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Funerary Rites

Priests of Morr use Funerary rites to insure that the dead remain dead, that their body is sanctified and sealed and their soul safely passed into Morrs keeping.

1Morr’s Protection
2Death Holds No Fear
3Sanctity of the Fallen
4Hand of Morr
5Do you know who I am?
6I am death!

Morr’s Protection

Difficulty: 6

The Priest of Morr calls out to his god when confronted by an abomination and asks that he be shielded from the corrupted magic of the tainted.

Any Magical attacks made by a Necromancer, a Magister or Daemons, which would be considered a direct attack on the priest, will be negated if this rite is successful.

Death Holds No Fear

Difficulty: Auto

Priests of Morr must be steadfast in their resolution and as such must, above all else, have no fear of death.

The priest of Morr is now Fearless for the remainder of the game.

Sanctity of the Fallen

Difficulty: 7

Those who fall shall be sanctified and their soul freed, in the name of Morr, god of death.

The priest of Morr may attempt to perform the Rite of Sanctity on a model (friend or foe) who has been taken Out of Action. The priest of Morr must be within 6” of the model in question. If successful, the model may not be raised up by a Necromancer.

Hand of Morr

Difficulty: 9

'By his the hand of Morr, the Undead shall become as dust and ashes'

The priest of Morr must be in base-to-base contact with an Undead model. Before Hand-to-Hand combat occurs, the priest of Morr may attempt to use the Hand of Morr rite. If successful the foe immediately goes out of action (this affects Zombies, Dire Wolves and Vampires). Ghouls and Possessed affected by this rite will immediately flee their full Move away from the priest of Morr.

Do you know who I am?

Difficulty: 7

‘Gaze upon me, abomination, for I am a priest of Morr'.

This rite has a range of 6” and must be directed at the closest Undead model first, or if no Undead are within range, at the next closest human servant of the Undead (Dregs, Ghouls, Necromancers), or finally at any model. If successful, that model is immediately Stunned. If the model cannot be Stunned, then it is Knocked Down instead.

I am death!

Difficulty: 8

'I am a priest of Morr, god of death!' It is a well-known fact that the priests of Morr are not martially inclined. Their divine duties involved the dead, not the taking of life. However, there are times when a priest of Morr will he called to engage in combat and who would be more feared than a representative of the god of Death?

This spell gives the priest of Morr a 6+ armour save and increases their WS by either +1 or makes it 4, whichever is greater.