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Starting the game

pre-battle sequence

Although you can simply decide with your opponent which scenario you want to play, most players prefer to generate their scenarios randomly. To do this, work your way through the following sequence before the battle.

  1. The player with the lowest warband rating rolls on the Scenario table to determine which scenario is played. In the scenarios where there is an attacker and a defender, the same player may choose which he is.

  2. Roll for warriors with old battle wounds to see whether they can take part or not.

  3. Set up the terrain and warbands according to the rules for the scenario you are playing. The more buildings the better, so you should place all the terrain you have.

Mordheim rulebook scenario table

2The player with the lower warband rating may choose which scenario is played.
3Play Scenario 5: Street Fight.
4Play Scenario 7: Hidden Treasure.
5Play Scenario 3: Wyrdstone Hunt.
6Play Scenario 8: Occupy.
7Play Scenario 2: Skirmish.
8Play Scenario 4: Breakthrough.
9Play Scenario 9: Surprise Attack.
10Play Scenario 6: Chance Encounter.
11Play Scenario 1: Defend the Find.
12The player with the lower warband rating may choose which scenario is played.

Complete list of scenarios


As these are getting transcribed, you can find the full list of scenarios over at Broheim.


Scenarios have different tags attached to them. This is an easy way to see all Multi-player scenarios, for example. You can view all tags here.

Mordheim Rulebook

Defend the FindOften a warband finds a building with a hoard of wyrdstone or other treasure inside, only to be challenged by a rival warband. This usually leads to conflict as it is unlikely that either side will be willing to give up the wealth easily.
SkirmishIn the vastness of the Mordheim ruins there is always the risk of running into a rival warband. While two groups sometimes pass each other without a fight, more often than not there is a vicious battle amongst the ruins. If a warband can drive their rivals away, they will have a larger area in which to search for wyrdstone.
Wyrdstone HuntScattered in the ruins of Mordheim are innumerable tiny shards of priceless wyrdstone. It often happens that two warbands come upon the same area and only a battle can determine who will pick the spoils.
BreakthroughWhen news of a huge deposit of wyrdstone starts circulating, warbands will mount expeditions to unearth the wealth. However, their rivals often try to block them, eager to claim all the wyrdstone for themselves.
Street FightOften two warbands will come face to face with each other in the narrow streets of Mordheim. Sometimes they pass each other without incident but more often the meeting ends in bloodshed.
Chance EncounterBoth warbands have completed their daily search of the ruins and are on their way back to their encampment when they run into each other. Neither side was expecting a fight, and the warband that reacts the quickest has the advantage.
Hidden TreasureThere is a rumour that one of the ruined buildings has a concealed cellar with a treasure chest hidden in it. Two rival warbands have heard about the cellar and are now searching the area. Who knows what they will find?
OccupyThis scenario takes place in a part of Mordheim where the buildings are bursting with shards of wyrdstone and other wealth. Taking and holding these buildings means that your warband gains rich pickings. Unfortunately, your opponent has the same idea.
Surprise AttackOne warband is out searching the ruins of Mordheim for loot when it is attacked by an enemy warband. The defenders are spread thinly and must muster a defence quickly to drive off their attackers.

Town Cryer

Treasure Hunt
Multiplayer. Similar to Wyrdstone Hunt.
MordheimMark HavenerTown Cryer #5
Street Brawl
Multiplayer. Similar to Skirmish.
MordheimMark HavenerTown Cryer #5
The Lost Prince
Multiplayer. Rescue wandering prince (also works perfectly well for two players).
MordheimMark HavenerTown Cryer #5
The Wizard's Mansion
Multiplayer. Similar to Skirmish with items at stake.
MordheimMark HavenerTown Cryer #5
The Pool
Multiplayer. Root around for Wyrdstone in a pool in the centre of the table.
MordheimMark HavenerTown Cryer #5
Multiplayer. Wyrdstone carrying defenders have to get off the table alive.
MordheimMark HavenerTown Cryer #5
Monster Hunt
Multiplayer. Warbands team up (or not) to take on a monster.
MordheimMark HavenerTown Cryer #5
Possessed vs. any warband. Rescue a fair maiden before she gets sacrificed or sacrifice a fair maiden before she gets rescued, depending on your mood.
MordheimTuomas PirinenTown Cryer #6
Rat Attack
Skaven vs. any warband. Sewers. Defender must escape from opposite table edge. Skaven uses a mixture of decoy counters and warband counters to confuse the enemy.
MordheimChristian EllegaardTown Cryer #7
Scourge & Purge
Witch Hunters vs. any warband. Skirmish in the company of a possessed wizard.
MordheimDonato RanzatoTown Cryer #7
Sewers. Defender must escape from centre of sewer network.
MordheimChristian EllegaardTown Cryer #7
Forbidden Square
Possessed (+allies) vs. Witch Hunters (+allies), Get D6+2 scattered wyrdstone off the table during the battle.
MordheimGavin ThorpeTown Cryer #8
Stake Out
Sneaky attackers must kill the leader of the startled defenders. Defenders' leader must escape from table. A word of warning, if you’re using Dwarfs give them the Relentless (i.e. can run within 8” of enemy) rule or the scenario won’t work.
MordheimGavin ThorpeTown Cryer #8
The Lair Of The Snake
Four player scenario. Each player must take out his randomly specified enemy.
MordheimChristian EllegaardTown Cryer #9
The Script of Sigmar
Witch Hunters vs. Sisters of Sigmar. Two linked scenarios involving burgling the Sisters' Abbey. First get across the River Stir and up to the gates without raising the alarm, then find & make off with the goodies.
MordheimPaul SmithTown Cryer #9
That's All Mine
Attackers blow up a mine using gunpowder rules from Archive Pestilens (shamefully not described in the magazine) amid some random zombie shenanigans.
MordheimPaul SmithTown Cryer #10
The Caravan
Escort or rob a merchant's caravan train.
MordheimHonza Skypala & Stepan StepanovTown Cryer #11
The Secrets Of The Beujuntae
Wyrdstone Hunt while a Daemon spirit flits around possessing random Heroes.
Lustriathe Lustria Development TeamTown Cryer #12
Jungle Skirmish/The Fog Of War
Light fog affecting movement and missile range.
Lustriathe Lustria Development TeamTown Cryer #12
Island Hopping
Islands in a fast flowing river connected by bridges. Control as many as possible.
Lustriathe Lustria Development TeamTown Cryer #12
The Night Of The Headless One
Hidden Treasure except warbands look for skull of the Headless One while its awesome original owner creates carnage.
LustriaKevin J ColemanTown Cryer #12
Hunters Become The Hunted
Similar to Surprise Attack.
Lustriathe Lustria Development TeamTown Cryer #13
Lost Temple Of The Slann
Similar to Wizard's Mansion.
Lustriathe Lustria Development TeamTown Cryer #13
The Sword of the Herald
Multiplayer scenario involving a mean sword, huge chunks of Wyrdstone & those ever-popular random zombies.
Jeff HoggTown Cryer #13
Finders Keepers
Run the length of the table, grab the Wyrdstone & run back again while trying not to die. Designed for mounted warriors but doesn't have to be.
Roger LathamTown Cryer #14
Mule Train
The good guys try to lead the mule train along a country road while the bad guys try to steal them. To add to the fun, the mules suffer from Stubbornness when being led, wander randomly when not being watched and bolt when near combat. Nightmare!
Robert WalkerTown Cryer #14
Death In The Mists
Visibility reduced to 2D6". Warriors might get lost.
Nicodemus KymeTown Cryer #15
Gift Of The Truthsayers
Scrap over a magic item with random boggy happenings.
Nicodemus KymeTown Cryer #15
The Mummy
Hidden Treasure except warbands look for the stash of a mummy while its scary original owner plus friends have their say.
Rob HoudekTown Cryer #15
The Ogham Stones
Enhance powers for spell-casters with Truthsayers & Dark Emissaries tagging along for good measure.
Nicodemus KymeTown Cryer #15
Haunted Treasure
Serious treasure guarded by equally serious Banshee.
Michael ReuversTown Cryer #18
A Night In The Graveyard
Warbands compete to plunder a dead man's grave while his restless spirit attempts to stop them. The spooky graveyard setting results in fear tests every turn and, you've guessed it, random zombies doing their shuffle-thing.
Jason "Teacher Guy" KahlerTown Cryer #19
Bar Room Brawl
A bar room brawl. Players start with 3 warriors in bar with more arriving during battle. Special rules for using furniture as cover, for using beer bottles as weapons and for taking on the Landlord of the establishment.
Jason "Teacher Guy" KahlerTown Cryer #19
Protect The Prince
Escort a cowardly prince across the desert while a rival warband tries to kill him
the Khemri Development TeamTown Cryer #19
Burn The Witches
Set in a huge temple which burns to the ground during the battle. Defender's Heroes must carry three relics from the temple. Attackers must stop them.
Nicodemus KymeTown Cryer #20
One Man's Rescue Is Another Man's Kidnap
A prisoner is being guarded within one of several tents. The attacker must find the prisoner by entering the correct tent and then escort him from the table. The defender must stop him.
the Khemri Development TeamTown Cryer #20
The Gauntlet
Classic Indiana Jones stuff. Warbands race along trap-laden corridors towards a great treasure. For 2+ warbands.
Erik JohnsonTown Cryer #21
Assault On The Rock
Warbands infiltrate the Sisters’ rock and attempt to steal a magical tome. Warbands must search through buildings/rooms to find the tome. Meanwhile, a growing number of random nuns (well it makes a change from zombies) – controlled by a referee – attempt to repel the invaders. For 2-4 warbands plus the referee.
Grayson GaudreaultTown Cryer #22
In The Dead Of The Night
Set in Mordheim’s Cemetery of Saint Voller. Graveyard battle with Undead warband, half is which is unavailable, as the defenders. Each turn more zombies join the Undead band. Necromancer must complete ritual by chanting alongside altar for 10 turns. Attacker must take Necromancer Out Of Action. A tough scenario for the Undead player. Handy if you know of a powerful Undead warband that needs knocking back down to size though.
Space McQuirk & Chris BlairTown Cryer #22
A Stroll In The Garden
Skirmish set in Mordheim’s Steinhardt Memorial Gardens. Warriors within 2” of a tree or bush receive hits from the chaos-wracked foliage.
AnonymousTown Cryer #23
The Bodyguards
Town Cryer edit of "Now Keep Me Safe, You Hear!?" (see entry 165). Unfortunately they seem to have missed the point of the original (one scenario, three different objectives - unique) & have instead turned it into another version of “The Lost Prince” (see entry 104). Play the original version – it’s more fun.
Kurtis BurdauTown Cryer #23
Blood Hunt
Clashing warbands gain the help of a Dramatis Personae, most likely Johann The Knife & Marriana Chevaux, free of charge. Take out the opponent’s Dramatis Personae to win. Cynics might suggest that the objective of this scenario is for Games Workshop to shift a few more Dramatis Personae miniatures... but not me, no sir.
Mark Havener, et al.Town Cryer #25
Bounty Hunting
An Empire In Flames scenario. Warbands attempt to round up a gang of bandits who are holed up in a remote hideout building. Plays like “Skirmish” except for the D6 crossbow bolts which come whizzing out each turn at the warriors closest to the building.
Mark Havener, et al.Town Cryer #25
Down At The Docks
Either a two player scenario where warbands must attempt to gain cargo crates from smugglers’ ship by carrying them off or by forcing other warband & smugglers to rout; or a a multiplayer scenario where the defending warband, along with assisting smugglers, must see off other warbands who are attempting to steal cargo.
Mark Havener, et al.Town Cryer #25
Lost In The Bogs
An Empire In Flames scenario. Highest rated warband is lost & must be deployed spread out. What's more, at least ½ the terrain is marshy ground (1/2 movement) or bog (1/4 movement).
Mark Havener, et al.Town Cryer #25
Stagecoash Ambush
An Empire In Flames scenario. Defenders on horseback must protect a stagecoach from mounted attackers. Roadwarden & highwayman Hired Swords may be hired at ½ price. Lots of special horsy rules.
Mark Havener, et al.Town Cryer #25
The Item Lost
Nicodemus joins one warband (presumably a warband far weaker than the others) in an attempt to retrieve a magic wand. Naturally the other warbands would like the wand for themselves. Much bloodshed ensues.
Mark Havener, et al.Town Cryer #25
The Thing In The Woods
An Empire In Flames scenario. At least ½ the terrain is spooky fear-inducing woods. For each warband there is one Thing in the Woods (no details until TC28 but is presumably pretty scary) which will move randomly until within charge range then charge nearest model. Last to rout wins.
Mark Havener, et al.Town Cryer #25
Gathering Of The Horde
Massive multi-warband gang fight based upon the “Gangs Of New York” film, complete with special rules for horde fighting. Recommended for 3-6 warbands per side. Could work as a massive end-of-campaign scenario (e.g. all the good warbands vs. all the chaos warbands) or as a one-off.
Nicodemus KymeTown Cryer #26
The Watchers
Warbands attempt to gather random treasures from the SE quarter of Mordheim (right next to where the comet landed). However every time they pick up the goodies, the tormented spirit of an entombed wizard attempts to cast a random spell on the warrior.
AnonymousTown Cryer #26
The Frenzied Mob
An Empire In Flames scenario. Warbands attempt to loot a village consisting of D3+1 buildings. Each building is staunchly defended by D3+1 frenzied villagers.
AnonymousTown Cryer #27
Encampment Raid
Attackers attempt to take the defenders’ camp. Plays as Defend The Find except the defenders have a number of advantages due to being on home turf. Defenders may also purchase further fortifications (e.g. heads on spikes, barricades, etc) to further hamper the attackers. The local watch may turn up to assist the defenders.
AnonymousTown Cryer #28
The Rats' Lair
Designed for several warbands to ally against a pack of Skaven run by a moderator. The warbands descend into an ingenious multi-leveled underground lair.
Aaron IshmaelTown Cryer #28


Upon the Eerie Downs
Skirmish. Battle is fought on open terrain. Fog causes reduced visibility hence reduced shooting, magic, charging, etc. Fog also means models may become lost resulting In random movement & All Alone tests.
OstermarkNick KymeFanatic Magazine #1
Battle for the Farm
Warbands fight over a farm. Warriors must try to enter & loot buildings defended by the farmer & his farm-hands. Warriors are armed with torches and may try to set light to the buildings if they’re feeling mean.
OstermarkNick KymeFanatic Magazine #1
Blood on the Pasturelands
Rival warbands attempt to rustle some horses from a pasture. The frightened horses run randomly and need taming once caught. They are defended by six Outriders.
Nick KymeFanatic Magazine #3
Through Black Fire Pass
One warband ambushes another as they make their way along the treacherous trade route. The noise of the battle may result In a rock fall or it may attract the attention of a nearby Orc encampment, or even attract an angry troll.
Nick KymeFanatic Magazine #3
Brigands in the Pasturelands
One warband attempts to hunt down the other, a lawless band of brigands hiding out In the forest. Both warbands are accompanied by three or four like-minded Hired Swords. The attackers start on or near a road through the forest. The defenders start anyway more than 10” away amid the trees. Includes rules to reflect the defenders’ home advantage.
Nick KymeFanatic Magazine #4
The Watchtower
Half of the defending warband starts on or near a well-defended central tower (with special rules to reflect this). The attackers have special rules for trying to sneak up on them. If the defenders spot the attackers they may try to light a beacon on the tower In order to summon the rest of their warband. Naturally the attackers will try to prevent them from lighting the beacon.
Nick KymeFanatic Magazine #4
Wolf Hunt!
Both warbands have been offered a reward to kill a pack of troublesome wolves. Neither is keen to share the bounty and so will attack each other while also attempting to dispatch the wolves and, possibly, a random bear. Unless of course they decide to co-operate. Both warbands are accompanied by the big-hearted Kislev Warrior Hired Sword, also featured in the magazine.
Nick KymeFanatic Magazine #6
Protect Hornsby's Ferry
Defenders must protect a boat & pull-rope style river ferry-crossing from sabotage. Attackers must sabotage it. Defenders must also protect ferry operators from harm. Attackers must harm ferry operators. Features a river and, naturally, a ferry-crossing.
Mark HavenerFanatic Magazine #7
Stop, Thief!
Defenders must protect Halfling Thief HS (featured In this issue) from attacking warband. Thief has stolen defenders’ single most expensive item and may use it. Defenders start randomly scattered around centre of table, Attackers as normal. Last to rout wins although a house-rule about killing the Thief would seem sensible given the scenario. Features possibly the only use of the word “bugger” in any Mordheim publication.
Mark HavenerFanatic Magazine #7
Hunt the Heretic
Four members of the defenders’ warband attempt to protect a tooled-up Warlock HS from the attackers plus an accompanying Witch Hunter Captain. The defenders must roll for reinforcements as the game progresses. Due to their position of defending a central tower, the defenders’ rout threshold is 50%. Last to rout wins. If the Warlock goes Out Of Action, the attackers win. If the Witch Hunter goes Out Of Action, the attackers must take an immediate additional rout test.
Nick KymeFanatic Magazine #9
River Watch
Attackers at the south side must smuggle some loot across a east-west flowing river at night and get 25% opf their band off the north edge. The river has only one bridge. Defenders movement is restricted until they spot their enemy. A small keep has special rules regarding spotting the attackers and for the defenders’ rout test, which now has a 50% rout threshold.
Nick KymeFanatic Magazine #9
Night Of The Dead
Warband members must venture to the centre of the board, grab a Wyrdstone shard and escape from the table. However, from each warband only one randomly-determined Hero and Henchman group may be on the table at any time. Each time a shard is picked up a number of random zombies attack the warriors. Continues until only one warband has any warriors still alive.
Andy TaborSpecialist Game's Fanatic Online
Happy Harpy Hunting Grounds
Three-player scenario. One player runs a band of three Harpies who are guarding their treasure-filled nest. The other two must kill all three Harpies to gain their treasure. Last to rout wins, although the Harpies will not rout and so must be defeated. Features the only recorded use of the word “sod” in an official Mordheim publication.
MordheimChris Van TigemThe Fanatic Online Archives
Round-Up At The Mordheim Corral
Two to four wild boars have eaten a merchant’s Wyrdstone. Warbands must kill randomly moving and aggressive boars to recover it. Optional suggestion of using mutations. Really good fun.
Andy TaborThe Fanatic Online Archives
The Recipe
Warbands must attempt to abduct an esteemed pie-maker who is being stoutly defended by his ballistically adept bodyguard. There are also plenty of pies to be purloined as long as the warriors don’t drop them first. Last to rout wins as long as the pie-man has been taken Out Of Action first.
Mark HavenerThe Fanatic Online Archives

Archive Pestilens

Defender in centre, attacker everywhere else.
AnywhereAndrew "Boss Orc"
Similar to Street Fight but Heroes are carrying Wyrdstone shards at beginning of game.
AnywhereMichael Reuvers
Warbands must get half their models off opposite edge.
AnywhereAndrew "Boss Orc"
Defend the Village!
The Magnificent Seven without the cowboy hats.
Mark "Rinku" Dewis
Don't Wake the Giant
Two warbands fight for the giant's goodies while trying not to wake him.
David Gitchel
Grudge Match
Honorable duel between two rival heroes, watched by their warbands and with a serious chance of crowd trouble breaking out.
Mark "Rinku" Dewis & Archeonicus
The Battle At Koleshire Keep
Skirmish over a keep.
Baby Cindi
Attack on warband's camp. Defender in centre, attacker on edges.
Andrew "Boss Orc"
Bad warband vs. townsfolk; Raid a village for loot & slaves.
Christian Ellegaard
Get a wagon train across the board using wagon rules from Wyrdstone Archive while your opponent tries to stop you.
Paul Smith
Rescue captive warrior. Defender in centre, attacker on edges.
Andrew "Boss Orc"
Romero's Pride
A variation on the random zombie invasion theme.
Paul Smith, Lex & Donato
The Caravan
Guard or plunder a caravan of gold before it gets to the other side. (note: we played this four times and found it very hard for the defending player. We opted to make the merchant T4, give him a shield, play the "lucky bastard" and "stop token" variants and rule that the defenders will not fail a rout test except voluntarily.)
The Restless Dead
Random zombies invade the table, attacking both players.
Tom Webster-Deakin
The Wizard's Tower
Getting a treasure chest off table with random curses striking defenders.
Christian Ellegaard

The Mordheimer Information Centre

Sort of cross between “Surprise Attack” and “Wyrdstone Hunt”. Defenders must roll 4+ to have each warrior present. These poor souls are set up in central building. Two Heroes are carrying some Wyrdstone, which they must carry from table to win. The Attackers will try to stop them.
Beware The Plague
Re-enactment of an historical Mousillon battle between The Disciples Of Mildred & Clan Pestilens.
Not Enough Room...
Another Mousillon re-enactment. Variant of “Defend The Find”. Instead of a central building we have a treasure chest which warbands must try to get within 4” of Cosy.
Safety On The Other Side
More Mousillon fun, this time in the fog. Attackers must get halfway across the river, which lies at other side of the board from them. They can cross the bridge or they can wade through the river. If the latter, there is a chance they will lose their footing and drown.
Sigmar Had No Sisters!
Sisters of Sigmar vs. Witch Hunters. Nice background to battle. Each warband has some additional models in the form of sundry Mordheim refugees. A minor Daemon (run by a third player) adds some spice by joining in the battle while causing random mutations and corrupting the refugees.
The Mordheimer
The Battle For The Wharf
Mousillon schmousillon. Skirmish, except that much of the board is underwater. If a warrior ventures into the water there is a chance he will lose his footing and drown.
The Bridal Run
A wagon train is taking a warrior to his wedding. Embittered Attackers are trying to stop them. The wagons will relentlessly continue to their objective, the other side of the board. The Attackers will set upon the warband, their wagons and even the horses in an attempt to stop them.
The Damned Duke's Hoard
Warbands vie for a dead Duke’s opulent treasure while the previous owner and his spooky entourage try to discourage them. Includes the welcome return of the random zombies.
Andy 'Da Bank' Tabor
The Great Robbery
Defenders must escort a treasure chest to a ship and then sail the ship from the table. The ship doesn’t appear on the river until turn three. Attackers must try to prevent them and steal off with the chest themselves.
The Mordheimer
The Marsh Is Alive
Identical to Beware The Plague but Disciples Of Mildred replaced with Knights Errant.
To The Rescue!
Rules for warbands rescuing a captured comrade or their stolen belongings. Includes sneaky Attackers avoiding detection by the Defenders and the captive being able to free himself and make a dash for it.
Trick Or Treat!
Variation on Night Of The Dead, including fog, random happenings and mutations. Winner is determined by a points-scoring system.
The Mordheimer

Karak Azgal

Similar to Don't Wake the Giant but with a Dragon and different rules for waking him.
Karak AzgalKarak Azgal Development Team
Forgotten Honor
Dwarven burial grounds are sacred to the Dwarves for the noble dwarves who hath fallen in battle rest here. It is a great woe to the Dwarves if the burial ground is disturbed by intruders and will fight to the death to defend their ancestors.
Karak AzgalKarak Azgal Development Team
Hunters Or Hunted
One warband has been shadowing the other for some time. The hunters have now split off some of their band to surround and ambush their prey. The hunted however, are aware of their hunters and are themselves planning a trap. On reaching a large hall they too have sent out flanking forces and make ready to turn the tables. It remains to be seen who are truly the hunters and who the hunted, in the dark of Karak Azgal’s corridors anything could happen.
Karak AzgalKarak Azgal Development Team
The Engineers Workshop
The Dwarf Engineer’s Guild is a remarkably conservative group. Despite such novelties as the Flame Cannon and the Gyrocopter, the elders frown on new developments and innovations. For this reason, many engineers choose to work alone and in secret. This must have been the abode of a Master Engineer. The workshop, offices and storerooms have been sealed with strong runes and have survived almost intact.
Karak AzgalKarak Azgal Development Team
Unlocking The Tomb
The location of the Tomb of Tarrik IronHead has indeed been found. However the door is locked. It’s a race to find the key and raid the tomb.
Karak AzgalKarak Azgal Development Team
Within The Darkness
Karak Azgal long fell to the darkness. Yet you can still hear the echoes and screams of those that perished. The are are still whispers within the ruined halls of this ancient kingdom. I carry this burden, the knowledge of these dark caverns. What was once all is now but a memory. A burden that I carry till I pass away.
Karak AzgalKarak Azgal Development Team

Khemri, Land of the Dead

Blood ShrineKhemriSam Sedghi
Dark RitualKhemriSam Sedghi
Defend the OasisKhemriSteven "Grafix" Gibbs
Defend the TombKhemriSteven "Grafix" Gibbs
SandstromKhemriSteven "Grafix" Gibbs
Tomb RaidKhemriSteven "Grafix" Gibbs

Pancreas Boy's Wyrdstone Shards

Acid RainRoss "Pancreas Boy" Franks
Catch Me If You CanRoss "Pancreas Boy" Franks
DecomposeRoss "Pancreas Boy" Franks
DoppelgangerRoss "Pancreas Boy" Franks
DownpourRoss "Pancreas Boy" Franks
Dry HeatRoss "Pancreas Boy" Franks
Fist FightRoss "Pancreas Boy" Franks
Gargoyle GambleRoss "Pancreas Boy" Franks
Gas, Gas, GasRoss "Pancreas Boy" Franks
Gauntlet RunRoss "Pancreas Boy" Franks
I Dream of...Ross "Pancreas Boy" Franks
JumunjiRoss "Pancreas Boy" Franks
Ladder ChaseRoss "Pancreas Boy" Franks
LocksmithRoss "Pancreas Boy" Franks
Lord of the SlingsRoss "Pancreas Boy" Franks
MortalityRoss "Pancreas Boy" Franks
MultiplyRoss "Pancreas Boy" Franks
Pesty PortalsRoss "Pancreas Boy" Franks
RabiesRoss "Pancreas Boy" Franks
Sacred TreeRoss "Pancreas Boy" Franks
The Day AfterRoss "Pancreas Boy" Franks
The Earth TremblesRoss "Pancreas Boy" Franks
The General's DaughterRoss "Pancreas Boy" Franks
Time WarpRoss "Pancreas Boy" Franks
Tomb RaiderRoss "Pancreas Boy" Franks
UnawaresRoss "Pancreas Boy" Franks
Warpstone GluttonyRoss "Pancreas Boy" Franks
What a Find!Ross "Pancreas Boy" Franks
What's Yours Is MineRoss "Pancreas Boy" Franks
Winter ComethRoss "Pancreas Boy" Franks

Other Scenarios

Bar Room Brawl
Warbands partake in a bar-room brawl with each other. Fun rules for missiles, impromptu weapons, etc. Less lethal than most scenarios too.
Tom BellBrahm's Book
The Undead Garden
Warbands fight each other amid random zombies and the odd vampire.
Tom BellBrahm's Book
Treasure Grab
Warbands must try to recover ten treasure chests. Unfortunately for all concerned, the chests have been booby-trapped and may explode when picked up.
Chris Van TigemBrahm's Book
Multiplayer scenario (although it would work perfectly well for just two players). A recent tremor has unearthed three noteworthy items that are scattered around the board. Each item might be good or bad, depending upon a dice roll made at the time it's found. Winner is player who locates the most items.
Morten Hvid AndersenCHP-World
Similar to Hidden Treasure but chest is hidden in large central building. Models within this building & not in HTH will find chest by rolling 12 on 2D6, adding +1 for every turn they have searched. Includes variations on the chest's contents. Two-player or Multi-player.
Morten Hvid AndersenCHP-World
Burn the Witch!
Mostly flavoring for a campaign but also includes a burn/rescue the witch variant.
Grant "Blasphemous Heathen" GarvinRynn Tyrr
Mordheim's Burning
Multiplayer. Reduced routing and a nasty Serious Injury chart make for a lot of dead warriors. Huge haul of gold + experience for the winners. Designed as end-of-campaign scenario.
Rowan CouplandRynn Tyrr
The Bridge
Attackers try to cross the bridge. Slowly arriving defenders try to stop them by destroying the bridge or by removing the attackers' limbs.
Rowan CouplandRynn Tyrr
Ambush Assassinaire
This is a modified, but heavily based version of Christian’s “The Ambush” from his “Welcome To Mordheim” campaign. I’ve written a fairly detailed description here as the text is somewhat confusing. It may be just as well to check out Christian Ellegaard’s original version on Archive Pestilens. The attackers are placed within 2” of any table edge except for the gate edge. Defenders are split into 3 groups, (i) two “Marksmen” (or best equivalent) placed within 2” of a table edge containing an exit gate, (ii) two “Swordsmen” (or best equivalent) placed at the centre of the table, (iii) the remainder placed wherever the player chooses. All defenders must be placed at least 8” from the defenders. The warband leader must be placed at least 16” away from the Marksmen & Swordsmen. The Marksmen & Swordsmen groups are each allocated a sub-leader, both of whom are placed 2” from the warband leader. All defenders must be placed at least 8” from the attackers. The Marksmen & Swordsmen are then scattered D6”. The Marksmen & Swordsmen must rally or flee directly away from the nearest enemy, as per All Alone tests. This continues until they pass a Ld test. Once within 2” of their appointed sub-leader they automatically rally. Defenders win by getting the Marksmen, Swordsmen & respective sub-leaders within 6” of the warband leader. Attackers win by killing the Marksmen & Swordsmen, or having them flee from the board. Phew.
Christian EllegaardMortheim Nort
Escape Through the Floods
Attackers must get more men within 6" of a well than the defenders. Defenders must cause a rout test.
Christian EllegaardMortheim Nort
The Vultures Fligh High
Defenders must carry a chest from the centre of a tomb complex and out of the only entrance. Attackers must obtain the chest and remove it themselves.
ZolliMortheim Nort
Artifact Hunt
Straight forward artifact hunting scenario with some additional rules!
Sheldon mcCarthyThe Warp
Chaos In The Fishpond
While peacefully enjoying a nice bit of relaxation at one of Mordheim’s famous fishponds, the defenders are set upon by the attackers. Defenders only have their rods for weapons (although they do have the Reach rule!). Includes rules for falling in the Wyrdstone-affected pond and rules for the eldritch Fish Magic which affects the area. As the author says, “Of all weird places in Mordheim, fishponds are amongst the weirdest”. Quite.
Christian EllegaardThe Warp
Vampire Hunters
Warbands attempt to slay a nasty old Vampire and gain his hoard by completing a series of objectives; 1. Find the Vampire’s coffin – similar to Treasure Hunt, 2. Slay the Vampire; 3. Carry his treasure chest back to your table edge. During the battle random minor Vampires will appear on the board. There are no rout tests. Lots of nice fluff & some new magic items.
Christian EllegaardThe Warp
Wild Magic
A sort of random events for magic users. The casting of spells results in unpredictable occurrences either beneficial or otherwise.
Mark HavenerWhite Dwarf #247
Guard The Dredgers
Two NPCs in a boat, dredging a shallow part of the Stir for Wyrdstone. The defenders must guard the dredgers who are poling their way off the river. The attackers must stop them by storming the boat. If the attackers control either of two bridges, one at either end of the river, then the dredgers won't pass underneath it
Tom PliskaWhomever1's Mordheim Section
Both warband begin in the centre of the board and with half their warband members. Attacker may automatically bring on his remaining warriors over the next 3-4 turns. Defender may attempt to bring on his remaining warriors at a similar rate but must successfully roll first. Two player.
Warbands attempt to carry a heavy chest from the board. If the chest is not carried off before the battle finishes then the surviving warband does NOT get the chest. Two or multiplayer.
The Game
Two things going on here; 1. Three wyrdstone shards in each players deployment zone. If a shard is picked up, the warband whose zone it is will automatically rout on their turn. So guard those shards!; 2. A warrior must touch the prickly “Pillar of Pain” for 2 consecutive turns to win the game and gain an artifact. Apparently very difficult to pull off but fun to try. Multiplayer.
Multiplayer. Warbands start with 1-6 random warriors missing. Each player secretly draws a red or black playing card to become part of the black alliance or the red alliance. When warbands are within Initiative distance they may compare colors. If they match they may ally. If they don’t they may not. If an attack is made against another warband of the same color that warband is declared a traitor and may ally with no-one. Ingenious!
Bug Hunt!
Bounty hunt for 2-4 nasty Genestealers which are controlled by a neutral player. The warbands must then carry the Genestealers’ heads from the board to claim their reward.
ParacelsisYahoo! Mordheim Group
Capture The Flag
Warbands must attempt to capture their opponent’s flag & return it to their own base. Additionally up to 50GC of Out Of Action warriors may be regenerated.
KilgsYahoo! Mordheim Group
Life's A Beach
An Albion scenario. We'll fight them on the beaches, but watch out for the rapidly rising tide!
Ian DaviesYahoo! Mordheim Group
Night Of The Unliving Dead
Zombies vs. good warband. It's those crazy random zombies again, this time in a wood and besieging an abandoned house.
American FlaggYahoo! Mordheim Group
"Now Keep Me Safe, You Hear!?"
For three warbands or teams of warbands. One warband/team must protect a cowering merchant, another must carry him alive from the battlefield while a third must sever his head and remove it from the table. If the merchant is killed then racking for the severed head and carrying it from the table becomes the focus of the scenario. Possibly the origins of the sport of Bloodbowl.
Kurtis BudauYahoo! Mordheim Group
Save The Dead
Undead (or Possessed) vs. human warband. Race to consecrate graves or to reanimate the corpses within.
Terry MaltmanYahoo! Mordheim Group
The Assassin
The Terminator. A bio-mechanoid assassin, controlled by a neutral player, has been sent back in time to kill a young girl. The warbands must first kill the assassin then lead the girl from the board. Nice background fluff.
ParacelsisYahoo! Mordheim Group
The Day Of The Dinosaur
Multiplayer scenario involving finding & retrieving a Skink artifact while the scaly ones do their best to spoil the fun.
Jeff HoggYahoo! Mordheim Group
The Shadow Of The Plague
Recover a plague-containing vial from a Pestilens' subterranean dwelling. Involves random tunnels & patrolling NPC Plague Monks. Based on a Stephen King book.
Michael MurphyYahoo! Mordheim Group
The Twisted Tome
Models find themselves shrunk and within an arcane library. Heroes must stand unopposed atop a perilous ink-bottle for six turns in order to read an enormous magical book. I kid you not. Handy if you've left your ruined buildings terrain at a mate's house.
André J. OordYahoo! Mordheim Group
Tug Of War
Rescuing captive warriors. The captive is handcuffed to an enemy model. As the pair struggle they pull each other around the battlefield.
Ian DaviesYahoo! Mordheim Group
Three sneaky Heroes attempt to bump off one of opponent's warband without the defender knowing who is the target. Actually much more balanced than it sounds.
Bill StripYe Mordheim Legends Gazette
Discovered Treasure
Models arrive in dribs & drabs and from random sides of the table.
Roy CowanYe Mordheim Legends Gazette
The Vampire
Undead vs. any warband; Classic Hammer horror stuff involving a race to get to five virgins before the enemy does. Similar to a Saturday night down the Black Horse really. Features characters called Igor and Buffy!
Donato RanzatoYe Mordheim Legends Gazette
Werebeast Hunt
Warbands hunt down werebeast warband (which is run by moderator/3rd player.)
Michael YungbluthYe Mordheim Legends Gazette
A Wizard's Fate
Warriors must navigate their way through randomly teleporting portals in order to access a powerful wizard’s lair. Then they must kill him and escape with his fully laden treasure chest. “Subplots” rules apply. Includes a battle report.
D PuentesYe Olde Curiosity Shoppe
by Hand Of Fate
A fully-tooled Vlad & Isabella Von Carstein lead a small undead army (including 60 skeletons!) against, I hope, an alliance of warbands.
Unknown AuthorYe Olde Curiosity Shoppe
The Living Treasure
Three treasure chests/warband. Models must pry open chests (S test) to discover whether the chest (i) contains treasure, (ii) is empty, or (iii) attacks the finder (no I’m serious). First to get a chest full of treasure off the board wins.
D PuentesYe Olde Curiosity Shoppe
Monkey In The Middle
Multiplayer. Each warband has 1,000 gold crowns and starts at the edge of the board except for the “monkey” who has 2,000 gold crowns and starts in the centre. Last man standing wins.
WrathYe Olde Curiosity Shoppe
The Nest
Warbands must battle some pretty mean giant spiders (one per warband). The spiders must first be found in a manner similar to Hidden Treasure. Includes a battle report.
D PuentesYe Olde Curiosity Shoppe
The Rescue Of Molto Perduto
Warbands vie or ally to rescue 7 NPCs from a graveyard in the centre of the board. The graveyard is patrolled by an Undead warband (run by a moderator or alternately by the players). Includes a battle report.
D PuentesYe Olde Curiosity Shoppe
Round-Up At The Mordheim Corral
Two to four wild boars have eaten a merchant’s Wyrdstone. Warbands must kill randomly moving and aggressive boars to recover it. Optional suggestion of using mutated boars based on Power In The Stones rules. Really good fun.
A TaborYe Olde Curiosity Shoppe
Watery Grave
Heavy rain has caused the river to burst its banks resulting in a raging torrent across the board. The ground level is impassable. Only the upper stories & any interconnecting walkways remain. Any warriors which fall into the water are Out Of Action. In addition visibility is limited to 3D6”. Last to rout wins.
David MartinYe Olde Curiosity Shoppe