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Chaos Dwarfs Magic

Chaos rituals employ the raw power of the darkest magic, and are therefore supremely useful in bringing pain and suffering, as well as change and mutation.

Chaos Dwarfs Magic is used by The Sons of Hashut.

1Spectre of Hashut
2Stone Statue
6Eye of Hashut

Spectre of Hashut

Difficulty: 9

A spectral apparition of the god Hashut hits the miniature closest to the sorcerer.

Designates the enemy miniature closest to the wizard’s miniature within 10”. That miniature is automatically stunned.

Stone Statue

Difficulty: 9

By using illusory magic, the sorcerer turns his closest enemy into a stone statue.

Choose an enemy miniature that is within 12” of you and is in your line of sight. For the rest of the turn and the following turn, the miniature will not be able to do anything. If attacked in melee, the miniature will suffer an automatic hit. If it is shot, the miniature that shoots at it will get a +1 bonus on hit.


Difficulty: 7

The wizard summons a ball of flames that he casts on his enemies.

This spell has a range of 16” and requires line of sight. The target receives an automatic hit of strength 4.


Difficulty: 7

The sorcerer vanishes in front of the enemy’s eyes only to reappear elsewhere on the battlefield.

The wizard may immediately make a move of up to 6” in any direction and may enter or leave combat without penalty. If he enters combat, he is considered to be making a charge move.


Difficulty: 8

After emitting a scream, the sorcerer turns into a red incandescent ball while a torrent of lava and stones gushes from his mouth and skin.

All miniatures within a distance of up to 4” (friend or foe) suffer an automatic hit of Strength 4. After resolving the effects of this hit, the sorcerer will not be able to cast any more spells until the next turn and will suffer a -1 to his Resistance attribute.

Eye of Hashut

Difficulty: 6

The wizard opens his arms while summoning the mighty Hashut to help his children and give them strength.

Choose a friendly miniature within 12” and roll 1D6. Hobgoblins always subtract 1 from the result. You may use the Eye of Hashut successfully only once per battle. 1D6 Result 1 Hashut does not trust you. The miniature is immediately out of combat, although it will not roll on the serious wound table during the post-battle sequence. 2-5 Hashut trusts you. The miniature adds +1 to one of its attributes for the rest of the game. 6 Hashut favors you. The miniature adds +1 to all attributes for the rest of the game.