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22: Forbidden Square

Source: Town Cryer #7
Setting: Mordheim
Author: Donato Ranzato
Broheim notes: Witch Hunters vs. any warband. Skirmish in the company of a possessed wizard.

This scenario takes place in the north-eastern quarter of Mordheim. Here many Chaos cults of the Possessed have gathered their Wyrdstone in a great tribute for the Chaos Gods. However, as is all too common with the unruly Cults of the Possessed subversion and intrigue are always prevalent as betrayal is part of their way of life.

Little do the Cults of the Possessed know but word bas been brought to the attention of several zealous Witch Hunters and mercenaries of the whereabouts of this den of evil and they have dispatched their toughest warriors to cleanse this area (and undoubtedly to steal as much of the stockpiled Wyrdstone as they can get their grubby paws on!). The scenario should be fought between two or more warbands. An equal number of warbands must fight on each side, or the weaker warband must be allocated some advantages to counter their weakness. This could be additional soldiers ( either Chaos priests who patrol the Forbidden Square or additional zealots for the Witch Hunters), special deployments, weapons or any other similar advantages you think are appropriate.

_One side represents the collective Cults of the Possessed and the other the Witch Hunters and their mercenary allies. If only evil warbands are available then one of them should represent an independent warband launching an attack against their rivals. _

Each Warband is at liberty to attack its erstwhile allies. This represents in-fights, quarrels and the greed over the stones.


Before you begin the scenario make sure you have the terrain and buildings required. It may be necessary to create some special terrain, or alternatively use some other pieces to represent the terrain.

The size of the battlefield should be about 4'x4'. One of the sides must have a gate from which any infiltrating warbands enter. If you have a gateway from the Warhammer Fortress this would be excellent, otherwise you must make your own. It is very easy to make, and it adds some variation to your scenery. You can make the gateway very interesting by adding ladders, balconies, small towers and so forth to the building.

In the middle of the Forbidden Square the Chaos cultists have built a huge totem in honour of their gods. This totem can be made in many different ways: From a single rod or stone glued on a cardboard base to a finely structured and detailed totem sculpted from Green Stuff or wood. If you have a Chaos monument or totem for your Warbammer army this might fit too.

You will need a couple of buildings to represent the borders of the Forbidden Square.

If you have some card buildings these can do it very well, otherwise you can easily create your own buildings. Your buildings should roughly cover the edges of the battlefield with maybe a single house or two in the Square itself. If you do not have enough buildings the gaps can be filled with walls or a steep hill.

To make the scene more interesting you can use additional terrain pieces such as cargo boxes (between three and seven boxes glued on to bases do not only look great - they also provide excellent covers for the warriors and add a lot of tactic to the game), dead trees, rocks and meteor craters, pillories, gallows and so forth.

Wyrdstone counters: A set of Wyrdstone counters must be made. The Warpstone counters from Warhammer Magic can be used here, or you can either paint or model your own counters.


First D6+ 2 Wyrdstone counters may be placed. Each player takes it in turn to place a Wyrdstone counter. This must be placed at least 14" from his deployment zone and at least 4" from the totem base. When he has positioned the counter he must roll the Scatter dice and move the counter D6 inches in the direction shown by the dice. If a 'HIT' is rolled the counter ends up where it was placed.

Counters may be placed in the enemy's deployment zone if players wishes to do so.

When all Wyrdstone counters have been placed the Warbands must deploy. The Chaos side deploys first under the following restrictions: All henchmen groups must be placed in the buildings at the table edges. Only one group may be deployed in each building. If your buildings are closed like cardbuildings the warriors must be set up behind the buildings.

When the Cult of the Possessed have been deployed the infiltrators must deploy. They deploy under and behind the gate, but they may not be deployed in the Square itself.

starting the game

The infiltrators get the first turn.

special rules

If a warrior enters a Wyrdstone counter he may pick it up or leave it (I can't see why he wouldn't pick up a piece of Wyrdstone ... but who knows!). These counters may be thrown away or handed over to another friendly warrior, and warriors can carry any number of Wyrdstone counters.

When a warrior has a counter, simply place it on the warrior's base or beside it if there is no empty space left for the counter.

If a warrior at any time is knocked down, stunned or wiped-out he will drop all Wyrdstone counters he is carrying.

ending the game

When a warrior has a Wyrdstone counter it is his job to get away as quickly as possible. The only way out is through the gate... The Cultists of the Possessed must carry the counters into the totem. Every counter that is put beside the totem will vanish into the realms of Chaos where it will feed the Daemons that dwell there.

These are the main objectives of the two sides. When all Wyrdstone counters have been carried away or absorbed into the totem the game ends, and each player counts together the number of counters they have stolen or offered to the gods.

The player with the highest number of stones is the winner of the scenario. If the result is a draw, then the side which scored most casualties win the game.


  • +1 Survives. If a fighter survives the battle then 1 Experience point is earned. Even fighters who are wounded and taken Out of Action receive experience for taking part.
  • +1 Winning Leader. The leader of the winning side earns an extra 2 Experience points.
  • +1 Per Enemy Out of Action. A fighter earns 1 Experience point for each opposing fighter he takes down or out during the battle.
Narrative content

The red sun hung low in the sky. Already half of it had disappeared beyond the horizon. In a couple more minutes the sun would vanish to who knows where. Master Rudiger start at the sunset. Mordheim, the cursed city of the Damned, tucked away in the northeastern corner on the Empire, rose like a stain on the landscape in the far distance.

Jaakop 'The Snitch', Captain Rudiger's trusted lieutenant, sat down and drew a map from his travelling bag. The map detailed the known parts of the ruins of Mordheim and the unknown parts, of which there were many, which were crossed over with black in.

'So,' started Jaakop in an attempt to gain his Captain's attention.

'I've been informed that these ruins here, in the north-eastern quarters...' he jabbed the map with his finger. 'Are the whereabouts of what is called the Forbidden Square, a sort of unholy meeting ground for the filth of Chaos.' Captain Rudiger stepped to the riverbank and watched his reflection in the dark water.

'So what> The minios of Chaos are not to be underestimated. I have fought dozens of beasts and evil, mutated things in my days and I know them. One foul creature of Chaos can put the fear of the gods into ten men... no my dear friend. We will pick the safe passage through the old streets and avoid any unnecessary encounters. Those possessed dogs are, by Sigmar, the last ones I would ever want to meet.'

Jaakop, always one with a sly plan, answered in a low voice, 'Captain, we are not the only ones who have been blessed with this information, I hear that Blucher's Witch Hunters are recruiting madmen and zealots by the score and it's difficult for those frothing freaks to keep their tongues form wagging when they are about to embark on one of their crusades.'

Jaakop leaned closer until his nose was almost touching that of his companion.

'They're in it for their own 'holy' reasons, perhaps even hope to flush out the Shadowlord himself. We're just in it for the Wyrdstone and Wyrdstone there will be, lots of it, I guarantee you.'

He closed the map and returned it to his bag. 'This areas is called the Forbidden Square. It is well hidden and closed off. Surrounded by impassible ruins and thick walls. It is the most sacred and unholy place for the Cults of the Possessed, and rumours from Flagstaffen say that they have gathered all their Wyrdstone for some kind of ritual to their dark gods...'

'And how are we supposed to get in there?' Rudiger interrupted. 'The entrance will be heavily guarded.'

'Yes it will be and that's why we follow in the footsteps of good old Blucher. Let him do all the fighting, he'll battle his way in and while he occupies the Chaos Scum, we make off with their Wyrdstone.'

'And now I know why I pay you so well.' Rudiger said as he slapped his comrade heartily on the back.