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Lesser Magic

Those who have not been schooled in the ways of magic can cast only relatively simple spells. Many human wizards, lacking the tradition of sorcery and the grimoires of Necromancers and Chaos Mages, have to rely on their own natural aptitude and experimentation.

Lesser Magic (or hedge magic) is used by human warlocks. It may not be as awesome as the mighty spells of Necromancers and Chaos Mages, but it is still dangerous.

1Fires of U’Zhul
2Flight of Zimmeran
3Dread of Aramar
4Silver Arrows of Arha
5Luck of Shemtek
6Sword of Rezhebel

Fires of U’Zhul

Difficulty 7

The wizard summons a fiery ball of flames and hurls it upon his enemies.

The fireball has a range of 18" and causes one Strength 4 hit. It strikes the first model in its path. Armour saves are taken as normal (ie, with -1 modifier).

Flight of Zimmeran

Difficulty 7

Calling upon the power of the winds of magic, the wizard walks on air.

The wizard may immediately move anywhere within 12", including into base contact with an enemy, in which case he counts as charging. If he engages a fleeing enemy in the close combat phase he will score 1 automatic hit and then his opponent will flee again (if he survives).

Dread of Aramar

Difficulty 7

The wizard places a sense of mind-numbing fear into the minds of his opponents.

A single model within 12" of the wizard must pass a Leadership test or flee 2D6" directly away from him. If he flees, he must test at the start of each of his own movement phases and will continue to flee until he passes a test. Note that this spell does not affect Undead or any model immune to fear.

Silver Arrows of Arha

Difficulty 7

Silvery arrows appear from thin air and circle around the wizard, shooting out to strike his foes.

Unlike other spells, this cannot be cast whilst in hand-to-hand combat. The spell summons D6+2 arrows which the wizard can use to shoot against one enemy model. The arrows have a range of 24". Use the wizard’s own Ballistic Skill to determine whether he hits or not, but ignore movement, range and cover penalties. The arrows cause one S3 hit each.

Luck of Shemtek

Difficulty 6

The wizard summons the fickle power of magic to manipulate chance.

The wizard may re-roll all his failed dice rolls, though the second results stand. The effect lasts until the beginning of his own next turn.

Sword of Rezhebel

Difficulty 8

A flaming sword appears in the hand of the wizard, promising red ruin to all who stand in his way.

The sword gives the wizard +1 Attack, +2 Strength and +2 Weapon Skill. Take a Leadership test at the beginning of each of the wizard’s own turns. If the test fails, the sword disappears.