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26. That's All Mine

Source: Town Cryer #10
Setting: Mordheim
Author: Paul Smith
Broheim notes: Attackers blow up a mine using gunpowder rules from Archive Pestilens (shamefully not described in the magazine) amid some random zombie shenanigans.

After the destruction of Mordheim, many people were led to believe the comet that was the cause of it was made of the stuff of pure chaos – Wyrdstone. Whether this is true or not is unknown, but it is often claimed to be the wrath of Sigmar that destroyed the city. Much Wyrdstone has been found in and around the city of Mordheim since the fall of Sigmar's hammer. Whenever shards were stumbled upon, the chaos Rock would either be destroyed by God fearing folk although many others would covet it for the great worth in gold it had to unscrupulous buyers. Unfortunately, many of the pockets where this weird stone could be found were embedded deep into the cursed earth of and attracted the likes of flesh-eating chaos mutated zombies.

The Skaven/Chaos/Possessed force Have discovered a source of pure wyrdstone and have proceeded to mine it for their own nefarious purposes. The attackers must blow up the entrance to the mine and the zombies whose purpose remains unknown.


  • Attacker: whoever you want!
  • Defender: Skaven, Chaos or Possessed Zombies

terrain and set-up

Place a mine entrance towards the center of the table, with as many buildings as you can scrounge together. There should be a clearing of about 8” x 8” around the mine to represent the Skaven/Chaos Cult clearing the area to enable the shaft to be sunk.

special rules


Half of the defenders force is considered to be down in the mines at the start of the game mining the Wyrdstone. As soon as the first sighting of the attackers or zombies is made. Then they may exit the mine at a rate of two per turn. The rest of the defenders must be set up within the clearing around the mine.


The attackers deploy along one table edge as per normal. They are supplied with two barrels of gunpowder to try to close off the mine for good. Use the normal rules for this as included in the Gunpowder Weapons rules.

The zombies start to arrive after the second turn at a rate of D4 per turn And may come on at any table edge. After turn four, the amount of new zombies goes up to D6 per turn. The only way to stop the influx of zombies is to take out all those on the table. Once this has been achieved then no more will enter.

ending the game

  • Defenders. Prevent the capture or destruction of the mine.
  • Attackers. Destroy the mine and escape off the board.



  • +1 for destroying the mine
  • +1 for surviving
  • +1 for stopping the zombies
  • +1 for each wounding hit


  • +1 For preventing the capture or destruction of the mine.
  • +1 For stopping the zombies.
  • +1 For each wounding hit caused.
  • +1 For surviving.


It has been suggested that the zombies should be replaced with the ghouls, so the choice is up to you.