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163: Mordheim's Burning

Source: Rynn Tyrr (Broheim PDF)
Setting: Mordheim
Author: Rowan Coupland
Broheim notes: Multiplayer. Reduced routing and a nasty Serious Injury chart make for a lot of dead warriors. Huge haul of gold + experience for the winners. Designed as end-of-campaign scenario.

Word has reached the cursed city which brings joy to some, and bitterness to others. The mighty armies of the empire, finally united by Magnus the pious, who is hailed as the new emperor, are marching forth; they are marching forth to Mordheim.

Within days, the city of Mordheim will be razed to the ground, destroyed by the purifying flames of Sigmar. The many warbands inhabiting the area around the city are stepping back, for the last time into Mordheim, in a bid to collect the precious wyrdstone before the last remaining shards are destroyed. For nearly all of the warbands entering the cursed city, only a handful will survive, as the city itself seems distraught at the thought of it's own destruction, and only now is it unveiling it's true horrors- daemons dance in the streets, the walls of buildings scream, and the Grim Reaper strolls through it all, swinging his scythe at everything, with a terrible grin on his face. Not to forget, of course, the many rival warbands in the city, each one ready to perish for the acquisition of the evil black stone.


This is a Multiplayer scenario. See Chaos in the Streets multiplayer rules.

This scenario is set at the end of Mordheim's existence, and provides a very fitting ending to a campaign, and can also provide a decent challenge to the really powerful warbands. I hope you will find it very enjoyable to play.


Each player takes it in turn to place a piece of terrain, either a ruined building, tower, or other similar item. The battle should probably be played on a area roughly 4' X 4'.


You should use at least three warbands in the battle (see rules for multiplayer games in White Dwarf #242), and each warband must have a rating of 300 or more. Each player then rolls a D6, with the highest scoring choosing which table edge to deploy on. The next highest score chooses from the remaining table edges and so on.

special rules

Random Happenings: A random happening event will occur on every turn; there is no need to roll to see if a random event occurs, it will automatically happen at the start of each turn.

Rout Test: A player may not voluntarily rout; the warband's leader will not give up the last hopes of riches and choose to run off without a decent amount of booty. A warband may rout through a failed rout test, but a warband will only start taking rout tests if it has taken 50% or more casualties, and as long as their leader is alive, they will take it on unmodified leadership ten. However, once the leader is out of action, warbands will take rout tests as normal, and may voluntarily rout if they have taken enough casualties.

Special Injury Chart: Any warband members taken Out Of Action will not use the standard injury chart. Instead they will use the injury table shown below. Their slim chance of survival is due to the fact that an unconscious or injured warrior left in a city soon to be burnt to the ground, isn't going to have a very long life expectancy. Roll a D6 for each hero or henchman that was taken Out Of Action in the battle and consult the table.

1-5Death: The warrior perishes in the flames, and is dead. Remove him, and any equipment he owned, from your roster.
6Praise Be Sigmar!: By some miracle, the warrior managed to claw his way out of the cursed city unharmed. He gains +1 experience.

starting the game

Each player rolls a D6. The highest scoring player goes first, and continues clockwise from there.

ending the game

The game ends when there is only one surviving warband left on the table i.e. who has not routed or had all of it's members taken out of action.


  • +5 Survives: If a Hero or Henchman group survives the battle they gain +5 Experience.
  • +5 Winning Leader: The leader of the winning warband gains +5 Experience.
  • +1 Per Enemy Out Of Action: Any Hero earns +1 experience for each enemy he puts Out Of Action.

after the battle

The winning warband is the only warband that may search for wyrdstone - when the other warbands routed, they didn't stay in the city to collect the riches! Their nerve broke and they ran clear out of city, unless of course they were killed on the way out. Obviously any warbands that have had all of their members taken out of action may not search for wyrdstone.

Note: the winning warband does not get to roll an extra D6 for the exploration phase, BUT- due to the increased demand for wyrdstone after the city's destruction, any warbands selling wyrdstone after the battle gain triple the amount of gold crowns! e.g. If a warband with 8 warriors had found 3 shards of wyrdstone, they could sell it for 195 gc instead of the normal 65.

For any warbands surviving the battle, it's more or less the end for them. The cursed city is no more, so a life of swashbuckling adventures seems a dim hope, but who knows, maybe there's a comet headed towards Bretonnia...