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Prayers of Ulric

In a similar way to Sigmarite Sisters and Warrior-Priests and their prayers to Sigmar, Wolf Priests call upon their god for assistance in times of battle.

Wolf Priests mav use a wolf cloak and still chant these prayers. They are prayers, not spells, and thus any special protection against spells does not affect them.

1Snow Squall
4Wolf's Hunger
5Ulric's Howl
6Call of Ulric

Snow Squall

Difficulty 6

_Ulric extends his protection to the Wolf Priest in the form of a localised snow squall that engulfs the model. _

All enemy models in Hand-to-Hand combat with the priest are at -1 to hit due to the swirling snow and winds. The spell lasts for the duration of the Hand-to-Hand combat.


Difficulty 10

The Wolf Priest calls down a hammer blow from Ulric on any model within 6".

That model suffers a S4 attack from an enormous ethereal hammer, including the concussion special rule.


Difficulty 7

The Wolf Priest is infused with a lust for battle and attacks wildly.

All attacks are at S + 2, and he scores a critical hit on a 5-6. The Wolf Priest must test, by rolling the prayer's difficulty or greater on 2d6, each turn to see if the prayer remains in effect.

Wolf's Hunger

Difficulty 7

One member of the warband (priest's choice) is thrown into a Frenzy.

Ulric's Howl

Difficulty 10

The Wolf Priest's prayer is answered as an ear-shattering inhuman howl roars from his throat.

For the duration of the battle, all memebers of the priest's warband are immune to Fear, terror and all alone tests as they feel the presence of their god. Additionally, all Rout tests are at +1.

Call of Ulric

Difficulty 10

The Wolf Priest lets out a cry of agony as his body re-shapes itself into that of a huge, slavering wolf with the following profile:


During the time that the priest is in the form of a wolf, he may do nothing but attack as a wolf: no spell-casting or weapons use. He still hates Sigmar's minions, however. In each shooting phase, the priest may choose to make a Leadership test (using the Wolfs Ld 6) to regain his human form. If he is still in wolf form at the end of the battle, he gets one last chance to return to human form. If he does not, then he remains a wolf forever! He is still a hero, and thus entitled to XP gains and attribute increases. He may only choose skills from the Speed Table, with the exception of Scale Sheer Surfaces.