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18: Kidnapped

Source: Town Cryer #6
Setting: Mordheim
Author: Tuomas Pirinen
Broheim notes: Possessed vs. any warband. Rescue a fair maiden before she gets sacrificed or sacrifice a fair maiden before she gets rescued, depending on your mood.

During the dark hours of Geheimnisnacht. The Possessed cultists revel in an orgy of violence and sacrifice. It is the custom of these warped followers of the Shadow Lord to sacrifice the victim for the greater glory of Chaos during the thirteenth hour of Geheimnisnacht. Sometimes they steal away a victim who will be missed by relatives, patrons, or masters, and a rescue attempt will be made to save the victim from the sacrificial knife.

In this scenario, a warband is attempting to rescue the sacrificial victim from the Possessed, while the Possessed are fighting to complete the ritual sacrifice.

Thus, one of the warbands in this scenario should be a Possessed warband. The other warband could be of any type, even another Possessed warband.


Starting with the attacker each player takes it in turn to place a piece of terrain, either a ruined building, tower, or other major piece of terrain. It is suggested that the terrain is set up within an area roughly 4’x4’. Some of the playing area you should set up a piece of scenery representing the sacrificial altar. There should be at least 6” of empty space between the sacrificial altar and the closest building.


The Possessed warband is deployed first and they can be placed anywhere on the table except within 8" of any of the table edges. The warband attempting the rescue must place all its models within 4” of a table edge, out of sight of any of the Possessed models, with at least one model next to each of the four sides of the table.

starting the game

The warband attempting to rescue the sacrificial victim automatically has the first turn.

special rules

freeing the sacrificial victim

As long as at least one model in the Possessed warband is in base contact with the victim, the ritual carries on and the sacrificial victim may not move. Note that models knocked down or stunned do not count.

If there are no standing Possessed models in base-to-base contact with the sacrificial victim. He or she may try to escape. The victim can move freely, controlled by the player of the warband that is attempting the rescue. The victim may make an immediate move as soon as there are no Possessed models in base contact and after this will move normally in the movement phase of the rescuing warband. The victim escapes if he or she moves off any table edge. In this case, the game ends (see Ending the game).

recapturing the sacrificial victim

If any Possessed model moves into base contact with the sacrificial victim (via charge, normal move, or running) then the Possessed player has recaptured the victim and may move the model alongside the warrior who recaptured him or her.

Note that when trying to recapture the sacrificial victim the normal interception rules apply, so the Possessed may not charge the sacrificial victim if there are other enemies in the way.

If the Possessed managed to recapture the sacrificial victim and move him or her back to the centre of the altar, then the victim is sacrificed and the Possessed win the game.

sacrificial victim

When the scenario was written, the sacrificial victim was the beautiful daughter of a rich Burghermeister, But the victim could equally well be an important Dwarf Runemaster, Skaven Warlock, the chosen bride of a Vampire, rich merchant, or any other suitable character from your own campaign.

The profile below represents the weakened state of the victim as well as the understandable desire to escape as quickly as possible! Note that neither warband will try to attack the victim with missile fire, spells, or by any other means - the victim is too valuable to both of them!


Equipment: none.

ending the game

If at the end of the sixth turn the victim has not yet been freed, then the Possessed warband automatically wins as the victim is sacrificed.

Otherwise, the game ends after both players have completed 12 turns, when either warband is wiped out, the victim is recaptured and sacrificed, or the sacrificial victim escapes via any of the table edges. Note that neither Warband routes in this scenario - the stakes are too high!


  • +1 For the possession of the sacrificial victim. If the game ends before the sacrificial victim is killed or escapes, then whichever warband is controlling the sacrificial victim at the end of the game gains +1 Experience point which can be given to any Hero in the warband.

  • +D6 If the victim is sacrificed. If the Possessed managed to sacrifice the victim, the warband gains +D6 Experience points to be freely distributed between the Heroes of the warband. In addition you may roll for the Rewards of the Shadowlord for any two Heroes in the Possessed warband if you wish.

  • +D6 If the sacrificial victim escapes. If the rescuers manage to move the victim off the table then the warband gains D6 experience points distributed freely amongst the Heroes of the warband. In addition the warband will gain a reward of 50 gold crowns added directly into the treasury of the warband.

  • +1 Survives. If a Hero or a Henchman group survives the battle they gain +1 Experience.

  • +1 Winning Leader. The leader of the winning warband gains +1 Experience.

  • +1 Per Enemy Out of Action. A Hero earns +1 Experience for each enemy he puts out of action.