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Rituals of Hashut

This is dark sorcery of fire and ash used by wicked Sorcerers among the Chaos Dwarfs. They are Priests and magicians who have carefully mastered the teachings of a daemonic god known as the Father of Darkness.

0Sacrificial Ritual
1Spirit of Hashut
2Bellow of Doom
3Fumes of Azgorh
4Flickering Hide
5Lava Flow

D6 Resul

Sacrificial Ritual

Difficulty: 10

The Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer sacrifices the captives in a bloody ritual, thus carrying out his assignments as a High Priest of Hashut.

The Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer must be in contact with an Engine of Chaos in order to successfully cast this spell. As the ritual requires the sacrifice of a mortal, remove one captive model from the Engine of Chaos and its starting warband’s roster. The Sorcerer may sacrifice additional captives to lower the spell's difficulty by –1 per sacrifice. These models must be sacrificed before rolling for Difficulty. The Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer gains +D3 Experience.

Spirit of Hashut

Difficulty: 9

The air around the Sorcerer thickens to form a billowing avatar of the great Bull-God. In defiance this unholy likeness to the Father of Darkness rolls forward, trampling all before it.

The player draws a line 18” from the Sorcerer. All models crossed by the line, suffer one S4 hit.

Bellow of Doom

Difficulty: 8

Crackling with arcane energy, the Sorcerer's features contort into the horned visage of the mighty Hashut. Smoke and flame spills from his maw, as he lets loose a deafening sound that none may escape.

All models engaged in base contact with the sorcerer must make an immediate Ld test or break from combat and run.

Fumes of Azgorh

Difficulty: 7

The Sorcerer's mouth glows. Clouds of black gas are slowly emitted until with an almighty belch, a wave of corrosive smoke erupts from his gaping jaws.

The spell has a range of 8’’, hitting all models in its path on a D6 score of 4+. Any model hit suffers a S4 hit, roll to wound as normal. No armour saves allowed.

Flickering Hide

Difficulty: 10

With eldritch power the target begins to burn from within. His skin spits and sparks wherever a blow is struck as if like molten iron.

The Sorcerer may cast this spell upon himself or any one model within 6”. The flaming hide will negate any one wound suffered on a D6 roll of 4+. In hand-to-hand combat, any model which hits the flaming hide will suffer one S3 hit for each hit scored. The Flaming Hide lasts until the beginning of the Sorcerer’s next shooting phase.

Lava Flow

Difficulty: 7

The Sorcerer melts into molten magma, burning itself into the earth. The Sorcerer then reappears after seeping unnaturally through the ground.

The Sorcerer may move 12” in any direction, even into combat, counting as a charge. However, due to the nature of this spell the Sorcerer may only reappear on or below the ground.


Difficulty: 9

Arms raised, the Sorcerer brings his staff crashing to the ground. The earth ripples outwards from the blow, and splits asunder.

All models within 3” of the Sorcerer, friend or foe alike, must roll equal to or under their Initiative or suffer D3 S4 hits.