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Lore of Darkness

It is whispered amongst the wise that the Dark Master taught the Lore Of Darkness to his disciples in order to spread corruption throughout the world.

1Bolt of Dark Light
2Betrayal in Death
4Curse of the Dark Master
5Fog of Death
6Coils of the Serpent

Bolt of Dark Light

Difficulty 7

The Dark Emissary conjures a bolt of malign power to smite his enemies.

The bolt has a range of 12" and causes a single Strength 5 hit against the first model in its path.

Betrayal in Death

Difficulty 8

Summoning all the curses of the Dark Master, the Emissary instils the vigour of the undead into a slain enemy forcing them to attack their comrades.

This spell will affect all enemy models slain in the shooting phase or close combat and lasts until the start of the caster's next turn. The enemies will reanimate as they are killed and attack their comrades. If not in combat the model will shoot if able, or charge if it has no missile weapons. If in combat the enemy will only make a single attack. After attacking the enemy will fall once more, dead.


Difficulty 7

A vision of a warrior's worst nightmares manifests before him instilling inner feelings of dread.

This spell may be cast upon an enemy model within 18" of the caster. The model must take an immediate fear test as if charged by a fear-causing enemy. If failed the model flees 2D6" away from the Dark Emissary.

Curse of the Dark Master

Difficulty 8

The Dark Emissary bas the power to enfeeble his enemies, loosening their grip on their swords and debilitating thier will through the cold touch of fear.

This spell can be cast upon a single model within 24" of the caster. All that model's rolls to hit for both shooting and combat are reduced by -1 until the start of the caster' next turn.

Fog of Death

Difficulty 10

A deep and impenetrable fog cloaks the entire battlefield, filled with the vicious embodiments of nightmars. Chaos and fear ensue.

This spell affects every model on the board except the Dark Emissary. Enemy models are affected on a roll of 4+, while friendly models are only affected on a 6+. All models attacked by the nightmare creatures suffer a strength 2 hit. The fog lasts until the start of the caster's next turn and reduces line of sigh to 3D6" for all warriors present which will affect shooting, charging etc.

Coils of the Serpent

Difficulty 10

The Emissary conjures a dark serpent of pure malign energy to ensnare and crush an unwitting adversary in its coils.

This spell may be cast upon a single enemy model within 6" of the caster. The model must take an immediate toughness test to fight off the deadly serpent. If failed the model is crushed to death and out of action. No saves of any kind will protect against this magic.