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Charms & Hexes

Charms and Hexes are the magic of Witches. They involve copious amounts of spell ingredients and painstaking incantations but they can be devastating, reducing enemies to pitiful wrecks and infusing comrades with almost incomprehensible luck.

3Dust of the Blind
4Age of Stone
5Warrior's Bane


Difficulty 6

The Witch uses ancient diving crystals to foretell the future and influence the actions of her comrades.

For the duration of the turn one hero or henchman may re-roll D3 dice rolls and add +1 or -1 to the result.


Difficulty 6

The Witch bestows a powerful curse on one of her enemies that saps their confidence and resolve.

One enemy model within 12" of the Witch must re-roll all successful dice rolls for the duration of this and their next turn.

Dust of the Blind

Difficulty 9

Casting a handful of dust into the air, the Witch blows it around her, blinding her enemies.

One enemy model within 16" of the Witch is struck instantly blind. They may not shoot, charge or run, are at half Weapon Skill and will move in a random direction at the start of their turn. The Blindness lasts until the Witch casts another spell or moves.

Age of Stone

Difficulty 8

Whispering words of ancient power, the Witch causes an enemy to age rapidly before their very eyes, making them weak and feeble!

One enemy model within 12" of the Witch will be severely debilitated and all of their characteristics are reduced by -1 for the duration of this and their next turn.

Warrior's Bane

Difficulty 7

Muttering a dark and malicious incantation, the Witch causes a warrior's grip to loosen, making it almost impossible for them to attack.

One enemy model within 18" of the Witch will be unable to use any of their weapons as they perpetually slip from their grasp. They will be unable to shoot and count as fighting with fists in Hand-to-Hand combat. The enchantment lasts for the duration of this and their next turn.


Difficulty 6

A faint aura extends from the Witch's body. All who are touched by it feel warmth and vitality flowing through their veins.

All friendly models within 6" of the Witch have a single wound healed. In addition any stunned or knocked down models may immediately stand up.