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15: The Pool

Source: Town Cryer #5
Setting: Mordheim
Author: Mark Havener
Broheim notes: Multiplayer. Root around for Wyrdstone in a pool in the centre of the table.

Rumours abound about a pool in the city whose waters have magical powers of healing. The warband’s patrons believe the magical properties of the water are due to a large deposit of wyrdstone within the pool. The warbands have been sent to collect as much wyrdstone from the pool as they can.


This is a Multiplayer scenario designed to be used with the Chaos in the Streets multiplayer rules.


Each player takes it in turns to place a piece of terrain, either a ruined building, tower or other similar item. We suggest that the terrain is set up within an area roughly 4'x6'.

The first piece of terrain should be a pool of water roughly 6" in diameter. The objective of the scenario is to gather all the wyrdstone from the pool.


Player use the normal warband set-up rules for multi-player.

special rules

Roll a D3+3 to find out how many pieces of wyrdstone are in the pool. The pool is shallow and may be entered. Any Hero spending an entire turn within 1" of the pool doing nothing else but searching for wyrdstone may roll at the end of his turn to see if he finds some. On a D6 roll of 1-2, that player has found one of the pieces in the pool. No Hero may search within 1" of another model (friendly or enemy), as models that are too close together disturb the waters for each other, so that neither may see the bottom. Only as many pieces of wyrdstone may be found as were rolled at the beginning of the game, any searching after that is useless. A Hero can carry any amount of wyrdstone without any penalty. Heroes cannot transfer their wyrdstone to another warrior. If the Hero who is carrying a counter is taken out of action, place the counter on the table again where he fell. Another warrior can then pick up these counters simply by moving into contact with them.

starting the game

Each player rolls a D6. The player rolling the highest has the first turn and order of play proceeds clockwise around the table (based on where players placed their warbands).

ending the game

The game ends when all warbands but one have failed their Rout test. The routers automatically lose. If one or more warbands have allied, they may choose to share the victory and end the game.


  • +1 Survives. If a Hero or a Henchman group survives the battle they gain +1 Experience.
  • +1 Winning Leader. The leader of the winning warband gains +1 Experience.
  • +1 Per Enemy Out of Action. A Hero earns +1 Experience for each enemy he puts out of action.
  • +1 Per Wyrdstone Counter. If a Hero or Henchman is carrying a Wyrdstone counter at the end of the battle he receives +1 Experience.