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Tchar Rituals

The Tchar Rituals are used by the Seers who worship the Great Eagle. For Tchar is the Lord over destiny and fate, respecting wisdom and subtlety his servants are amongst the mightiest of spell-casters and his magic is especially effective against the dumb and inexperienced.

1Tchar’s Blessing
2Dispel Magic
4Wrath of the Great Eagle
5Tchar’s Reward
6Slave to Chaos

Tchar’s Blessing

Difficulty: auto

The Seer prays to his god to fill him with wisdom and thus triumph over his enemies.

This spell must be used before the game and may only be used once. The Seer may not cast spells in the following battle. After the game he gains D3 Experience points if he wasn’t taken out of action.

Dispel Magic

Difficulty 7

The winds of magic are bound to the will of Tchar and no so-called wizard may use them against his favoured.

The Seer ends all effects of currently active spells.


Difficulty 10

The Changer of the Ways pulls the strings of destiny to protect his servants.

This spell must be used before the game and may only be used once. Choose a warband. One randomly determined Hero of that warband must miss the following game. Models that are capable of casting spells or prayers are immune to this effect.

Wrath of the Great Eagle

Difficulty 9

The Seer calls Tchar to punish the ignorant and stupid for their delusion.

Choose one enemy model within 12”. The model is hit with a Strength equal to the difference of the Seer’s Experience points and the model’s Experience (to a maximum of 10). Armour saves are taken as normal. If the victim has more Experience points than the Seer, the latter is hit instead.

Tchar’s Reward

Difficulty 8

The Seer is rewarded for his great power.

The Seer gets +1 on any one stat per 10 Experience points he has. Each stat may be increased only once through this spell.

The power of Tchar’s Reward lasts until the end of the Seer’s next shooting phase and can be re-cast in that phase.

Slave to Chaos

Difficulty 9

From the Seer’s trembling fingers a blazing pink and blue ray streams towards an enemy causing him to mutate terribly until a new recruit queues in the ranks of the Great Eagle’s followers.

This spell has a range of 12” and causes one Strength 2 hit with no armour save. If the model is taken out of action roll for Serious Injuries immediately. If they die replace the killed warrior with a Horror of Tzeentch (see Bestiary for rules) until the end of the game. If the Seer is stunned or taken out of action the Horror disappears into the Realm of Chaos.