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Norse Runes

The Norse Runes are rituals used by the Norse Shamans.

1Howl of the North
2Angvar’s Fury
3Elvek’s Cold Spear
4Gift of the Fates
5Kiss of Frost
6Bear’s Might

Howl of the North

Difficulty 9

Icy winds sweep before the Shaman knocking missiles from their path.

The Shaman is immune to all missile fire. Roll a dice during the Shaman’s recovery phase. On a roll of 1 or 2 the winds dissipate.

Angvar’s Fury

Difficulty 7

The Shaman’s howls rouses the anger of the warriors around him to a fever pitch.

All warriors within 8" of the Shaman gain a +1 to hit in hand-to-hand combat against the opposing warband. The spell lasts till the start of the Norse players next turn.

Elvek’s Cold Spear

Difficulty 7

A razor sharp icicle flies at the Shaman’s foe.

The icicle has a range of 18" and causes one S4 hit. It strikes the first model in its path. Normal armour saves apply.

Gift of the Fates

Difficulty 7

The Shaman calls on the three Wyrd Sisters of Norse legend for a glimpse of the future.

The Shaman may adjust one die roll by +1/–1 between a successful casting of this rune and his next recovery phase. A ‘to wound’ roll adjusted to or from 6 will not cause a critical.

Kiss of Frost

Difficulty 6

The Shaman covers ground of his choosing with slick ice.

A single model within 12" of the Shaman must pass an Initiative test or be knocked down.

Bear’s Might

Difficulty 9

The Shaman calls upon the spirits of the great Ice Bears of the North to aid him.

The Shaman gains +1 Attack, +2 Strength, +2 Toughness and loses -2 Initiative (to a minimum of 1). Take a Leadership test at the beginning of each turn (both yours and your opponent’s). If the test fails, Bear’s Might drains away. Bear’s Might can only be cast successfully once per game.