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There have always been those who have used magic: witches and wizards, wise women and warlocks. But as all scholars know, all magic is dangerous, for it originates from Chaos, the source of corruption and change. Indeed, during these times, sorcery is illegal and punishable by death.

Wizards have little say in whether the world of magic touches them or not. They are born with second sight and to them the world of magical energies and spells is much more real than the mundane world of normal mortals. With all the persecution, fear and hatred it is little wonder that wizards become reclusive and suspicious, and many are downright insane. Some even turn to the worship of the dark gods, and others follow the forbidden path of necromancy.

Mordheim has become home to many magic users and they roam the ruins hiding from Witch Hunters. But there are other ways of gaining power over and above that of a normal mortal man. The gods watch over their subjects and a priest of strong faith can call upon them to assist him in battle. Of these, the Priests of Sigmar are the most common, for Sigmar is the patron god of the Empire, and his following is strong during these times of strife.

allocated spells

The chart below summarises the different kinds of magic and explains who can use what spells.

WizardType of Magic
Chaos MagistersChaos Rituals
WarlocksLesser Magic
Skaven Eshin Sorcerer, Pestilens SorcererMagic of the Horned Rat
Sisters of Sigmar & Warrior-PriestsPrayers of Sigmar
Priest of TaalPrayers of Taal
Orc ShamanWaaaagh! Magic
Carnival MasterNurgle Rituals
Elf MageSpells of the Djed’hi
Amazon PriestessAmazon Rituals
Dark Elf SorceressDark Elf Magic

Each wizard starts with one randomly determined spell, but may gain more. Roll a D6 and consult the appropriate chart. If you get the same spell twice, roll again or lower the spell’s difficulty by 1.

casting spells

Spells are cast in the shooting phase, and can be used even if the caster is in hand-to-hand combat. To use a spell, the wizard must roll equal to or greater than the spell’s Difficulty score on 2D6. If he fails, he may not cast a spell that turn. If the test is passed the spell may be used as described overleaf. A wizard may cast one spell per turn and may not use missile weapons if he wants to cast a spell. He can however run!

A wizard may not use magic if he is wearing armour or has a shield or buckler. The only exception is the Prayers of Sigmar. Sisters of Sigmar and WarriorPriests may wear armour and use their prayers.


Some spells cause direct damage, and are resolved the same way as damage from shooting or blows in hand-to-hand combat. Spells do not cause critical hits. Models always receive armour saves against wounds caused by spells unless noted otherwise.