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Prayers of Sigmar

Those with great faith in the gods can call upon their divine power. The priests of Sigmar can pray for many miracles: healing of wounds, strengthening the resolve of their comrades or the banishment of Daemonic creatures and the Undead.

The Prayers of Sigmar can be used by Witch Hunter Warrior Priests and Sigmarite Matriarchs. A warrior may use the divine power of Sigmar while wearing armour. Prayers of Sigmar are not regarded as spells, so any special protection against spells does not affect them.

1The Hammer of Sigmar
2Hearts of Steel
4Shield of Faith
5Healing Hand
6Armour of Righteousness

The Hammer of Sigmar

Difficulty 7

This weapon of the faithful glows with a golden light, imbued as it is with the righteous power of Sigmar.

The wielder gains +2 Strength in hand-to-hand combat and all hits he inflicts cause double damage (eg, 2 wounds instead of 1). The Priest must test each shooting phase he wants to use the Hammer.

Hearts of Steel

Difficulty 8

As the three words of power are spoken, waves of glory surround the servant of Sigmar. Thefaithful are heartened by the warrior god’s presence.

Any allied warriors within 8" of the warrior become immune to fear and all alone tests. IN addition, the whole warband gains +1 to any Rout tests they have to make. The effects of this spell last until the caster is knocked down, stunned or put out of action. If cast again the effects are not cumulative, ie, the maximum bonus to Rout tests remains +1.


Difficulty 9

The wrath of Sigmar comes to earth. Purifying flames surround the Priest and wipe out those who resist the righteous fury of the God-Emperor!

All enemy models within 4" of the servant of Sigmar suffer a Strength 3 hit. No armour saves are allowed. The servants of darkness and Chaos are especially susceptible to Sigmar’s holy power. Undead and Possessed models in range suffer a Strength 5 hit instead.

Shield of Faith

Difficulty 6

A shield of pure white light appears in front of the Priest. As long as his faith remains strong the shield will protect him.

The Priest is immune to all spells. Roll at the beginning of each turn in the recovery phase. On a roll of 1 or 2 the shield disappears.

Healing Hand

Difficulty 5

Laying hands upon a wounded comrade, the servant of Sigmar calls upon his Lord to heal the warrior’s wounds.

Any one model within 2" of the Priest (including himself) may be healed. The warrior is restored to his full quota of Wounds. In addition, if any friendly models within 2" are stunned or knocked down, they immediately come to their senses, stand up, and continue fighting as normal.

Armour of Righteousness

Difficulty 9

Impenetrable armour covers the Priest and the fiery image of a twin-tailed comet burns above his head.

The Priest has an armour save of 2+ which replaces his normal armour save. In addition, he causes fear in his enemies and is therefore immune to fear himself.

The power of the Armour of Righteousness lasts until the beginning of the Priest’s next Shooting phase.