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Waaaagh! Magic

Waaagh! spells are used by Orc Shamans. They are rituals of a sort, howling prayers to the boisterous Orc gods Gork and Mork.

1Led’z go
2Oi! Gerroff!
4Fooled Ya!
6Fire of Gork

Led’z go

Difficulty: 9

The Shaman’s howling invigorates the ladz to fight even harder for Gork and Mork.

Any Orc or Goblin within 4" of the Shaman will automatically strike first in hand-to-hand combat regardless of other circumstances. The spell only lasts until the caster is knocked down, stunned or taken out of action.

Oi! Gerroff!

Difficulty: 7

A huge, green ectoplasmic hand pushes an enemy away.

Range 8". Moves any enemy model within range D6" directly away from the Shaman. If the target collides with another model or a building, both suffer 1 S3 hit. Note: Very handy for dropping people from high buildings with. May not be cast on models in hand-to-hand combat.


Difficulty: 9

A crackling green bolt of WAAAGH! energy erupts from the Shaman’s forehead to strike the skull of the closest foe. This energy easily overloads the brain of a weak-willed opponent.

Range 12". Causes D3 S4 hits on the closest enemy target, with no armour saves allowed.

Fooled Ya!

Difficulty: 6

The Shaman disappears in a green mist, confusing his enemies.

No enemy may charge the Shaman during their next turn. If the Shaman is engaged in hand-to-hand combat he may immediately move 4" away.


Difficulty: 7

A huge, green club appears in the hand of the Shaman.

The ectoplasmic club counts as a normal club with +2 Strength bonus and gives the Shaman +1 attack as well. This spell lasts until the Shaman suffers a wound.

Fire of Gork

Difficulty: 8

Twin bolts of green flame shoot from the Shaman’s nose to strike the nearest enemy model.

Range 12". Each of the two bolts causes D3 S3 hits; the bolts can either be fired both at the closest enemy target or split between the two closest enemy targets.