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Forest Goblin Magic

1Wind of Gork
2Gaze of Mork
4Leap of Waaagh!
5Idol of Gork
6‘Ere we go

Wind of Gork

Difficulty: 6

A blast of foul flatulence signals G’rrk’s Wrath.

A blast of foul flatulence signals Gork’s wrath. Range: 12". The first model in its path must roll under its Toughness or take a S2 hit and be knocked down automatically.

Gaze of Mork

Difficulty: 8

The Shaman invokes the presence of the God Mork to smite his foes with lightning.

Range 12". D3 S3 hits strike the first model in their path.


Difficulty: 8

The Shaman channels pure Waaagh! energy through his body and vomits it toward the enemy.

Range 6". Fire bolts equal to the number of the Shaman’s Attacks. Resolve with Strength equal to the Shaman’s Toughness at the first model in their path. After the bolts effects are resolved, roll a die. On a 1 the Shaman has drawn upon too much power. The Shaman collapses and goes out of action.

Leap of Waaagh!

Difficulty: 7

The Shaman summons a giant green hand to lift any Goblin and carry him into the fray.

The Shaman or any other Goblin within 3" may be moved up to 12". If this move brings them into close combat, they count as charging in the close combat phase.

Idol of Gork

Difficulty: 8

Swirling energy crackles around the Shaman, giving him the appearance of a huge orc hero.

The Shaman gains +1 WS, +1 S, and +1 A. This enhancement lasts until the Shaman takes a wound.

‘Ere we go

Difficulty: 8

The Shaman and nearby Goblins become filled with the essence of the Waaagh!

All friendly models within 6" of the Shaman treat stunned results on the injury table as knocked down instead. The effects last until the Shaman takes a wound.