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Chaos Rituals

Chaos rituals employ the raw power of the darkest magic, and are therefore supremely useful in bringing pain and suffering, as well as change and mutation.

Chaos rituals are used by Magisters of the Cult of the Possessed, and Daemons.

1Vision of Torment
2Eye of God
3Dark Blood
4Lure of Chaos
5Wings of Darkness
6Word of Pain

Vision of Torment

Difficulty 10

The Chaos Mage summons horrible visions of the realm of Chaos, causing his enemy to recoil in utter horror.

This spell has a range of 6" and must be cast on the closest enemy model. If the Chaos Mage is in hand-to-hand combat, he must choose his target from those in base contact with him. The affected model is immediately stunned. If the model cannot be stunned it is knocked down instead.

Eye of God

Difficulty 7

The Chaos Mage implores the Dark gods to grant a boon to their servant.

You may use the Eye of God successfully only once per battle. Choose any single model within 6", friend or foe. Roll a D6 to see what happens to the affected model.

  D6  Result
1The wrath of the gods descends upon the target. The model is taken out of action immediately. He does not have to roll on the Serious Injury chart after the battle though.
2-5The model gains +1 to any one of his characteristics during this battle (chosen by the player who cast the spell).
6The model gains +1 to all of its characteristics for the duration of the battle.

Dark Blood

Difficulty 8

The Chaos Mage cuts his palm and his blood spurts out, burning flesh and armour.

This attack has a range of 8" and causes D3 S5 hits. It hits the first model in its path. After using this spell the Chaos Mage must roll on the Injury table for himself to see how dangerous the wound is, though treat the out of action result as stunned instead.

Lure of Chaos

Difficulty 9

The Chaos Mage calls upon the taint of chaos which exists in the inner soul of all living beings.

The spell has a range of 12" and must be cast on the closest enemy model. Roll a D6 and add the Chaos Mage’s Leadership to the score. Then roll a D6 and add the target’s Leadership to the score. If the Chaos Mage beats his opponent’s score he gains control of the model until the model passes a Leadership test in his own recovery phase. The model may not commit suicide, but can attack models on his own side, and will not fight warriors from the Chaos Mage’s warband. If he was engaged in hand-to-hand combat with any warriors of the Chaos Mage’s warband, they will immediately move 1" apart.

Wings of Darkness

Difficulty 7

The Chaos Mage is lifted from the ground by two shadowy Daemons and carried wherever he wants to go.

The Chaos Mage may immediately move anywhere within 12", including into base contact with an enemy, in which case he counts as charging. If he engages a fleeing enemy, in the close combat phase he will score one automatic hit and then his opponent will flee again (if he survives).

Word of Pain

Difficulty 7

Speaking the forbidden name of his dark god, the Chaos Mage causes indescribable pain to all who hear it.

All models within 3" of the Chaos Mage, friend or foe, suffer one S3 hit. No armour saves are allowed.