allies, their only purpose to thwart the Dark Master and his lackeys.

Dark Emissaries and Truthsayers feature in the scenario _The Ogham Stones (See TC 15) but if players wish they may be sought out for each battle in Albion in the same manner as Dramatis Persona. There is no hire fee for either character as they have their own agenda for joining the battle._

However, wherever there is one the other will surely follow. If a warband successfully finds either a Dark Emissary or Truthsayer and the other warband does not then roil a D6 at the start of that warband's turn, on a roil of 4+ the opposing character appears to fight alongside the warband and is deployed at a random table edge (see 'Surprise Attack' for details). If the opposing warbands are both of 'evil' or 'good' alignment then the Dark Emissary or Truthsayer may not be sought out for the battle.

Dark Emissary433332318


Staff of Darkness: + 1 to his casting roll.

The Spiral: A symbol of the Dark Master. It is a potent icon that protects the wearer from harm. It grants the Dark Emissary a 5+ save that cannot be reduced by anything.

Wizard: The Dark Emissary is a powerful spell caster and knows four randomly determined spells of the Lore of Darkness.

Alignment: Dark Emissaries are evil wizards and as such will only fight alongside Possessed, Undead, Skaven and other evilly aligned warbands.

Dijin Katal, The Renegade Assassin

Source: Town Cryer 15, Lustria

85 gold crowns, 40 gold crowns upkeep.

How many years have I walked the earth? How many plains have I seen that stretch to the horizon? How many cities are there that are crammed with the filth and d1·egs of this world? And how many dark places have been my refuges? Tot I still miss that dreaded place Clar Karond... my home. I wonder what is happening amongst my kin what devious politics abound. Oh, how I miss the intrigue of a true civilisation. These are strange times. I neve,· desired to travel to this hot insectinfested land of Lustria but now I am he1·e it has a stt·ange hold on me. I have delivered many to the grace of Khaine within this jungle. This jungle seems to cry out for blood. Although my murderous instincts have grown the animal inside is now in sated. What has become of me?

Still, my blades run with the blood of my enemies the only thing that brings me comfort. I have the mu,·derous instinct, which my people have practised for thousands of years and the addiction is strong. That night when I saw the broken bodies of my own kin on the floor in the carnival of horrors I knew that killing was my sole purpose. I also knew that it didn't matter who would be my prey - friend or Joe it makes to difference to the unquenchable thirst within. And now my comrades hunt me. Although my thirst for another murder is great in good time soon it shall be quenched. My life is for Khaine.

My goal? To find some meaning to this mundane existence...

Known as 'The Hunter in the Shadows', 'The Thrice Cursed Renegade', 'He who Thirsts' and 'Kinslayer', among other things, Dijin Katal as greatly feared and loathed and that's just by his own people. The covens of the Druchii have a price on KataJ's head and demand that he be captured alive for the Hag Queen's pleasure. Few know this Druchii's chequered past when they hire him in fact most are not even aware that he is Druchii, such is their ignorance.

May be Hired: Any warband except for Amazons, Shadow Warriors, Dark Elves (obviously) and any warband that includes and type of Elven hired sword may hire Dijin Katal.

Rating: Dijin Katal increases the warbands rating by 70 points.

Dijin Katal575432728

Weapons/Armour: Dijin Katal wears a Druchii Assassin's cloak and wields two swords coated with Dark venom and a repeater crossbow.


Dijin Katal has the following skills: Strike to injure, Quick shot, Dodge, Lightning reflexes and Trick shooter.


Kindred Hatred: The Dark Elves have been fighting the High Elves for many centuries. The wars between the two races have been very long and bloody affairs. The Dark Elves are very bitter since they have been exiled from Ulthuan and thus they hate any High Elf warriors including High Elf Hired Swords.

Excellent Sight: There are numerous legends detailing the excellent eyesight of the Elves, both Druchii and Ulthuan kin. Elves can spot hidden enemies from twice as far away than normal warriors (i.e. twice their Initiative value in inches).

Shadows Embrace: The Dark Elf has mastered the art of making the best use of shadows to hide, this is the legendary ability of the Dark Elf Scouts and the Assassins. If the Dark Elf is in cover and a model attempts to charge him, he can only charge the Elf using a charge move equal to his initiative in inches. In addition, missile weapons suffer an additional -1 penalty to hit on top of the penalty for cover.

Perfect Killer: All attacks made by the Assassin, whether in shooting or close combat, have an extra -1 save modifier to represent his skill In striking at unarmoured spots.

Renegade: Dijin is a kinslayer and therefore a renegade in Druchii eyes. Any Dark Elves that Dijin is fighting against will suffer Hatred towards him.

Wanderer: Dijin Katal only ever stays with a warband for the duration of the battle. A warband who used Dijin Katal in their last battle may not seek him out until they have fought at least one battle without him.

Drenok Johansen, Wielder Of The Great Axe

Source: Town Cryer 15, Lustria

70 gold crowns to hire: + 30 gold crowns upkeep.

The great sagas of the Norse tribes tell of a mighty warrior known as the Wielder of the Great Axe. Long ago in the icy, inhospitable tundra of the Norse land a young clansman with fire in his eyes and passion in his heart left his clan in search of his father's fate. His father was Johan warrior-prime, Chieftain of the Clan Icefang, possessed by a demon of Khorne. His father had disappeared rumoured to have travelled across the seas. Leaving the clan in a self-imposed exile he was never seen again in the lands of his birth.

After many a long year within the realms of the Old World Drenok took ship to the New World in search of his father. Weeks dragged on into months and months into years until finally the day came when the two mortals finally crossed paths. Only then did Drenok truly know fear. For when Drenok looked into the face of his father he saw the Daemon within. A titanic struggle ensued between father and son. The battle was fierce and long, lasting for many hours. With each wound Drenok inflicted upon this demon, his father, anguish and rage consumed his soul. Finally his father fell and the battle was won. But this was no true victory, this was a day of mourning. For Drenok had now lost a part of his soul he could never reclaim. He gazed upon the great axe, which lay at the feet of his father's corpse and realised it to be the legendary axe of the Icefang, his clan. Lifting the mighty axe above his head, his hair braids blowing in the wind he roared in defiance of world. His quest would be to bring honour to the death of his father.

Maybe Hired: Norse and human warbands may hire Drenok.

Rating: Drenok increases the warbands rating by 70 points.

Drenok Johansen463442428

Weapons/Armour: Drenok wields the great axe of the Icefang and he wears Sabertooth Tiger Hide.


Fearsome, Strongman, Combat maste1· and Step aside.


Berserker: If Drenok is reduced to zero wounds roll 1D6. On a score of 4+ he stands fighting until the end of the tum. You must roll every turn or he will be Out of Action.

Icefang Axe: A massive double-handed axe, this weapon has been handed down through the ancestors of Ice fang throughout the generations. It is said that a revered ancestor used the axe and slew a great White Dragon many centuries ago. The axe is the same as a double-handed weapon but it can also Parry and has a +1 modifier to injury rolls.

Sabertooth Tiger Hide: Gives Drenok a 6 save in close combat and 5+ against missile fire.

Heinrich 'Altdorf' Schmidt

Source: Town Cryer 21

75 gold crowns to hire; + 1 treasure upkeep

Dr. Heinrich Schmidt is renowned at the University of Altdorf. However, most of this renown is not out of his scholarly works, but rather the priceless artifacts he sends home from his journeys. Thanks to him, artifacts from Kislev or Norsca, as well as far off places­ such as Cathay and Lustria have found their way home to Altdorf. Since all his findings are shipped back to Altdocf, this has earned him the nickname 'Altdorf' Schmidt. His main arena for relic hunting however, has come to be in Araby and Khemri, with its grand tombs and priceless treasures. The acquisition of the relics is not often discussed, as most of the scholars agree that they are more capable of appreciating them than the inhabitants of the lands from which they came.

May be Hired: Any Human wacband may hire Altdorf Schmidt.

Rating: 'Altdorf' Schmidt increases wacband rating by + 75 points.

'Altdorf' Schmidt444332628

Equipment: Whip, sword, Duelling Pistol, Light armour, Lantern, Rope & Hook.

Skills: Tomb Explorer, Lightening Reflexes, Whip Master, Step Aside, Streetwise, Dodge, Luck (re-roll any one dice during the game). (Rules for Whip & Whip Master can be found in the Mule Skinner listing).


Oh no, not Snakes!: 'Altdorf' fears all snakes and serpents.

Whip Swing: 'Altdorf' Schmidt has developed a technique to use his whip as a rope to swing over gaps. To represent this, 'Altdorf' Schmidt can jump a gap (up to a maximum of 4'), without deducting the distance jumped from his normal Movement allowance. You must, however, still make an Initiative test not fall down. In addition, he may use his whip to jump to a lower level, even through windows. However, there must always be something on a higher level to attach the whip to in order of swing with it (just use common sense here - sewers, dungeons, tunnels, etc, always count as having something to attach the whip to). If 'Altdorf' Schmidt falls into a pit trap, he may try to use his whip to save himself from falling down by passing an Initiative test.

No time for you: 'Altorf' Schmidt is notorious for bejng a man in a hurry. If his charge path toward a hero, treasure or some other important target is obstructed by an enemy henchman who would prevent his charge, 'Altdorf' Schmidt may attempt a single shot with his Duelling Pistol before charging (assuming he didn't fire it last round of course). If this shot knocks down, stuns or takes the henchman out of action, 'Altdorf' Schmidt may charge as if the henchman wasn't there. If the enchman is unharmed, it counts as a failed charge as normal.

I'll Take That!: Rather than being paid in gold, 'Altorf' collects relics and artifacts from the places he visits. His upkeep cost is taken as a piece of treasure.

Khar-mel The Djinn

Source: Town Cryer 21

80 gold crowns to hire + 30 gold crowns upkeep.

Djinn are magical elemental spirits akin to Daemons, that reside in the deep deserts of Araby and the Land of the Dead. They may be summoned by a complicated ritual involving dark pacts and unholy promises. Djinn are creatures born of the elements and may assume many different forms such as horses made of sand, pillars of fire or mighty Arabic warriors comprised of swirling air. As with all Daemons, anyone learning a Djinn's true name will receive great power over it. Djinn are ancient spirits and know many long forgotten secrets, especially from the early days of Nehekhara and for this reason many sorcerers and priests attempt to summon them to learn such forbidden knowledge. Sultan Jaffar was known to have been in prolonged contact with some of the mightiest Djinn, although many surmise that their lies led to his downfall.

Khar-mel is one of the few known Djinn of Araby. She has oft been encountered in the western desert over the centuries. Despite being centuries old, she normally appears as a beautiful arabian woman of about 30 years of age, although she has been known to appear as a swirling cloud of dust or a pillar of fire on occasion.

Like all Djinn, Khar-mel knows many secrets forgotten by mortal man and many sorcerers and priests have tried to summon her to answer their questions. If she does have one weakness it is her thirst for knowledge. A warband who claims that they are undertaking a quest in search of ancient lore may well secure Khar-mel's services.

May be Hired: Any warband may hire Khar-mel. However in order to summon her, a Wizard (or other spell caster, including a Priest) must pass a test on his own Leadership. This Wizard may be a Hired Sword, but must have been with the warband for at least one battle prior to attempting to summon Khar-mel. If the Wizard that summoned Khar-mel is killed or leaves the warband, Khar-mel will leave as well.

Rating: Khar-mel increases the warband's rating by +45 points.


Weapons and armour: Khar-mel is armed with a scimitar but wears no armour.


Fear: The Djinn naturally radiate an aura of power and cause Fear.

Ethereal: Khar-mel has only a semi-solid form and has a 5+ save that is never be modified due to high Strength or anything else. The save is not effective against magical weapons.

Elemental Magic: Khar-mel knows D3 spells chosen from the Elemental magic list. Roll randomly on the Elemental magic list to determine the spells she may use.


All Djinn have magical powers due to their spiritual and elemental nature. Khar-mel has mastered each of these in her time but she may only use one at a time. During her Recovery phase she may declare that she is using one of her powers. It will last until her next Recovery phase. She may not use the same power for two consecutive turns.

Whirlwind: Khar-mel has the power to turn into a whirlwind. This can take many forms: a sandstorm, a pillar of fire or a hazy shimmer in the air. She can run at triple her movement but may not charge or be charged. She cannot make any attacks or cast spells while using this power, but is at -1 to hit with missile weapons.

Djinn's Curse: Djinn are incredibly ancient creatures, prophets of fate and doom to many. This interferes with all of the Djinn's enemies within 4", incurring a -1 penalty to their to-hit rolls (both with missiles and with close combat weapons) and all saves.

Djinn's Luck: Djinn have been around for centuries and due to their prophetic powers are very good at avoiding trouble. This power confers a 4+ Ward save. If no save normally applies (eg, against magic \ weapons) then she gains a 6+ save.

Maximilian The Mad

Source: Nemesis Crown Supplement

80 gold crowns hire tithe, plus 30 gold crowns upkeep tithes.

Maximillian the Mad was a once-respected Warrior Priest and envoy in the thrall of the Grand Theogonist. Roaming the Great Forest with his bands of Flagellants, he acted as the eyes and ears of the Sigmaritic faith, looking for signs of corruption as he marched from town to town. Any that were found were ruthlessly and systematically purged.

That was until he was commissioned by his overseers to investigate rumours of blasphemy deep within the heart of the Great Forest. What Maximillian discovered there is unrecorded but is said to have driven him beyond the brink of sanity.

Now largely a loner, he continues to rove the paths of the Great Forest, but the religious fervour within his soul combined with the hatred and intolerance of his passion threatens to destroy him and all he encounters.

Maximillian the Mad will readily take up arms to assist those who fight the enemies of Sigmar, although he will demand a tithe to Sigmar for his services.

May Be Hired By: Dwarfs and all human warbands except The Cult of the Possessed, Sisters of Sigmar, Carnival of Chaos, Horned Hunters and Middenheimers.

Rating: Increases warband rating by 25 points.


Armour/Weapons: Mad Max is armed with a double handed Holy Weapon. This grants +2 Strength as per the rulebook and being a holy weapon, it gives +1 to rolls to wound on Undead, Possessed, Carnival of Chaos, Beastmen.


Fanatical: Max will automatically pass al Leadership-based tests he is required to take. Mad Max follows the rules for hatred when encountering the following warbands: Orcs and Goblins, Black Orcs, Forest Goblins, Horned Hunters, Sisters of Sigmar, Middenheimers, Skaven, Undead, Beastmen, Possessed, Carnival of Chaos.

Religious Fervour: Mad Max follows the rules for frenzy as per the rulebook. (Note, he must always charge, even if this requires a diving charge!) Also, he must always end his turn closer to the enemy than at the start as his desire to fight the enemies of Sigmar is so strong.

Fear: His reputation is such that he causes fear as per the rulebook. Any models from the warband hiring him that are within 3” of him are also immune to fear. Note: models wishing to charge a fear causing enemy outside 3” still need to pass a fear test as normal.

Strongman: As the Combat skill of the same name.

Penthesilea, Mark Of The Serpent

Source: Town Cryer 15, Lustria

'I am the hunter and you are my prey.'

Penthesilea is known as one of the greatest Amazon warriors and is a legend amongst her people. The Amazons were outraged by the oafish menfolk of the Norse settlement of Skeggi when they captured some Amazons in a raid planning to keep them as slaves. Penthesilea led a warband on a night raid against the timber halls of the Norse settlement. Her silent warriors slew the guards and they liberated their captured sisters. Before she could make good her escape, however, Penthesilea was set upon by the Norse Jarl Sigursen the Impaler, he who had led the raid to enslave her sisters. She slew this giant of a man in single combat and held his severed head high causing the rest of the Norse to flee. To further quench her thirst for revenge she kidnapped Sigursen's entire family to be used as slaves and sacrifices to the Serpent God. The battle of Skeggi was a milestone battle for the Amazons. None had accomplished what Penthesilea had. For it was her and her small band of Amazon warriors that had taken the fight straight to the supposedly invulnerable Norse stronghold and rescued their sisters slaying many men in the process. It was her brilliant guerrilla tactics and her ruthlessness that won the day. Since then, the men of the New World settlements live in fear and shudder at the mention of her name. Tales have it that no man has survived an encounter with her and many a mighty warrior's head hangs from her belt its mouth sewn shut as a sign of obedience.

Hire fee: Use the same hire table as Bertha Bestraufrung on page 155 of tl1e rulebook.

Maybe Hired: Penthesilea will only join Amazon Warbands.

Rating: 70 points.


Weapons/Armour: Star Sword, Star Blade, Amulet of the Moon and wears Enchanted Skins (see Amazon equipment).


Mesmerising dance, Savage Fury, Elixir of life, Weapon Master, Concealment.


Amazon: She is an Amazon and therefore all of the Amazon special rules apply.

Mark of the Serpent: The High Serpentine Priestesses have blessed the warrior prime with the greatest gift any warrior can bear in the name and glory of their race. The mark of the serpent. This magical tattoo is only given co the worthiest of Amazons warriors. Penthesilea gains +1 to her movement and Initiative (as marked by* on her profile).

Man-Hater: Having seen so many of her sisters captured or killed by raiders who are predominantly men she has developed a loathing for these uncouth, primitive creatures. Penthesilea is subject to Hatred of all human males (I'm sure we can work out which figures are male here!) and has many of their heads hanging from her belt.


Source: Town Cryer 15, Albion

Of all the mysteries of Albion perhaps the greatest is the purpose of the enigmatic figures known as Dark Emissaries and Truthsayers. These ancient wizards are erstwhile enemies and their secret battle hints at a greater struggle yet to pass. Dark Emissaries, servants of the Dark Master, a powerful and enigmatic figure are potentates of evil. They ally themselves with evil forces and seek to harness the power of the Ogham Stones for all manner of unknown and nefarious practices. Truthsayers, the druidic warrior-wizards, the benevolent protectors of the Ogham magic grant their aid and wisdom to the followers of Sigmar and his allies, their only purpose to thwart the Dark Master and his lackeys.

Dark Emissaries and Truthsayers feature in the scenario _The Ogham Stones (See TC 15) but if players wish they may be sought out for each battle in Albion in the same manner as Dramatis Persona. There is no hire fee for either character as they have their own agenda for joining the battle._

However, wherever there is one the other will surely follow. If a warband successfully finds either a Dark Emissary or Truthsayer and the other warband does not then roil a D6 at the start of that warband's turn, on a roil of 4+ the opposing character appears to fight alongside the warband and is deployed at a random table edge (see 'Surprise Attack' for details). If the opposing warbands are both of 'evil' or 'good' alignment then the Dark Emissary or Truthsayer may not be sought out for the battle.


Special Rules

Staff of Light: The staff can dispel a single enemy spell spell per turn on a roll of 4+. The staff also counts as a halberd.

The Triskele: The symbol of the Truthsayer's office, this icon protects them from harm with its benevolent energies granting the Truthsayer a 4+ save, which cannot be reduced by anything.

Wizard: Truthsayers are powerful wizards and know three randomly determined spells of the Lore of Light.

Alignment: Truthsayers are benevolent wizards and as such they will only aid Sisters of Sigmar, Witch Hunters, Mercenaries and any other 'good' aligned warbands.