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20: Scourge & Purge

Source: Town Cryer #7
Setting: Mordheim
Author: Donato Ranzato
Broheim notes: Witch Hunters vs. any warband. Skirmish in the company of a possessed wizard.

A Witch Hunter Warband has been sent into a specific part of the City of the Damned by prominent members of the Order of the Templars of Sigmar. Their mission is to uncover a Cult of the Possessed that is believed to be operating in that area and is responsible for the deaths of several other Witch Hunters and Priests sent to cleanse Mordheim of its evil presence. Unbeknownst to the Warbands the reason for the missing people is an insane wizard who has chosen to settle in this part of the city. This wizard is a petty Daemonologist who is trying to make a pact with Chaos. He has been sacrificing people (specifically Holy people) to attract the attentions of one or more Daemons and hopefully win their favour. Unfortunately for him it seems he is about to succeed.

The Witch Hunter warband is unaware of this and is therefore on the look out for a group of heretics to purge and cleanse. As fate would have it another warband is in the area looking for Wyrdstone. This unfortunate warband just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Let the purging begin!


Each player takes it in turn to place a piece of terrain, either a ruined building structure or a connecting walkway. It is suggested that the terrain is set up within an area of 4'x4' or slightly smaller so that the warbands start off a reasonable distance apart.


Each player rolls a D6. The lowest scoring player chooses which table edge he wishes to set up on and places all of his warband fighters within 8" of that edge. His opponent then sets up within 8" of the opposite table edge.

special rules

Insane wizard

During the battle the renegade wizard is trying to attract the attention of the Chaos powers. Unfortunately for him he is succeeding in this. A Daemon has noticed the fluctuations of magickal energy through the ritualistic killings and has become interested in this wizard not to serve him but to enter the material world through him and wreak havoc for its own perverse pleasures. The Daemon is just waiting for the right moment to possess the wizard.

Every turn, during the Shooting Phase, roll once on the Possession table below.

Possession table

2-11Nothing. The wizard is still conjuring.
12Possessed. See Daemonic Possession below. Place the model outside a building 12" from both warbands.


  • +1 Per Wounding hit. Add + 1 for each wounding hit that is inflicted during the battle.
  • +2 Magick. Add +2 for each magickal spell cast or magickal artifact activated.
  • +5 Kill. Add +5 for each model that has been taken Out of Action during the battle.

Daemonic Possession

When the wizard becomes possessed his body will be completely taken over by the Daemon. The ferocious energy of the creature will quickly burn up the frail body of the poor wizard but before it does so the Daemon will go on the rampage and attempt to cause as much death and destruction as possible!

Once possessed, the wizard is placed on the battlefield within any set of ruins (he was considered to be hiding out in the cellar) by the player whose turn he becomes possessed in. The possessed wizard moves in both player's turns. Carry out his move and attacks before moving any other models. The possessed wizard will move 2D6" in a direction chosen by the player whose turn is not taking place. The wizard must enter close combat if he is able to reach a model. If the wizard is not engaged in close combat he will unleash a bolt of magickal energy at the nearest model he can see. The energy bolt hits on a roll of 3+ and causes a Strength 4 hit with normal armour save allowed, normal to hit modifiers for cover etc. apply and it counts as a magickal attack.

Roll for damage against tl1e wizard as normal. However, he ignores Knocked Down and Stunned results on the Injury Table. If a player takes him Out of Action, roll immediately on the Serious Injuries Chart for Henchmen. Only a Dead result will destroy me Daemon and wim him the wizard. On any other roll me wizard gets straight back up again and is completely unaffected.

Fortunately for both warbands concerned me battle with the Daemon will quickly bum up the energy reserves of the wizard's fragile mortal body. Roll a D6 for the wizard at the end of each player's turn. On a roll of 1 the wizard's body finally gives up and the Daemon is forced back to the Realm of Chaos. Remove the wizard's model from the battlefield - all that remains is a charred skeleton amidst a pile of ashes!

Possesssed Wizard2D65354133N/A

Weapons/Armour: The possessed wizard does not need to use weapons.

Special Rules

Fear: The possessed wizard causes Fear - and quite right tool!

Mutations: The possessed wizard should roll D3 random mutations from the Cult of the Possessed Warband's Mutations list.

starting the game

Both players roll a D6. The highest scoring player takes the first turn.

ending the game

The primary objective of the Scourge and Purge scenario is simply to destroy the opposing warband and purge this region. If a warband loses more then half of its members it automatically Routs and the game ends immediately. The warband that Routs looses and the other warband automatically wins. The secondary objective is to destroy the possessed wizard.


  • +1 Survives. If a fighter survives the battle then 1 Experience point is earned. Even fighters who are wounded and taken Out of Action receive experience for taking part.
  • +2 Winning Leader. The leader of the winning side earns an extra 2 Experience points.
  • +1 Per Enemy Out of Action. A fighter earns 1 Experience point for each opposing fighter he takes down or out during the battle.
  • +1 Taking the Possessed Wizard Out of Action. The fighter that takes Out of Action the possessed wizard earns 3 Experience points.

additional experience

  • +2 Purge. A Witch Hunter earns double Experience points for each opposing fighter he takes Out of Action during the battle.
  • +6 Scourge. If the Witch Hunter Captain personally takes the possessed wizard Out of Action he earns double Experience points.
Narrative content

Brother Captain Eponious Krieger

My most loyal brother,

I have just received word from one of our most loyal revered brothers in that festering city of darkness, Mordheim, regarding a matter so foul, so deviant as to make the divine blood of our blessed Lord boil in rage. He believes that an accursed Cult of the Possessed have made their despicable lair in what remains of part of the Eastern dock slums in an area referred to as the 'Madman's Nightmare'. It appears that several loyal brothers and those pure of soul have gone missing in that area and two days ago a mutilated body of one of our Lord's staunchest and resolute pirests was found. There is strong evidence that this man was ritually sacrificed. This is more than just an affront to our noble order, it is an affront to our Lord and cannot, under any circumstances, be allowed to continue.

Your task, noble brother, is to gather a group of dedicated, loyal, God-fearing men and walk into the jaws of death with the light of our divine master to guide you and cleanse it of all that is foul and evil.

May Sigmar bless and guide thee in this our darkest hour.

Your most loyal brother and patron

- Witch Hunter General Lord Gunther Blummfeld