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Shadow Warrior Magic

Shadow Weavers use a strange blend of magic that differs in many ways to the traditional High Magic of their cousins of the Tower of Hoeth.

Author’s note: Several of the following spells mention that the target must be within a certain distance of ‘a wall’. This is not literally restricted to walls, but may include any piece of terrain that could be expected to cast a man-sized shadow.

1Pool of Shadow
2The Living Shadows
3Wings of Night
4Cloak of Darkness
6Shield of Shadow

Pool of Shadow

Difficulty: 7

The area immediately surrounding the mage is suddenly filled with twisting shadows that make it nearly impossible to see anything inside.

This spell allows the mage and all within 6" to Hide, exactly as if there were a wall or other obstruction between them and their enemies. They may Hide even after marching. This Hiding is disrupted if any enemy enters the area of affect. In addition, all affected count as being in cover against enemy shooting. This spell lasts until the start of the Shadow Weaver’s next turn.

The Living Shadows

Difficulty: 7

Shadows around the target suddenly writhe as if alive and move to strike the victim.

The Shadow Weaver may cast this spell at any enemy model within 12" of him and within 2" of a wall. The target suffers a single Strength 4 hit with no armour saves.

Wings of Night

Difficulty: 6

Wings of darkness unfurl from the Shadow Weaver’s back and engulf him. He disappears, only to reappear in nearby shadow.

This spell may only be cast if the Shadow Weaver is within 2" of a wall. He is instantly moved up to 12" to a place that is also within 2" of a wall. If moved into contact with an enemy model, the Shadow Weaver counts as charging in the first round.

Cloak of Darkness

Difficulty: 7

The Shadow Weaver appears to be swallowed by shadows that even the sharpest senses cannot pierce.

The Shadow Weaver is effectively concealed from enemy sight. As long as he does not attack (cast spells, shoot, or engage in close combat) any enemy models, he may not be attacked. He may intercept as normal if the player controlling him wishes, but he does not have to do so (and if he does not, enemy warriors may charge past him of course). The spell lasts until the Shadow Weaver attacks an enemy model. Note that a model engaged in close combat with an enemy warrior may never choose to not attack.


Difficulty: 9

Tendrils of darkness rise from the shadows to engulf an enemy warrior, rendering him helpless to the whims of the Shadow Weaver.

The Shadow Weaver may cast this spell at any enemy model within 24" of him and 2" of a wall. The target may not move unless it first passes a Strength test on 2D6 at the start of his turn (before the Recovery Phase). This spell lasts until the Shadow Weaver suffers a Wound or attempts to cast another spell. If attacked while affected by this spell, treat the target exactly as if he were Stunned.

Shield of Shadow

Difficulty: 7

Shadows congeal and become a solid barrier in front of the Shadow Weaver or one of his comrades, protecting the target from enemy attacks.

The Shadow Weaver may cast this spell on himself or a member of his warband within 12". The target receives an armour save of 5+ that is not modified by the attacker’s Strength. The spell lasts until the start of the Shadow Weaver’s next turn