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11: Treasure Hunt

Often, multiple warbands will hear the same rumour about a wyrdstone deposit and decide to explore that section of the city at the same time. A battle often results withthe winners taking the lion's share of the shards home with them.

12: Street Brawl

Turf wars are a common sight in the ruins of Mordheim. When multiple warbands compete for the same area, a chaotic all-out brawl can ensue, where alliances are quickly made and broken and bleeding bodies little the street. Whichever warbands win the day will have a larger area to search for the precious wyrdstone.

13: The Lost Prince

The warbands have heard rumours that a powerful man’s son has wandered into the ruins and a handsome reward will be paid for his return.

14: The Wizard's Mansion

Not all of the ruined buildings in the city are ordinary houses. Some notable structures were the abodes of important town leaders or rich merchants. Tales are told of hidden rooms filled with treasure in such homes. The warbands have discovered the location of one such building. Rumours about that the former owner also dabbled in the arcane arts, which may explain why his home was almost untouched by the devasation.

15: Ambush!

The defending warband has recently discovered a rich deposit of wyrdstone. Unfortunately, word has leaked out about their find and warbands throughout the city are hunting them, determined to take the treasure for themselves.

15: The Pool

Rumours abound about a pool in the city whose waters have magical powers of healing. The warband’s patrons believe the magical properties of the water are due to a large deposit of wyrdstone within the pool. The warbands have been sent to collect as much wyrdstone from the pool as they can.

163: Mordheim's Burning

This scenario is set at the end of Mordheim's existence, and provides a very fitting ending to a campaign, and can also provide a decent challenge to the really powerful warbands. I hope you will find it very enjoyable to play.

17: Monster Hunt

The warbands have heard rumours that a terrible monster has come up out of its lair beneath the city following the recent devastation and established a new home in the ruins. You have heard stories of such creatures and the treasure they accumulate is the stuff of legends. You have decided to see for yourself if the rumours are true.

34. The Caravan

Multiplayer scenario involving a mean sword, huge chunks of Wyrdstone & those ever-popular random zombies.

69: Gathering of the Horde

Massive multi-warband gang fight based upon the “Gangs Of New York” film, complete with special rules for horde fighting.

86: Happy Harpy Hunting Grounds

A group of 3 Harpies have nested in one of the tall buildings and their scavenging and attacks on unfortunate warbands has ensured a sizable stash of valuables. In fact, the harpies have been nesting on some rather sizable shards of wyrdstone closely resembling eggs of a sort. Partially due to their maternal instinct and probably due to the corrupting influence of the wyrdstone the Harpies have grown extremely protective of their nest and will guard it to the death if need be.