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Amazon Rituals

Little is known about Amazon magic beyond their island home. It is said that the immortal Amazons learn their magic from the very gods themselves.

1Singing Wind
2Serpent’s Strength
3Wendala’s Maelstrom
4Shield of Thorns
5The Living Jungle
6Siren’s Dreams

Singing Wind

Difficulty 8

The priestess calls upon the power of Shaekal the Wind Goddess to enter the battlefield.

The goddess appears in the form of singing motes and dancing lights that will entrance and ‘hold’ any model within 10" until the start of the Amazon player’s next turn. The model cannot move, shoot, or cast spells, but may defend itself in hand-to-hand combat. Models affected by this ritual automatically go last in combat.

Serpent’s Strength

Difficulty 9

The priestess begins the ritual by dancing wildly and screaming in an ancient tongue.

All friendly models close to the Priestess will be charged with a frantic energy until the end of their next turn. During this time any model within 8" of the Priestess (including herself) will add +1 to their Strength. The ritual cannot be cast if the Priestess is in close combat during her Shooting phase. The effects will continue after the ritual is cast if the Priestess enters combat.

Wendala’s Maelstrom

Difficulty 7

The priestess summons harsh tropical winds to protect the Amazons from enemy ranged attacks.

The storm extends out from the Priestess 18". All attempts to shoot missile weapons by the enemy will be at -1 to hit. The ritual lasts up until the start of the Amazon player’s next turn.

Shield of Thorns

Difficulty 7

Moving her arms about in a weaving motion, the priestess calls upon the plants to protect her.

The ritual produces a cocoon of thorns all about the Priestess, making her immune to ranged or magical attacks. Any models wishing to charge the Priestess can do so but the thorns negate any strikes by the Priestess and her enemies in the first round of combat. The Priestess cannot cast this ritual while in hand-to-hand combat.

The Living Jungle

Difficulty 6

Drawing upon her will, the Priestess reaches out to the denizens of the jungle, seeking their aid.

Pick one model within 12". The model is suddenly swarmed by a savage mix of snakes, spiders and insects, most of them poisonous. The afflicted model takes 1D6 Strength 2 hits with no armour saves allowed apart from Ward saves. You cannot use a dodge save against a swarm.

Siren’s Dreams

Difficulty 7

The priestess starts to sing with a wondrous voice and all the Amazons join in with her.

The song is so beautiful and mesmerising that it momentarily distracts the Amazon’s enemies within 12" such that all Ld tests for the opposing warband are made at -1 until the end of the opposing player’s next turn. Lizardmen and Undead are immune to the effects of this ritual.