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Lore of Light

Only the Truthsayers know of the strange and powerful rituals of the Lore of Light and they pass this knowledge on to a few.

1Wings of Fate
2Light of Battle
3Gift of Life
4Blessing of Valour
5Boon of Courage
6Voice of Command

Wings of Fate

Difficulty 6

Using the powers of life itself, tbe Trutbsayer conjures a flock of birds to sweep down and attack his enemies.

The flock has a range of 18" and may attack any model within this range of the Truthsayer. The enemy model suffers D3 Strength 2 hits.

Light of Battle

Difficulty 6

The power of light infuses one of the Truthsayer's allies, encasing them in a protective barrier of pure light.

This spell may be cast upon a friendly model within 12" of the caster. That model has an additional save of 5+ that can be reduced in any way against all attacks until the start of the Truthsayer's next turn.

Gift of Life

Difficulty 9

Life is at the essence of the Truthsayer's magic. Harnessing all of his power the Truthsayer restores a fallen comrade miraculously back to life!

This spell may be cast upon a friendly model slain in the previous enemy turn. The model is immediately restored back to 1 wound remaining and should be placed as accurately as possible where they fell.

Blessing of Valour

Difficulty 8

The Truthsayer evokes a powerful blessing, which instils an ally with the courage and strength of the immortal hunter gods.

This spell may be cast upon a single friendly model within 24". The model is infused with strength and courage, gaining +1 to all hit rolls in close combat for the duration of the turn.

Boon of Courage

Difficulty 8

A corona of reassuring energy surrounds the Truthsayer and envelops an ally with its power, instilling resolve and unshakable determination.

This spell affects all friendly models within 12". The models are completely immune to the effects of psychology and all alone tests until the end of the Truthsayer's next turn.

Voice of Command

Difficulty 9

The booming resonance of the voice of the Truthsayer echoes across the fens and enemies quake with indecision and doubt.

This spell affects one model within 24" of the Truthsayer. That model may do nothing in its next turn other than defend itself in combat. It may not move, shoot, attack or perform any other action.