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Magic of the Horned Rat

This brand of sorcery is used by the Skaven of Clan Eshin. It is a sinister form of magic which calls upon the Skaven deity, a loathsome daemonic god known as the Horned Rat.

2Children of the Horned Rat
4Black Fury
5Eye of the Warp
6Sorcerer’s Curse


Difficulty 8

A green flame leaps from the outstretched paw of the Sorcerer and burns its victims with indescribable agony.

The spell has a range of 8", hitting the first model in its path. The spell causes D3 Strength 4 hits on its target, and one Strength 3 hit on each model within 2" of the target.

Children of the Horned Rat

Difficulty: Auto

The Sorcerer raises his paws and calls upon the Father of the Skaven to send forth his servants.

This spell must be used before the game, and may only be used once. When cast, the spell summons D3 Giant Rats, which are placed within 6" of the Sorcerer. The Sorcerer may cast this spell successfully only once per battle, and the rats disappear after the battle. They do not count towards the maximum size of the Skaven warband.


Difficulty 7

The target is attacked by rats and soon is covered from head to foot in small, bleeding wounds.

The Gnawdoom causes 2D6 Strength 1 hits on a single model within 8" of the caster.

Black Fury

Difficulty 8

With a chittering incantation the Sorcerer turns into a monstrous rat-like creature, which attacks with an insane fury.

The Sorcerer may immediately charge any enemy model within 12" (ignoring any terrain and interposing models) and gains 2 extra Attacks and +1 Strength during this turn’s hand-to-hand combat phase only.

Eye of the Warp

Difficulty 8

Gaze into the eye of the warp and despair!

All standing models in base contact with the Sorcerer must take an immediate Leadership test. If they fail, they each suffer a Strength 3 hit and must run 2D6" directly away from the Sorcerer, exactly as if they had lost their nerve when fighting against more than one opponent.

Sorcerer’s Curse

Difficulty 6

The Sorcerer points a claw towards one of his enemies and curses him in the name of the Horned One.

The spell has a range of 12" and affects a single model within range. The target must re-roll any successful armour saves and to hit rolls during the Skaven hand-to-hand phase and his own next shooting and hand-to-hand combat phases.