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Night Goblins (web)

Grade: 1c
Source: Fan made from the web (PDF)
Setting: Mordheim

Much of the Old World is infested with tribes of Orcs and Goblins. Night Goblins especially like the deep dark places and avoid the daylight wherever possible. Whilst they are quite capable of digging their own tunnels, and will do so to avoid contact with others, they prefer to occupy existing chambers. The catacombs beneath Mordheim are the perfect place to grow the strange fungi that Night Goblins use for food, and to brew poisons and intoxicants.

Secretive, cowardly, and backstabbing by nature, Night Goblins would normally stay far away from densely populated human lands. But curious rumors have reached Mount Gunbad of a green stone which can amplify the potency the fungi that Night Goblins are so feverishly addicted to. The chance of experimentation with the effects of this “wyrdstone” on fungus brew is not something that can easily be resisted by these deranged greenskins, so raiding parties have been dispatched to gather all of the stuff they can.

Special Rules

Animosity: Night Goblins spend much of their lives squabbling and fighting among themselves. At the start of the Night Goblin player’s turn, roll a D6 for each Night Goblin Warrior Henchman. A roll of 1 means that the warrior has taken offense to something one of their mates has done or said. Do not roll for models that are engaged in hand-to-hand combat (they’re already scrappin’!). To find out just how offended the model is, roll another D6 and consult the following chart to see what happens:

1“I ’Erd Dat!” The warrior decides that the nearest friendly Goblin Henchman has insulted their lineage or personal hygiene and must pay the price! If there is a friendly Goblin Henchman or Hired Sword within charge reach (if there are multiple targets within reach, choose the one nearest to the mad model), the offended warrior will immediately charge and fight a round of hand-to-hand combat against them. At the end of this round of combat, the models will immediately move 1" apart and no longer count as being in close combat. If there are no friendly Goblin Henchmen or Hired Swords within charge reach, and the warrior is armed with a missile weapon, they immediately takes a shot at the nearest friendly Goblin Henchman or Hired Sword. If none of the above applies, or if the nearest friendly model is a Hero, the warrior behaves as if a 2-5 had been rolled on this chart. In any case, the warrior in question may take no other action this turn, though they may defend themselves if attacked in hand-to-hand combat.
2-5“Wud Yoo Say?” The warrior is fairly certain they heard an offensive sound from the nearest friendly Goblin, but isn't quite sure. The Goblin spends the turn hurling insults at their mate. The warrior may do nothing else this turn, though they may defend themselves if attacked in hand-to-hand combat.
6“I’ll Show Yer!” The warrior imagines that their mates are laughing behind their back and calling them silly names. To show them up the warrior decides that they'll be the first one to the scrap! This model must move as quickly as possible towards the nearest enemy model, charging into combat if possible. If there are no enemy models within sight, the warrior may make a normal move immediately. This move is in addition to their regular move in the Movement phase, so they may therefore move twice in a single turn if you wish. If the extra move takes the Goblin warrior within charge reach of an enemy model, the warrior must charge into close combat during his regular movement.

Hate Stunties: Night Goblins are subject to hatred towards Dwarfs. This only affects Night Goblins, not any other models in the warband. Fanatics are so out of their skull that they are not affected.

Fear Elves: Night Goblins are terrified of the Elven race. This only affects Night Goblins, not any other models in the warband. Fanatics are so out of their skull that they are not affected.

Distasteful Company: Many Hired Swords refuse to work for Night Goblins, they know that the backstabbing 'lil gits are likely to turn on them. Night Goblins may only hire Pit Fighters, Ogre Bodyguards, Warlocks, Witches, plus any Hired Sword that specifically states they work with Orcs or Goblins.

Mad Cap Masters: Night Goblins consume so much dangerous fungi they can ignore some of the permanent side effects of Mad Cap Mushrooms, provided they have a constant supply. Night Goblins affected by Mad Cap overuse may ignore the resulting stupidity, but only while under the effect of more Mad Caps. Once the model loses frenzy , due to being knocked down or stunned, it will be effected by Stupidity as normal.

Choice of Warriors

A Night Goblin warband must include a minimum of three models. You have 500 gold crowns with which you can use to recruit and equip your warband. The maximum number of warriors may never exceed 20.

Boss: Each Night Goblin warband must have one Boss, no more, no less!

Squig Herder: Your warband may include up to 1 Squig Herder.

Goonz: Your warband may include up to 3 Goonz.

Shaman: Your warband may include up to 1 Shaman.

Night Goblin Warriors: Your warband may include any number of Night Goblin Warriors.

Fanatics: Your warband may include up to 3 Fanatics.

Cave Squigs: Your warband may include up to 5 Cave Squigs.

Snotlings: Your warband may include up to 5 Snotlings which all count as 1 warrior in the warband.

Great Squig/Troll: Your warband may include up to one Great Squig or Troll, but not both.

Starting Experience

A Boss starts with 17 experience.

A Squig Herder starts with 6 experience.

Goonz start with 4 experience.

A Shaman starts with 6 experience.

Henchmen start with 0 experience.

Cave Squigs, Snotlings, Trolls and Great Squigs do not gain experience.

Characteristic Increase

Night Goblin characteristics may not be advanced further than the maximum profile limits shown below. If a characteristic is at its maximum, take the other option or roll again if you can only increase one characteristic. If both are already at their maximum, you may increase any other by +1 instead.


Night Goblin Skill Table

Squig Herder

* Promoted Henchmen may never choose Strength as one of their skill sets

Night Goblin Special Skills

Fungus Farmer

The industrious little git has a mushroom crop back at the cave. If the Hero doesn’t search for rare items, it may pick D3-1 Mad Cap Mushrooms instead. There is a chance of getting none, as there is no guarantee they will be ready for harvest. Each Mad Cap Mushroom must be used in the next battle, and they cannot be sold or traded to other warbands These are a special high yield/low shelf life crop.

Hide in Shadows

The sneaky Goblin has become an expert at concealing themselves from enemies (and potential victims!). An enemy warrior attempting to detect this warrior when it is Hidden must halve their Initiative (round up) before measuring the distance.


A Night Goblin with this skill is always placed on the battlefield after the opposing warband and can be placed anywhere on the table as long as it is out of sight of the opposing warband, and more than 12" away from any enemy model. If both players have models which infiltrate, roll a D6 for each, and the lowest roll sets up first.


The Goblin applies techniques learned hunting wild Cave Squigs in the depths of the mountains to disable charging enemies. Instead of their normal use, the Goblin may throw a Net they are equipped with at an enemy who is charging them. This will reduce the charge range of the attacker by D6 inches as the charger either slows down to avoid the net, or gets tangled up in it. If this means that the attacker cannot reach the Goblin then it is a failed charge. Regardless of the outcome the Net is lost when this skill is used.

Ride Squig

This Goblin can ride one of the warband's Cave Squigs, or even a Great Squig! The pair deploy as a single model. Standard mount rules are not used, although the rider counts as being mounted for the Cavelry Bonus rule (see spears and lances). While the Sqiug is being ridden, it and the rider move as a single model using the Squig's movement rules, but attack separately in Close Combat. In this skill's text, the use of “Squig” refers to both Cave Squigs and Great Squigs.

Any shooting or close combat attacks will hit the rider on a D6 roll of 1-2, and the Squig on a 3-6.

If the Squig is stunned or taken out of action, the rider takes a Strength 2 hit with no Armor save as they crash to the ground. If the Rider is stunned or taken out of action, the Squig reverts to normal Squig behavior. In either case the rider is now dismounted for the rest of the battle.

Squigs don't like being ridden. If the movement roll results in a double or triple, the rider must roll a D6 before the Squig moves. If the result is over the rider's Strength, they are thrown off before the Squig moves away, and take a Strength 2 hit with no Armor save as they crash to the ground. The rider is now dismounted for the rest of the battle. If the roll is equal to or below their Strength, the rider keeps their grip and remains atop the Squig.

Sneaky Git

The Goblin specializes in attacking their targets from the shadows. They may charge an opponent from hiding, even if they cannot see the target. There is no need for an initiative test, and the target may be over the normal 4” limit for charging unseen targets. If the charge is successful, the Goblin surprises their opponent who will attack at half Weapon Skill and half Initiative, rounded up. This penalty lasts for the first round of combat only, as the opponent will swiftly recover their wits if the initial assault is survived.

Night Goblin equipment lists

The following lists are used by Night Goblin warbands to pick their equipment.

Hero Equipment List

Hand-to-hand Combat Weapons

Dagger1st free/2 gc
Club3 gc
Sword10 gc
Spear10 gc
Halberd10 gc
Two-handed weapon15 gc
Boss pole20 gc
Poison Daggers25 gc

Missile Weapons

Short bow5 gc
Sling2 gc
Throwing Knives15 gc


Shield5 gc
Helmet10 gc
Light armour20 gc


Mad Cap Mushrooms15 gc
Squig Prodder15 gc

Henchmen Equipment List

Hand-to-hand Combat Weapons

Dagger1st free/2 gc
Club3 gc
Sword10 gc
Spear5 gc

Note that Spears are lists as cheaper for henchmen. As always, equipment list prices are only applicable at warband creation.

Missile Weapons

Short bow5 gc


Shield5 gc
Light armour20 gc


Mad Cap Mushrooms15 gc
Squig Prodder15 gc

Fanatic Equipment List

Hand-to-hand Combat Weapons

Double-handed Weapon15 gc
Ball & Chain15 gc
Poison Daggers25 gc


Mad Cap Mushrooms15 gc

1 Boss

45 gold crowns to hire

Like all greenskins, Night Goblin society is ruled by the biggest and meanest of the tribe. To climb to the position of Boss a Night Goblin must be sneaky and backstabbing as well.


Weapons/Armor: A Boss may be equipped with equipment chosen from the Hero equipment list.


Leader: Any warrior within 6" of the Boss may use their Leadership value when taking Leadership tests.

Da Biggest Boss: The Boss is so big, compared to other Night Goblins that is, that they may choose Strength skills. If the Boss dies, the promoted leader will gain this rule. No other member of the warband except the current leader may ever use Strength skills.

0 – 1 Squig Herder

35 Gold Crowns to hire

Night Goblins are known for their ability to catch and train wild Cave Squigs. Those who devote their lives to such pursuits often bear the scars of their profession. These Squig Herders often train the most intelligent and vicious Squig of the pack to be their personal bodyguard.


Weapons/Armor: Squig Herders may be equipped with equipment chosen from the Hero equipment list.


Handle Animal - Squig: Any Cave Squig within 6” (12” with a Squig Prodder) of the herder can use their Leadership value when taking Leadership tests.

Master Herder: During the recovery phase, any out of control Cave Squigs or Great Squigs in the herder's control range (6”, or 12” with a Squig Prodder) will stop running amok, and may be controlled normally, if the Herder can pass a Leadership test.


Squig Herders may choose from the following list when they gain a skill, as well as any of the standard Skills available to them.

Gassy Squigs: The Squig Herder is feeding the warband's Squigs a blend of rotten fungus, flint, and sharp pebbles for shrapnel. When any untrained Cave Squig goes out of action, instead of rolling a D6 recovery roll after the battle, roll immediately. On a 1-2 it explodes, hitting all models in D6” with a strength 3 hit. That Squig is now DEAD!

Threaten: During the Movement Phase, all Cave Squigs and Great Squigs in 6” (12” with a Squig Prodder) of the Squig Herder may re-roll their movement dice.

Trainin': The Squig Herder may train one particularly intelligent and vicious Squig to be their personal guard. The next single Cave Squig purchased will gain experience like normal, rolling on the Henchmen Advance Table while rerolling “Lad's Got Talent”. If the Squig Herder dies the Trained Squig is removed from the warband. If the Trained Squig dies a new one can be purchased. There will only ever be one Trained Cave Squig in a warband, and it still counts towards the maximum number of Cave Squigs.

Because of the special attention (kicks, prods) the herder gives the Trained Squig, it will only ever die on a roll of a 1 after going out of action. In return for this lavished attention, the Trained Squig will defend its fallen master fiercely. If the Squig Herder is taken out of action, and the Trained Squig has not gone wild, it will guard the Herder; remove the Trained Squig from the table but treat all “Sold to the Pits”, “Captured”, and “Robbed” results on the Serious Injuries Chart for the Squig Herder as a “Full Recovery.”

0 – 3 Goonz

20 Gold Crowns to hire

Night Goblin Goonz are just a tad more intelligent than their peers, and aid the Boss in directing them in battle. What they lack in experience they make up for in ambition and ferocity.


Weapons/Armor: Bosses may be equipped with equipment chosen from the Hero equipment list.

0 – 1 Shaman

25 Gold Crowns to hire

Shamans use the power of the Waaagh to direct the might of G’rrk and M’rrk against their foes. Usually found scrounging up mysterious animal parts instead of wyrdstone, most other Goblins agree that ‘dey is odd’. Shamans are responsible for brewing the fungus brew Night Goblins are known for.


Weapons/Armor: A Shaman may be equipped with equipment chosen from the Hero equipment list.


Wizard: A Shaman begins with one spell randomly chosen from the Goblin Magic spell list.

Fungus Brew: Before a battle, the Shaman may brew a special batch of Fungus Brew using 1 to 3 Mad Cap Mushrooms, and various other fungi they have collected. The brew must be consumed immediately, and affects a single Night Goblin Warrior henchmen group until the end of the battle. Roll on the Fungus Brew Table once for each Mad Cap Mushroom used in the brewing process. If any of the dice come up with the same result, the batch is ruined and provides no effect other than a nasty headache!


1Rowdy: Affected by Animosity on a 1 or 2.
2Dizzy: -1 Initiative.
3Fearless: Immune to fear and all alone tests.
4Numbed: +1 Save which may not be reduced below 6+.
5Belligerent: hatred against the opposing warband(s).
6Loony: frenzy , followed by stupidity if it wears off by a Goblin being knocked down or stunned


Night Goblin Warriors

15 Gold Crowns to hire

Night Goblins make their homes in vast subterranean lairs. It is in these cavernous locales that they can grow all manner of noxious fungi, which they use to brew potent and intoxicating beverages.


Weapons/Armor: Night Goblins may be equipped with weapons chosen from the Henchmen equipment list.


Animosity: Night Goblins are subject to the rules for Animosity.

0 – 3 Night Goblin Fanatics

20 Gold Crowns to hire

Some Night Goblins are deliberately fed large quantities of Mad Cap Mushrooms to turn them into crazed killing machines. Often seen on open battlefields wielding a huge ball and chain, they sometimes adopt slightly safer weapons in the narrow streets of Mordheim.


Weapons/Armor: Fanatics may be equipped with weapons chosen from the Fanatic equipment list.


Addict: Fanatics are dependent on a regular supply of Mad Cap Mushrooms which must be bought each game. If a fanatic can't get any before a battle they will stay in their cave foaming at the mouth and not take part. If available they will eat their mushrooms before the battle.

Loony: Fanatics are so far gone from reality that they are not subject to the rules for Animosity. Fanatics must re-roll results of “Lad's Got Talent.”

0 – 5 Cave Squigs

15 gold crowns to hire

Night Goblins raise the deadly Cave Squigs. These creatures are a curious blend of animal and fungus, and are composed mostly of teeth, horns, and a nasty temperament.


Weapons/Armor: Big gob and brutality! Cave Squigs never use or need weapons or armor.


Movement: Cave Squigs do not have a set Movement characteristic but move with an ungainly bouncing stride. When moving Squigs, declare a direction of movement and roll 2D6 for the distance they move. Squigs never run and never declare charges. Instead, they are allowed to contact enemy models with their normal 2D6" movement, stopping short if they do. If this happens, they count as charging for the following round of hand-to-hand combat, just as if they had declared a charge.

Minderz: Each Cave Squig must always remain within 6" of a Goblin, who keeps the creature in line. If a Cave Squig finds itself without a Goblin within 6" at the start of its Movement phase, it will go wild. From that point on, move the Squig 2D6" in a random direction during each of its Movement phases. If its movement takes it into contact with another model (friend or foe), it will engage the model in hand-tohand combat as normal. The Cave Squig is out of the Night Goblin player’s control until the end of the game.

Just Squigs: Night Goblins don't care much whether Squigs die because there will always be more mysteriously popping up where ever the Goblins go. Squigs only count as a half a model for Rout test purposes.

Animals: Cave Squigs are animals of a sort and so do not gain experience, or climb ladders. They can move to higher levels or over obstacles using the normal climb rules, just imagine it as a particularly high bounce.

0 – 5 Snotlings

10 gold crowns to hire

Any Night Goblin warband will attract a number of Snotlings. They perform the same function for Goblins as Goblins serve for Orcs, they provide someone smaller to slap around.


Weapons/Armor: Snotlings may only ever use a pointy stick or similar mundane object, which they will find for themselves at no cost. This counts as a dagger.


Mob: All Snotlings in a warband count as one model for warband size.

Weedy: Snotlings are not the most robust of creatures. If wounded they will be knocked down on a 1, stunned on a 2-3 and go out of action on a 4-6.

Dodgy: The little creatures are constantly ducking and diving in the most infuriating way. All hits from shooting or hand-to-hand suffer -1 to hit against Snotlings.

Insignificant: Nobody cares about the Snotlings. All Snotlings in the warband count as 1 model for rout tests purposes and warband maintenance costs. Each Snotling is worth half an experience point, rounded down at the end of the battle. Snotlings may be ignored for shooting priority purposes. Snotlings never gain experience, they usually don't last long enough, and if they do they're too stupid to learn anything of value!

0 – 1 Great Squig

210 gold crowns to hire

Night Goblins are expert Cave Squigs hunters and breeders, and occasionally a Squig, fed the right mixture of wyrdstone and Snotlings, grows to such titanic proportions that it can give a troll a run for its money in a fight!


Weapons/Armor: Massive snapping jaws! Great Squigs never use or need weapons or armor.


Movement: A Great Squig will move just like Cave Squigs, except it rolls 3D6 for the distance.

Wild: A Great Squig will need a Goblin to keep it in line, just like a Cave Squig. In addition, due to the ferocity of these beasts, if the scatter die results in a “hit” for a wild Great Squig it moves towards the closest model (friend or foe) it can see. If this movement takes it into contact with another model it will engage it in close combat and count as charging, even with a member of the Night Goblin warband.

Cause Fear: Great Squigs are massive balls of flesh and teeth, they cause fear.

Large Target: Great Squigs are large targets as defined in the shooting rules.

Animal: Great Squigs are animals of a sort and so do not gain experience, or climb ladders. They can move up to higher levels or over obstacles using the normal climb rules, just imagine it as a particularly high bounce.


Wurz da Troll?: Instead of a Great Squig, a Night Goblin warband may hire a Troll exactly as listed in Da Mob Rules, but never both.

The Troll profile has been included below.

0 – 1 Troll

200 gold crowns to hire

Trolls are not intelligent enough to recognize the value of gold, but large amounts of food can often instill a certain loyalty in them.


Weapons/Armour: Trolls do not require weapons to fight but often carry a big club. In any event, Trolls can never be given weapons or armour.


Fear: Trolls are frightening monsters which cause fear.

Stupidity: A Troll is subject to the rules for stupidity.

Regeneration: Trolls have a unique physiology that allow them to regenerate wounds. Whenever an enemy successfully inflicts a wound on a Troll roll a D6, on a result of 4 or more the wound is ignored and the Troll is unhurt. Trolls may not regenerate wounds caused by fire or fire-based magic. Trolls never roll for Injury after a battle.

Dumb Monster: A Troll is far too stupid to ever learn any new skills. Trolls do not gain experience.

Always Hungry: A Troll requires an upkeep cost. This upkeep represents the copious amounts of food that must be fed to the Troll in order to keep him loyal to the warband. The warband must pay 15 gold crowns after every game in order to keep the Troll. If the warband lacks the gold to pay the upkeep, the Boss has the option of sacrificing two Goblin Warriors or Cave Squigs to the Troll in lieu of buying food (Trolls eat nearly anything). If this fee is not paid (either in gold or in warband members) the Troll gets hungry and wanders off in search of food.

Vomit Attack: Instead of his normal attacks, a Troll can regurgitate its highly corrosive digestive juices on an unfortunate hand-to-hand combat opponent. This is a single attack that automatically hits with a Strength of 5 and ignores armour saves.

Large Target: Trolls are Large Targets as defined in the shooting rules.