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Necromancy (The Restless Dead)

Necromancy is the magic of the dead. It grants Necromancers the power to raise the dead and command spirits, but also destroy the vitality of the living. This list is slightly revised for use in a Restless Dead Warband.


While they are similar, this spell list has differences to the original Necromancy list, and should only be used by The Restless Dead warband.

1Spell of Awakening
4Spell of Doom
5Call of Vanhel
6Death Visage/Living Horror

Spell of Awakening

Difficulty: Auto

The Sorcerer summons calls the soul of a slain Hero back to his body and enslaves him with corrupt magic.

If an enemy Hero is killed (i.e. your opponent rolls 11-15 on the serious injury chart after the battle), then the sorcerer may raise him to fight as a Zombie in his servitude.

The dead Hero retains his characteristics and all his weapons and armour but may not use any equipment or skills. He may no longer run, counts as a Henchmen group on his own and does not gain additional experience.


Difficulty 10

The Sorcerer sucks out the very essence of life from his victim, stealing its vigour for himself.

Choose a single model within 6”. The target suffers a wound, (no saves allowed) and the sorcerer gains an extra wound for the duration of the battle. This may take the Wounds of a Necromancer above their original maximum value, but a Liche may only restore lost wounds. This spell will not affect the Possessed or any Undead models.


Difficulty 5

At the spoken command of the Sorcerer, the dead rise to fight again.

One Zombie that went out of action during the last hand to hand combat phase immediately returns to battle. Place the model within 6” of the sorcerer. The model cannot be placed straight into hand to hand combat with an enemy model. This spell can be used on Grave Guards and Wights to restore 1 lost wound (should they have more than one). This cannot be used to bring Scarecrows, Grave Guards, Wights and Skeletons back to life if they are taken out of action the way Zombies can.

Spell of Doom

Difficulty 9

The Sorcerer whispers to the sleeping dead to rise up from the ground and seize his enemies.

Chose one enemy model within 12”. The model must immediately roll equal to or less than his Strength on a D6 or the dead emerging from the earth will rend him with supernatural power. If he fails, you may roll on the Injury table to see what happens to the unfortunate warrior.

Call of Vanhel

Difficulty 6

The Sorcerer summons the world of the dead to invigorate his Undead servants.

A single Zombie, Skeleton, Wight or Grave Guard within 6” of the caster may immediately move again up to its maximum movement distance. If this moves them into base contact with an enemy model then it counts as charging. The targeted Zombie, Skeleton, Wight or Grave Guard will automatically pass Initiative tests needed to be made during this extra movement.

Deathly Visage (Necromancers only)

Difficulty 6

The Sorcerer calls upon the power of Necromancy to reveal the moment of his enemies’ death.

The Necromancer causes fear in his enemies for the duration of the battle and is likewise immune to fear. This spell is the one exception to the Apprentice rule that Necromancers must usually follow when in a Liche warband. A Necromancer may choose this spell if the Liche has the spell Horror.

Living Horror (Liche only)

Difficulty 8

The ghostlights around the Liche intensify as he torments the mind of his enemy forcing him to experience the sensation during the very moment of his death over and over.

You may choose one model within 8” of the Liche and roll D6+3. If this score is equal to or greater than the Leadership of the target model, then that model suffers a Wound, no armour saves allowed. If this wounds the target and they still have Wounds remaining, then that target may not move, shoot or cast spells during their next turn unless they pass a Leadership test. This spell will not affect the Possessed, Undead, or any model that is immune to fear.