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Prayers of Taal

Taal is the God of Nature and demands the respect of all those who enter the wild regions of the Empire. He is portrayed as a tall, broad-shouldered man with long wild beard and a thick beard. He wears a stag skull as a helm and is clother in bison and bear skins. He is often call the Lord of Beasts. His followers include rangers, trappers and those who live in the wilds of the Empire.

Prayers of Taal work like Prayers of Sigmar although the Taal Priest never wears armour.

1Stag’s Leap
2Blessed Ale
3Bear's Paw
6Summon Squirrels

Stag’s Leap

Difficulty 7

Many of Taal’s priests wear a stag skull as a symbol of their devotion and the Forest Lord’s power can be used to emulate the speed and beauty of this magnificent beast.

The Priest of Taal may immediately move anywhere within 9" including into base contact with the enemy, in which case he counts as charging and gains a +1 Strength to his first round of attacks. If he engages a fleeing enemy, in the close combat phase he will score one automatic hit at +1 Strength and then his opponent will flee again (if he survives).

Blessed Ale

Difficulty 5

Like his brother Ulric, Taal has a great appetite for the strong ales of the Northern Empire. During the summer Equinox, each village in Ostland opens one keg of ale (at least!) in Taal's honour.

Drinking a flask of Taal-blessed ale (the priest is assumed to carry as many flasks as are needed) may heal any one model within 2" of the Priest (including himself). The warrior is restored to his full quota of Wounds. In addition, any living enemy models (not Undead or Possessed) within 2" of the Priest will be lose 1 Attack during the next round of combat due to the potent fumes of the ale.

Bear's Paw

Difficulty 7

Many an armoured knight has been knocked to the ground by the surprising Strength of the followers of Taal. Although traditionally called ‘Bear’s Paw’ this spell is sometimes referred to as ‘Moose’s Breath’ by those Ostlander’s who have felt its power.

The Priest invokes the blessing of Taal on himself or a single friendly model within 6". The target receives a bonus of +2 to his Strength until the Priest’s next turn.


Difficulty 9

Taal’s domain includes both the earth and the skies and his power can reach out even into the dark streets of Mordheim. When his name is invoked three times and the blood of an eagle is poured on the ground, the Lord of the Wild will cause thunder to rumble and the earth to shake.

The spell is cast on a single building within 4". Any enemy models touching the building will suffer a single S3 hit. In addition the building will collapse and any models on it will count as having fallen to the ground (for example a model falling 5" to the tabletop must pass two Initiative tests to avoid taking D3 S5 hits.) Remove the terrain feature from the board for the rest of the game.


Difficulty 8

It is said that when Taal walked the earth, living things would spring up behind him as he passed. A portion of his power can be summoned by his followers to help regrow forests and aid in the return of the land to its natural state.

Plants, vines and even small trees burst forth from the earth, hindering all those who attempt to move through them. All models (friend as well as foe) with the exception of Ostlander Jaeger within 12" of the Priest can only move at 1/2 speed until the next shooting phase.

Summon Squirrels

Difficulty 7

Taal is the master of all beasts both great and small. Those who anger him may be mauled by a mountain lion or drowned in a flood caused by an angry beaver.

With this spell the Priest invokes the wrath of the Lord of Beasts, summoning forth dozens upon dozens of enraged squirrels. The furious rodents assault one enemy within 12" of the Priest, crawling inside the warrior’s clothing and armour, pelting him with nuts and causing numerous tiny bites and welts. The target suffers 2D6 Strength 1 hits. No armour saves allowed.