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Dark Elf Magic

The Dark Elves are as accomplished practitioners of magic as their arch enemies the High Elves but whereas the High Elves essentially use magic defensively and for the power of good, the Dark Elves utilise the evil powers of Dark Magic a very destructive force indeed.

2Word of Pain
3Soul Stealer
6Witch Flight


Difficulty: 9

Whispering an ancient incantation the Sorceress conjures a bolt of pure dark energy and unleashes it from her outstretched hand.

The bolt of doom may be targeted at any enemy model in line of sight. The Doombolt has an 18" range and causes a Strength 5 hit. If the target model is wounded, then the next closest model within 6" is also hit on a 4+, at -1 Strength than the previous hit. The bolt will keep leaping until there are no more targets within range or until its Strength drops to a one. Each model can only be hit by a bolt once per turn. Take armour saves as normal.

Word of Pain

Difficulty: 8

The Sorceress calls the curse of the Witch King down on his enemy reducing their willingness to fight.

The spell may be cast at an enemy model within 12". The victim must re-roll all successful hand to hand or missile attacks and all to wound rolls. If the victim wishes to charge, he must pass a successful Leadership test first. Lasts until the beginning of the next Dark Elf turn.

Soul Stealer

Difficulty: 9

At the Sorceress’s touch, the essence of life is drained from her enemy and absorbed into her body giving him renewed strength and vigour.

Once successfully cast, the Sorceress has to make a to hit roll against a model in base contact. If the attack is successful and her opponent is struck, he suffers a wound with no armour save possible. The Sorceress feeds on this life-force and adds one wound to her profile. Note: the Sorceress can never have more then one extra wound from the use of this spell and the extra wound is lost at the end of the battle.


Difficulty: 8

Summoning Dark Magic the Sorceress engulfs a weapon in twisted black flames.

The Sorceress may choose the hand-to-hand combat weapon of a member of her warband within 6" to be engulfed in flames. A weapon with these flames acts as a normal weapon of its type, but also adds a +2 bonus to the users Strength. Hits inflicted from the weapon ignore armour saves. Lasts until the Sorceress’ next shooting phase.


Difficulty: 10

The Sorceress channels Dark Magic into her enemy, causing him to writhe in excruciating pain.

The Deathspasm has a range of 6" and must be cast on the closest enemy model. The affected model must roll on the injury chart. If successfully cast, the casting Sorceress is immediately knocked down.

Witch Flight

Difficulty: 7

The Sorceress bends the winds of magic to her will and flies through the air.

The Sorceress may immediately move anywhere within 12", and may count as charging. If she engages a fleeing enemy in the close combat phase she will score 1 automatic hit and then the opponent will flee again.