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Arabian Elemental Magic

The magic of the Djinn is a rare, almost lost, art among men. It is the preserve of the Djinn of the deep desert and of those Djinn unfortunate enough to be captured.

1Riding the Wind
2Skin of Stone
3Burning Hand
5Storm of Magic
6Blessing of the Elements

Riding the Wind

Difficulty: 6

Invoking the Element of the Air, the caster rises up on a warm breeze, only to set down again on another part of the battlefield.

This spell is cast at the beginning of the caster’s Movement phase. The caster may move up to 12+D6" anywhere on the battlefield, ignoring any intervening terrain; this counts as the caster’s movement for that turn. This spell may not be used to move the caster into base contact with an enemy warrior, but the caster may shoot as normal (with a -1 penalty for having moved).

Skin of Stone

Difficulty: 7

Calling upon the Element of the Earth, the caster is able to make a warrior’s skin become as hard as stone.

This spell may be cast on any friendly warrior within 6". The target gains +2 to his armor save but suffers a -1 penalty to Initiative. The spell may be maintained each turn, providing the affected warrior remains within 6" of the caster and the caster can pass a Difficulty test. If the caster is more than 6" away from the affected warrior in the Recovery phase, the spell cannot be maintained and wears off. Only one warrior may be affected by a Stone Skin spell at any one time, although the caster is free to cast other spells while maintaining the Stone Skin.

Burning Hand

Difficulty: 8

By invoking the Element of Fire, one of the caster’s hands becomes a burning bolt which he can use to smite his enemies.

This spell is cast at the beginning of the Combat phase. The caster may sacrifice all of his normal attacks to make one hand-to-hand attack at Strength 5, causing 2 wounds. If the enemy warrior is successfully hit, he is set on fire on a roll of 4+. This spell lasts for one round only.


Difficulty: 6

By invoking the Element of Water, water rises from the very rocks and sand and turns the ground to quicksand.

This spell is cast at any warrior within 6". The water floods the area for 3" around the targeted warrior. The effect lasts until the beginning of the caster’s next Recovery phase. All warriors within the quicksand must pass a Strength test or be unable to move. Warriors in combat cannot attack but may defend themselves.

Storm of Magic

Difficulty: 9

By breaching the very fabric of reality, the caster is able to summon a bolt of pure magical energy.

The caster may target any warrior within 12". If the spell is successfully cast, the target is struck by a bolt of energy and takes one S5 hit. Armor saves may be taken as normal.

Blessing of the Elements

Difficulty: 6

The caster calls on the elements of the desert and draws upon the fortune they can bestow.

In the post-battle sequence, the player may re-roll any one dice or modify one dice by +1/-1. If the caster was taken out of action, this spell may not be cast.